Written by Allan

8 Mar 2013

I told what happened the first week of our holiday and how it came about with meeting some stranger a lot older than us we just seemed to get caught up in the sex, I never thought we would ever do anything like that with a stranger, it was all a bit of fun knowing that someone was admiring my wife and her being naked for other guys to see and that I had been enjoying it and having good sex back at the hotel.

Then what happened on the beach later that week changed us a lot, after all that happened that day back in our room jane got a bit upset and asked me if I hated her I told her we were both there and I had the horniest time ever and it was her that should be hating me for letting a stranger touch her, once we started to talk about what happened and agreed that it didn't seem wrong I told her if it had been some young guy I might have been jealous but I didn't and had enjoyed watching him touch her.

Jane sort of said the same and had never cum as much and wanted to see if she could make him cum and had got carried away, we both talked for ages and agreed that we wanted it to happen again and would do it only if the guy was a lot older than us, we fucked lke rabbits all night talking about it asking each other what we like best that day, next morning we made our way the the same spot as the day before but this time we put our towels just in front of the bushes we had been behind, I was so horny all day i had been telling jane to pose a bit if someone came past and to tease a bit we had been doing this all day and had a few old guys getting a eyefull but nobody got to close to talk we were about to leave when our friend from the day before came past.

He said hi and was wondering if he would see us again and had not scared us off and had never enjoyed himself like that before I told him we were the same and were glad to have met him, He told us that he was the one who was glad to meet us and that for to let a old guy like him join such a nice couple and he told Jane how she was the most sexy lady and had a great body we both sort of started to talk about jane and him asking us why we had let him join us we told him it just seemed the right thing to do and with him being a lot older than us I was not jealous at all and had enjoyed watching him with her.

He told us his name was Robert and that he had told a friend of his what had happened and he had not believed him Jane sat up and said you should not have told anyone I could not help it he said and was busting with joy all night and his friend had asked why he was so pleased with himself and it just came out and had to bost about what had happened but his friend laught at him and said you have been hopping for that to much and had imagined it all he told him it did happen and just because it never would happen to him because he was past it I asked how old was his friend he told us he was 76 a bit older than him but just as horny they spoke about all the beautiful body's they saw on the beach at night in the bar and what they would like to do to them.

Robert was touching himself all the time speaking about this and said why don't i go and get him so he can see he wasn't kidding him about what happened, we both said no way and said we were about to go anyway he pleaded with us to just stay for 15 min and for Me to meet his friend down near the water and tell him we had a bit fun yesterday that is all as he was going to be going home tomorrow and it would be great to have one over on his friend, I looked at jane she just raised her eyes i said ok i will tell him, Robert was of in a flash Jane said maybe we should go and she wasnt sure about this I told her it will be ok I will meet them and tell him how it happened and was looking forward to telling him and we would go after that.

Jane wanted to put her costume on I told her no let him see you were naked so he believe's me 10 min later i saw Him coming and went to meet them His friend was about the same build but larger stomach he introduce us to each other and had a bit off banter him asking how his friend had got me to tell a story for him I told him everything that had happened and pointed to Jane he said yes she is very nice looking and why would I let his friend go with my wife and was going to go ask her and was past us and up beside jane we hurried up just as he asked did Robert Fuck you yesterday she looked at me and I could see that she was trying to think what to say and that her nipples were both hard He asked again well did he or not he has been bragging all night how you let him fuck you all this talk was having some affect on Jane she had her knees pulled up and had let her leg fall to the side and looked at him and said yes he fucked me and he was good.

Well we all gasped and all had got hard I said ok are you satisfied now do you believe him, yes he said I can see how horny she is look at her pussy glistning she is all wet and started to play with himself so was Robert then he asked if she would let him touch her and give him something to remember like Robert I said no you can look but no touching he said ok but we might get nosy people watching us standing here lets hide in there ok, we all went behind the bushes and Jane lay down again and spread her legs both Robert and his friend were on their knees facing her asking her to rub her pussy both of them were wanking like mad and so was I two old guys wanking over my wife wow Jane eyes were closed and she was near to cumming she was rubbing like mad Robert looked at me then his mate I smiled and he nudged him he turned and looked at me and reached towards Jane and when he touched her she started to shudder he had his fingers inside her now and was licking her clit Robert was at her side and had one of her nipples pulled up it had her arching her back he kept pulling on it and looking at me.

They were touching Jane all over and kissing her pussy and tits I shot my load all over her legs they both looked at me and said you need to take your time and let your wife enjoy it, jane had Roberts cock in her hand and was wanking him they both sort of helped get jane up on her knees and had her take both cocks in her hands at the same time again it went on for ages and they were both feeling her tits and pussy she had stopped wanking them and Robert said here take this in your mouth and pulled her towards him she just opened her moth and was sucking him like it was normal thing to do his friend again loked at me as he positioned himself behind jane I knodded and he pushed slowly into her all the way and started to fuck her she was being fuck both ends Robert was pushing one way then his mate pushed the other then they both seemed to push into her at the same time Roberts cock went all the way she started to gag he was telling her he was going to cum in her pussy again and wanted her to bring him close, his mate started to speed up and I knew he was about to cum she stopped sucking and let her head fall and was pushing back wanting more he slumped onto her back telling her how great she was.

Robert got behind her now and told he she needed a real man i her wanted her to tell him she wanted him in her she told him yes fuck and cum inside her he told her suck your husband like you did me go on suck them both both his friend and i knelt down and she sucked us in turn while Robert fucked her he was posessed she got us both rock hard again and i wanted to fuck her now and pulled away before I came in her mouth I could not believe Jane was taking three guys at once I said let me fuck her i want her Robert pulled out and told her to suck him and keep him hard I was only in her a few min before i came and had to lie down Robert lay on his back and told jane to get on top She said she was getting sore he just looked at her and said come on get on top you know you want to and fuck me with your hubbies cum in you she was like a rag doll and he was pulling her up and down and tellin her she was now a slut for old guys like him and to suck his friend like a whore jane was now ridding him herself and sucking at the same time it was like watching a porno and enjoying it.

His mate was now behind her again and wanting to fuck her but could not get it in then he started to lick her and stick his tongue in her ass jane shouted yes and stopped moving and let him lick her she was going to cum and he pushed his finger into her ass and asked me does she like it in her ass I told him now she wont do that he smiled and kept pushing into her she was moving back and forth now onto both cock and finger he pushed her down onto Robert and crouched down and was pushing his cock into her she started to get up and Robert kept hold off her as his friend pushed his cock into my wifes hole she was saying no no it is sore but he kept pushing till he was fully in her they both kept still till she seemed to relax a bit then they both started to move together they asked her if she like that she told them yes it is so good and started to have a other organsim Robert was cumming as well and his friend pulled out of her ass and came all over her back.

We all lay there panting and it took us a while to start and talk Robert will be a long time before he has a better afternoon if ever his friend said the same and hopped we both had enjoyed it as much as them and by the way I was looking I had my cock was standing to attention again, Jane said he has had enough for today we all laughed Robert said why is that She said she was a bit sore and needed a rest and out of the blue he said if we wait can we have a last send off as we are away tomorrow Jane looked at me and said ok it s up to you will I give them a farewell send off I said only if i get to fuck your ass this time we all laughed I was playing with her tits again while she opened her legs to allow this stranger we had just met lick her pussy again and said ok who is first we went one after the other non stop and jane sort off past out while Robert was fucking her for the last time.

We all cleaned ourself's up and said our farewells and made our wah back to the hotel Jane was sore for days after and didn't want to go back to the beach, we had a few good nights before we went home and it was a holiday we would never forget.

Glad i have written it down now and can look back