Written by Green_Fox_71

5 Dec 2012

Part 4

The taxi ride was a pretty loud and raucous affair unsurprisingly all the guys wanted to be in the Taxi with Rachel but the driver wasn’t having five oversized Marines in one cab along with Rachel and I so two of the guys came with us the other three in the following cab.

The Rachel sat between these two Jerome and Paul; soon they had their hands up her dress and she had her legs open wide; within minutes she had both of their cocks out and she was wanking them off - one in each hand. This was all beginning to get slightly surreal and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable about it but the taxi driver barely seemed to notice … it was all new to me and I was outside my comfort zone but perhaps this sort of thing happens to everyday to London cabbies ? Anyway it wasn’t too long before we pulled up at the guys flat and we all decamped and headed inside.

Their flat was a typical “boys pad” lots of posters of scantily clad pop stars next to pictures of m/cycles and attack helicopters; a few Football team photos (American football) and some shots of the guys in uniform singly and as part of a squad. There were free weights and a press up bench various body building "toys" lots of DVD cases strewn around the Hi-Fi and biggest “Fuck off” TV screen I’d ever seen.

Someone put on some music and they started to dance with and around Rachel someone else broke out the beers and another put some porn on the TV; this TV was so big the room felt like a cinema with the walls and floors vibrating as on screen a guy with an improbably large cock fucked three women all at the same time without apparently even breaking sweat; a feat of sexual prowess i could hardly imagine … I was impressed!

The dancing and the beers and the porn went on for probably 30 minutes and I was beginning to get a little concerned.

The boys were obviously getting increasingly aroused and the groping and gyrating was getting increasingly frenzied. Rachel had told me she did not want to fuck these guys but I was worried that whether she wanted it or not that things were getting beyond her control; I was playing through in my mind what I’d do if they started to rape her. They were fucking big marines and there were five of them….funnily enough at no point did I imagine even for a second that I’d be able to wade in fists flying and sort them out without getting hospitalised myself….. that would be one to explain to the wife!!

Just when I thought that I was going to have to try and pull Rachel out and withdraw from the premises she took control of the situation.

She was magnificent. I was out of my depth but she knew what she was doing. The guys, all big chaps simply did as they were told; I needn’t have worried Rachel had been in control all along.

Quickly she told them what she wanted from them…. She had read about Bukkake parties seen the pornos but she had never experienced one. Now tonight she was going to find out how they work. She told the guys to get ready; she wanted them bare chested but in their Military uniform trousers. Quickly they found enough combat trs to fit them all out.. a pair was found for me as well.

Stripped to the waist all six of us stood around Rachel as she knelt in the middle on the carpet. One of the guys wanted to take a video but they were concerned about being identified (apparently since Abu Graib the US is hyper sensitive about what its soldiers do on camera) so the guys found 6 pairs of dark sunglasses … it wasn’t fool proof but it was a token gesture and seemed to reassure the guys that taking a video would not lose them their jobs.

So picture the scene. Six guys barefoot and in combat trousers standing in a circle around Rachel. The guys stripped to the waist – five of them young and lean muscled and tanned ; five six packs ...... and me (well I do try but it’s not so easy when you’re past 40!). Us guys all wearing black lensed Raybans or Oakleys

By this time Rachel has lost her dress; it was folded neatly over the back of a chair – these Americans were all very polite and well mannered.

She knelt in the middle of the group wearing her super sexy fuck me black satin heels, she looked magnificent in her blue fishnet stockings and her matching blue satin bra and suspender belt she wore a little satin thong with a string that all but disappeared between the cheeks of her sweet full round arse.

Behind me the porno played on but no one was watching and the music beat away in the background as slowly one by one Rachel undid the buttons and zippers holding up each of our trousers. Very soon all six were standing with our trousers around our ankles two of the guys had gone commando and were displaying impressive hard on’s; Rachel was not distracted by their cocks and just stuck to her plan; having removed our trouser next came the boxers and pretty soon we were all naked from the waist down.

“come on you beautiful boys” she said “I want a shower before I go home .. and I don’t mean hot water and soap”

Rachel moved around the inner circle playing with one guy’s balls and sucking off another guy to the side then she’d move on and pleasure the next couple and then the next and as she moved around we were all tossing ourselves keeping hard and ready for her mouth or her hands to come around again.

As the time wore on the pace quickened and the guys closed in on Rachel so that she could suck two at a time and wank two more together; one of the Marines stepped back out of the circle and took up the video and started to film moving around to get Rachel’s face as two hard cocks swelled her cheeks and catching her hands as she alternately wanked cock and played with her clit.

Somewhere along the way one guy lay down and started to suck her cunt and lick her arse and she continued to suck and wank for all she was worth. The circle moved slightly across the carpet and as if by magic Rachel impaled herself on the cock of the guy who’d moments earlier been licking her cunt and she straddled his hips facing his feet all the while sucking and wanking the remaining cocks

I stepped back from the ring and invited Paul the guy with the camera to allow me to carry on filming. He give me the camera and took my place in the circle.

Standing back I could see that Rachel was like a circus ringmaster or a lion tamer controlling a sea of dicks mastering their desire and keeping their testosterone in check.

Then Jon one of the biggest started to cum; he pumped his cock furiously and a long stream of hot white spunk shot from his prick onto Rachel’s cheek; she turned and opened her mouth invited him to finish off in her mouth. The guy beneath her started to hump her up and down and she had trouble keeping Jon’s spewing cock near her mouth but pretty soon he gripped her waist and pulled her down onto his prick as he shot his load into her wet stretched pussy.

Two Marines done and three left to go and they started to cum altogether as string after string of spunk landed on Rachel’s face in her hair on her cheeks in her eye on her shoulder; what she could not scoop into her mouth she rubbed into her tits and onto her belly.. and all the while I kept the “camera rolling”.

When the last GI had shot his load and Rachel had milked his prick and sucked him to her satisfaction a strange calm descended on the group. The guys were spent and Rachel was subdued. Someone offered her a shower which she declined another offered her a towel which she accepted.

Her mood changed and she looked at the clock; it was half past midnight.

She dressed quickly , removed her torn stockings and threw them playfully at the boys and we walked out.

Downstairs we walked outside and surprise surprise a cab came round the corner and we got in. The journey back to Sarah’s was uneventful as was the rest of that night. Rachel had a shower and we slept together in her friend’s spare bed. Rachel was exhausted but not so tired that she couldn’t manage another quick fuck before we fell asleep.

In the morning we fucked in the shower less from desire and more I think from fear of wasting the last opportunity before getting back to reality.

We travelled North together on the train but in the cold light of day we were just two people on a train heading towards the working week; back to work and to family; the moment had passed………but I’m bloody certain that when I look back on this in years to come I will tell myself that this was one opportunity that I grabbed and explored “to the MAX “


December 2012

Author’s Postscript: And I know that some smart arse or two will go thru and find that Jerome is in two places at one time or that I have referred to Sally’s flat when it should have been Sarah’s … these are matters of detail and DO NOT Matter. I have changed the names to protect myself and others; if I have made mistakes in transposition it is not important – Get a life!

I have told you he story of an incredible outrageous 15 or so hours spent with a remarkable and hungry woman.. I have never done anything so outrageous before; I hope I will get the chance to repeat it one day … but I’m not going to hold my breathe.

Some will accept my assurances that it is basically a true story others of you won't ……your choice…... it matters not a jot to me …all I hope is that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed telling it – whether or not you have enjoyed it please leave a comment.

“Merry Christmas one and all… and most especially to Rachel xx”