Written by StrangerThanFiction

24 Sep 2012

The following is almost entirely true, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty

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My wife and I have a very happy marriage. We both decided that we should fully explore our sexuality. The only rules, we tell the other everything and share as many experiences as possible. She is a professional and meets many other young, intelligent and attractive people, men and women. This allows her the opportunity to share them and herself with me.

Philipa is gorgeous. Tall and curvy with long slim legs. Long brown hair and huge brown eyes. She is a solicitor and has a great mind. Dirty too. After a long and boring meeting they shared a few drinks and Ali told her about our relationship. She was intrigued and agreed to come round one Saturday evening….

When she arrived we had some wine and really nice chat for about an hour. She had met Ali at a business lunch, they are both high-flying young professionals. She has a boyfriend (bit of a Hooray Henry and not much use in bed) but said really wanted to have some bi & dirty fun. Ali then took over and kissed her really hard, then felt her up through her clothes. Philipa was a bit shy at first but Ali was in charge now. She took her top off and pulled off her lacy bra. She had great breasts; full round & really sexy. She sucked and bit her nipples and Philipa moaned as she began to relax and enjoy the attention. By now I had a massive hard on and took it out to show the girls. 'Not your turn yet' Ali grinned.

She then lifted Philipa's skirt above her long shapely legs and revealed her gorgeous hairless pussy. Ali opened her legs and pushed her back on the sofa and began to lick hungrily at her cunt, opening it up to get her tongue deep inside, paying special attention to her clit and then licking down to her pretty pink anus. It was a great sight and I had to kneel down behind Ali, pull down her panties and lick her pussy & arse from behind. Ali got Philipa close to cumming and as she began to moan she pushed a wet finger into her arse. This really set Philipa off and she was rocking back and forth in ecstasy as Ali pushed a second finger up her arse and sucked on her pussy. Philipa sank back and Ali kissed her from pussy up her stomach breasts & neck to her open mouth. 'That was amazing' she whispered as she shared her own juices from Ali's mouth.

We had a short break and some more wine and then Ali climbed above Philipa and presented her own bald pussy to be licked. Philipa was very eager if a little inexperienced but soon had Ali cumming hard on her face. Both girls had come and were kissing and cuddling, Ali was loving exploring her mouth with her tongue. They looked very cute together, different bodies but both really sexy. Philipa was taller with long legs and large firm breasts. Long brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She looked great naked being explored by Ali. By now I really needed some attention.

I got up and pushed my hard cock close to their kissing mouths. Ali licked me & then gave me good hard suck. She ordered Philipa to do the same and she took me into her warm mouth. She sucked my shaft and her tongue flicked the top - then took my whole length into her throat. It felt amazing seeing her pretty face pressed up against my balls as she deep throated me. I began fucking her mouth and she gagged nicely as I thrust in quite hard. Ali held her head so she couldn't back away. I pulled out and moved downwards to suck her tittles and then her hot wet cunt. It was really delicious, wet & slippery with her cum & Ali's spit.

Now it was time to fuck her. I placed my cock close to her cunt and rubbed her clit with the tip.

'I am not on the pill' she said with worried eyes.

'I don't care' I replied and pushed my cock inside her. She looked shocked but grabbed my arse and pulled me inside. 'I am going to cum in you, you whore' I snarled. She just nodded as she began to enjoy my cock inside her. I fucked her for a while feeling her tight cunt get hotter and wetter on my cock.

'Please don't cum in me' she begged but I spat in her open mouth then forced my tongue deep inside. This set her off and she began to pulse and I could feel her pussy tighten as she began to cum. She grabbed my arse and I felt a finger slip inside me - it felt great. I couldn't hold back and I started to cum, five hard spurts of hot cum deep inside her. I fell forward onto her and kissed her deeply, then kissed her neck. 'You cunt' she said then 'I loved that' she whispered in my ear. I pulled out and a stream of spunk ran from her pussy. Ali quickly moved between her legs to suck and lick up all the cum which she shared with Philipa in the sexiest french kissing imaginable.

We then relaxed a bit and chatted and got a bit pissed. We were all naked and it was great to see the two girls lounging on the sofa - legs open talking about their sexual experiences and fantasies. Philipa was clearly loving it, her pussy was still wet with spunk and pussy juices and she touched herself as she told us about her sex life. It was a bit sad - she hadn't done many things before today, just some bi fun at college. Her boyfriend just liked to lie down and be ridden and didn't even like licking her pussy so most of her recent orgasms had been self-inflicted. She admitted that until Ali had convinced her to play with us she had never had her arse licked and that she had shaved completely just for us.

We then started to talk about anal sex. Philipa & Ali had talked about this when they first met, they had had a few drinks at the business lunch and were talking about sex - Ali loves to chat with new girls about what they get up to - it gets her very wet. Ali had said that she loves anal sex but needs to be very relaxed and horny. Philipa had gone very red and admitted that she dreamed about it but her boyfriend wouldn't go near her arse - hardly ever even licked her pussy. Ali asked if she usually shaved as this might encourage him to lick more often but she said she had tried this but he still wouldn't lick her. This is the point when Ali told her about what we like to do and offered both our services to satisfy her … This in turn led to our meeting on Saturday.

We all then shared a very wet sloppy three way french kiss and Philipa got down on all fours and showed us her round but firm arse. Ali licked her arse cheeks before delving deep into her arse licking & even sucking at her shiny wet ringpiece. I tried to get underneath so I could lick her pussy. Wow, I could taste her juices and could still taste a hint of my spunk still inside her. Ali had got her tongue deep inside Philipa's anus and was loosening her up beautifully. She soon had two fingers inside her again and slowly finger fucked her arse as her tight ring gripped her slim fingers.

'You are ready Philipa, darling' said Ali and moved forward to kiss her tenderly. She reached back and pulled me by my cock. I was so hard & throbbing now that I could hardly stand it. Ali spat on my cock then spat in her arse and worked the spit inside. She placed me at the entrance to her arsehole and I began to slowly push. I love the feel of a first anal conquest. Her ring stretched & struggled to take my cock at first, then she opened up in that amazing way and I slipped inside about an inch.

'Oh god' moaned Philipa 'it's so fucking tight, I can't take it' she complained. But I stopped to let her get used to the feeling and she relaxed a little as Ali kissed her and rubbed her soaking wet cunt. 'Ok' she whimpered and I pushed deep into her arse feeling the tight muscles grip my rock hard cock.

I stopped, fully inside her and Ali whispered: 'He is right in your arsehole you dirty cunt'.

'Yes I am a whore, I love his cock in my arse' she said, her eyes were closed - her mouth hanging open. I loved this and so I started to fuck her slowly and gently at first.

After a minute I sped up and the feeling was incredible. Her arse was perfect, so fucking tight but moist with spit and the sensations were so horny that I was close to cumming again. I held on as long as I could but then I felt Philipa begin to orgasm again and it was too much. 'Cum in her cunt again' ordered Ali as she was so turned on when Philipa said she wasn't on the pill.

'Cum in me you fucking cunt' shouted Philipa. This was too much - as she screamed I felt cum shoot from my cock. The first spurt went deep inside her arse - then in one movement I pulled out my pulsating cock and rammed it in her cunt. Two more spurts went right up her pussy. I almost passed out from the intense spasm and dropped forward onto Philipa and rolled her onto her side so that I could stay inside her cunt as my cock pulsed and twitched. I just love the feeling of being inside a pussy or arse just after I have come. We lay together and I held her tight as my cock slowly softened inside her. Ali joined us as we lay in each others arms kissing and stroking our hot wet naked bodies. 'I love you both' she said 'I have never felt anything like that before. My cock had popped out now and I opened up her arse to see what I had done. A few drops of cum were dripping from her arse & pussy - I rubbed these into her skin and pushed the rest back inside her.

We lay like that for about half an hour until we decided to finish the wine. Again we chatted & I took some pictures of her cum filled pussy & arse (she didn't want me to take any face pics yet, that will be for the next time she smiled). We both cleaned her up with tongues, lips & mouths until all my cum had been swallowed. We then went upstairs for a mutual bath & shower. It was great to clean the girls pussies & arses, I used more tongue than sponge. Both girls enjoyed the bathing and were pretty horny again by then time we had dried off. Philipa asked if she could spend then night in our bed - of course we agreed willingly. We all climbed into bed and the girls immediately started kissing and touching. Ali's head went down under the sheets and she started licking Philipa again. After a few minutes Ali got up, turned around and they started 69ing. I watched for a bit but soon fell sleep as by now I was a bit drunk and quite knackered.

I woke up pretty early and it wasn't quite light outside. I felt a warm feeling and slowly realised that my cock was being sucked. It felt great as I grew hard in the hot wet mouth. I kept looking straight up as I tried to guess whose mouth was sucking my cock. Then the tongue licked my balls and sucked them then returned to my stiff cock sucking it in just the way I love. 'Mmm Ali that's great' I whispered.

'Go back to sleep' she replied. Then I reaslised that the voice was coming from next to me. It was Philipa sucking my cock and doing an amazing job of it. I pulled her head down and she took my full length. She then licked my balls again and I raised my legs so that she could work her tongue into my arsehole. She happily licked and slurped on my arsehole and I felt the cum rising in my balls. I pulled her head towards mine and we kissed deeply. I stuck my tongue deep down her throat and guided my cock into her. She was hot and wet but still marvellously tight. After no time at all I flinched as I came again inside her tight wet pussy. It felt wonderful as the hot cum filled her and then slowly dripped back onto my hard cock. I stayed hard long enough to continue fucking her until she squealed and moaned again, licking inside my ear. We lay there for what seemed an age, her body on top of me as I caressed her smooth soft skin and felt her firm arse and fingered inside its tight hole.

When I woke again it was after ten. Philipa was curled around me and her warm body felt wonderful against my skin. I kissed her forehead and stroked her naked back, she purred like a kitten. Then Ali walked in completely naked, carrying a tray with coffee, toast & jam. 'Time to get our energy back' she smiled. Philipa stirred, stretched and smiled revealing her wonderful boobs. 'God I love those' laughed Ali as she sat down on the bed with the tray.

We ate, drank and then played again. The girls licking and sucking and exploring each other with sticky jam covered fingers. They both came in a sideways lying down 69 and kissed and sucked at each others sensitive pulsating pussies for several minutes. 'I have never cum so much in my life' announced Philipa her face flushed after her orgasm.

She then leaned to my crotch and sucked my cock back to hardness. She then pulled Ali over and stuck her face down, arse up. She spat on her arse & licked it into her tight hole. She took my cock and I eased it into Ali’s arse. Ali squirmed as I pushed in hard. She was still a bit sore from the previous day but I didn't care ' I have fucked Philipa's arse twice and she was a virgin so shut up and take it' I ordered. I continued for a bit turning to kiss Philipa who was touching herself then Ali said 'cum in Philipa's arse'.

Philipa smiled and kissed me and whispered 'yes please cum in me again, I need it'. I pulled out of Ali's arse happy to see how wet my hard cock was. I pushed it into Philipa’s face. Philipa looked a bit shocked but slowly and tentatively she licked my cock clean.

'God that's so fucking horny' said Ali as Philipa swallowed her arse juices. Ali prepared Philipa's arse as before and I sank inside her again. Ali moved in front of Philipa and pushed her wet bald cunt into her face. Philipa licked and sucked her like she was devouring her breakfast and she came in minutes. It didn't take long before my body twitched and I felt the surge of pleasure as I came again inside Philipa. We all lay together and fell asleep in heap.

We woke again early in the afternoon, the girls went for a bath - I am sure I heard some moans… then went downstairs to cook lunch. I took a long bath and when I went down they were putting the food in the oven. They were giggling like schoolgirls and kissing like teenagers- it was very erotic and very sweet. We watched a film and then ate, afterwards we lounged on the sofa, chatting and drinking wine.

'Guess you'll have to stay the night again' joked Ali.

'Oh yes, can't drive back now' winked Philipa. Ali was happy to lend her some clothes and especially underwear for her to wear to work the next day. The girls went upstairs to try on the clothes.

After half an hour they both came down wearing Ali's sexiest lingerie. Ali was in her red panties, black stockings and basque. Philipa had just about squeezed into her one piece see through outfit. I could clearly see her large boobs and hard nipples and lower down her neat hairless pussy. They proceeded to put on one of the sexiest shows I have ever seen. They stripped each other naked and licked every inch of their bodies. Not just lips, boobs, arses & pussies. They licked each others faces, necks, tummies, legs, knees and feet. They sucked each other toes and licked and sucked each others arms, fingers and even their armpits.

It was so sexy. I had to have a taste. Their armpits tasted so amazing, warm skin, musk and slightly salty. They found time to suck my cock a few times but were more into each other this time. They came again in what was turning out to be their favourite position, the side by side 69. I stood over them and put my cock into their mouths one after the other.

They happily sucked on me until Ali said 'cum in our faces'.

'I can, but there won't be much spunk - I have cum so much in the last 24 hours' I replied. They both laughed and said that they would share whatever I could produce. So they sucked me in turn until I shot a surprising amount of cum over them. It was more liquid than the earlier jism but it was hot, wet and they swallowed it enthusiastically.

We all collapsed again on the sofa. It had never seen so much action. We spent the rest of the evening planning our next meet. Philipa wanted to come back the next day but Ali insisted that we wait until Thursday to recover properly and raise the anticipation. Philipa then dropped a bombshell. She said had decided to dump her boyfriend and be single for a while. She said that she could not go back to him after experiencing our pleasures. We felt flattered of course but a bit guilty as we always swore we would never intentionally break up a couple. We eventually got her to agree to give it until we got back from holiday before she made her final decision, but I think he will soon be history. She also made an appointment to pick up the morning after pill - I went bright red at this point which made her laugh. 'I wouldn't need to if you just came in my arse you prick' she giggled.

We went to bed quite early that night. The girls played again but I had nothing left to give and drifted off to sleep as I heard Philipa cum, her posh voice squealing and swearing so deliciously. Philipa was in the middle between Ali and I, and I was curled up behind her as she faced Ali, their mouths almost touching as they slept. I woke in the night and felt my cock harden as my hand felt her soft right breast. I opened her arse and rubbed her pussy using the wetness to coat my cock so it would slide in easily. I put my wet fingers into her mouth and she sucked them whispering 'fill me baby, I love you'. I was a bit shocked but reckoned she was still half asleep and just caught up in the moment. I came soon after deep in her pussy - it now felt so warm and comfortable and we both drifted off again. When I woke the next morning they had both already left for work.