Written by jimmythefridge

1 Nov 2011

Sry for the delay in the continuation of my meeting with H, I have been trying to condense 3 hours of playing into this so I have missed bits out but think you will enjoy the best bits

A very brief recap I had been chatting to H for a long time and now I was sat with her in a pub in the NW, and we had now had a couple of drinks to relax and were chatting like old friends, she was dressed to please, and it must have been obvious to every one around us that she was not my wife. Her blackberry beeped and it was her hubby, he was aware she was playing that night and that we had text and chatted, he knew she was my slut for the night and that raised both our levels of excitement.

We were kissing in full view of every one and I was caressing her stocking clad leg, she is an awesome kisser, and I was getting horny, we had been sat in the bar for an hour, it was about half seven, H asked me for the room key and to wait 10 mins to give her time to get ready.

Now we had discussed that she was going to become my slut moving forward, but that night was all about relaxed fun, as she left I heard her on the phone saying she was ok, and very pleased, and yes he is happy for me to call you as he is taking me.

OMG the blood was pumping now that 10 mins felt like a week, I made my way to room 202, and knocked lightly, I was not expecting what greeted me, high heeled boots, sexy black stockings, black tight top and no bra, and sexy purple lacy knickers, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, I pushed her back onto the bed, and told her I was going to please my Dirty Little Slut , she was sweet smelling, her blonde hair splayed on the pillow, I bent over her grasping the hair at the back of her neck, and kissing her hard, and passionately, her sexy large nipples were now visible and her DD’s were not restricted by a bra, they are nice and firm, the bar in her left nipple was crying out to be sucked

I kissed every inch of her neck and she was groaning softly, I was working her mind by taking a long time to kiss down from her neck, I then exposed both those fantastic DD breasts, I knew see liked been tweaked and sucked so I went to work sucking the right one into my mouth gripping it between my teeth and flicking my tongue over it roughly, she was now bucking and groaning, but I was pinning her down with my body, she has a slight frame and been only 5,2” was no match for me at 6’2” and me having a rugby players frame, I then repeated the process to the other nipple but this one was pierced with a bar and I was guessing that this made it more sensitive

god she was so horny words can not explain how hot she was.

I asked the following, “ who’s Dirty Little Slut are you?”

H replied “Yours Master.”

What is my Dirtly Little Slut going to do?” I asked that one in a demeaning way, looking at the expression of filthy pleasure on her innocent face

H replied looking like a naughty school girl “What ever master wants me to do, do I please you?”

“Oh yes, you are my horny Dirty Little slut, you’re my sex toy tonight aren’t you?”

I then kissed down her body, I pulled at her knickers to expose a shaved pussy, nice and smooth, and she was wet, very wet and was smelling sweet, I kissed lower and had my mouth just above her clit, then I saw it, she was pierced through her clit I was in heaven, I lowered my head letting her feel my breath on her pussy, and slowly sucked her on to my mouth, and she raised her hips I repeated the nipple process on her clit, feeling it harden in my mouth, I slipped 1 then 2 fingers into her, she then started to make lots of noise, I really like that in a woman and started flick my fingers inside her pussy as I found her g spot, and bingo she was screaming and wailing, getting wetter and wetter.

I asked her for her phone and started to take some pictures, pictures of her wet pussy lips, and me fingering her, I then told her to text hubby, which she did the thought of that blew my mind, and my cock was now in need of attention, I told her to lay with her head over the end of the bed, as I wanted a blow job, she obliged as she spun around and did as she was told

God she was good at it, really deep as I slipped all 9 inches into her mouth I was loving it and told her I was going to cum in her slut mouth and she took me deeper, I let go and unloaded jets of cum in her mouth, and I told her to swallow it all. She was a very good slut and did as she was told.

I was so horny that I kept my hard on which is very unusual her me giving you an idea how horny H is, she told me she liked cum over her face too!!!

DLS, I knew I would last a long time now, I told her to stand up for master, then instructed her to the end of the bed, bend over and brace for my cock, she positioned herself at the bottom of the bed, I told her to move to the side of the bed at the bottom, I did this so I could watch her in the full length mirror.

I knew her phone was near and it was going crazy after sending those pics to hubby, I was now in charge and told her I was going to take her really slowly, and I was going to allow her to rub that sexy hard clit, I held my cock at the entrance and slowly wanked against that wet pussy, she was trying to push back onto me but I was not going to take her yet, and I asked her to look to the right, this gave her the perfect view of her bent over the bed in her boots and stocking, her breasts exposed and rubbing on the white bed linen, so was so horny and looked like a proper Slut.

I told her to grab her phone and call him I heard it ringing out and as he answered I slipped it in slowly and deep, building a good rhythm, she was explaining what I was doing and how good I was, I was building up the pace and she started to loose control again her pussy was spasming and I was in heaven, she was coming quickly this time she told him she was going to suck my cock, and asked if that was ok? Who was I to complain and she dropped to her knee's and held the phone near my cock, and started sucking and slerping, he was loving it. Then she hung up.

That is just a snippet of what happened I hope you all like, I am meeting her next week for another night of fun, I have told her I am now going to take charge and she really will be my married slut.

Hope you all liked

Would any one want to hear what happens next week, when I start to train my DLS

Jimmy the fridge