Written by Bobk97

6 Oct 2013

This happened about10 years back. I was 48 and a frustrated married man. It was in the time of when msn had the cg=hat rooms, till the perves got them closed down.

I met a female 60 years of age in one of the rooms, she was a happily married but like myself in need of some tlc.

After a few months of chatting and cybersex we decided to meet, We both agreed the cyber was great, but if we didn't click in the flesh so to speak, we could say no and that was that.

So we arranged one evening to meet in a pub half way between her place and mine. We met and after 1/2 a hour or so in the pub thought this was fun and decided to go elsewhere. As we had two cars we thought as she knew the area better than I did to go in hers. We walked to the car chatting and got into her car, a ford maverick, she drove and as we did her hand moved to my thighs, obviously my cock at this time was hard and her hand rubbed it and she asked me to et it out, so I did her hand grabbed my cock as she drove and rubbed it, my hand went to her legs up her skirt and found she was wearing stockings and suspenders, As I moved to her pussy I could feel her crotch was very wet and my hand easily moved her panties to the side leaving access to her wet pussy. After about 10 mins of playing with each other we got to a car park at Staunton Harold in Derbyshire, an area she knew as she walked her dog there.

We parked up and I raised my self off the seat and lowered my trousers and boxers leaving my very hard pre cum covered cock free for her She lifted and I pulled her knickers down leaving easy access to her pussy for my fingers She was still wearing her stockings. She leaned over the seat and took all of my cock into her mouth.. I thought 'Fuck this is so good' as her hand fondled my balls and her mouth slurped on my cock. My hand were inside her bra and playing with her hard nipples.

As she sucked m y cock I said.'I want to eat your cunt'.

To which she replied, 'why my husband doesn't do that'.

I lifted her head from my cock looked at her and kissed her, told her to get into the back seat. As we did I laid her back lifted her dress and put my mouth over her cunt. I licked her clit, teased her lips and sucked them, then put my tongue deep into her wet cunt.

No sooner had I done this that she was holding my head and thrusting her cunt onto my mouth, and she started to cum on my face.. This was something her husband had said was dirty and in over 25 years of marriage had never had.

More to follow if wanted