Written by Janice

29 Feb 2012

As I told you on my last story 21/02 I was waiting for Steves text where and when he texted how much for an arse fuck slut meet me by the bus stop. I thought tart he wants tart he gets pulled on a pair of white panties no bra lace top that showed of my ample 34E tits and my shortest skirt and a small bomber style jacket. To finish of a fashion item I thought was a good idea at the time and only wore once a pair of knee length red boots. My makeup was thick and bright especially the lipstick scarlet and lots of shiny lip gloss my hair with a tousled style.

He picked me up at the bus stop saying he had booked us a room at the Travelodge but we would go for a drink first. Ten minutes driving and we were at the Travelodge parked up and we walked to a pub in the next street. As we walked through the door he said try not to look like the tart you no you are as his arm encircled my waist and his hand dropped to my arse squeezing it as we went to the bar. I felt every guy in that bar was watching we got drinks and sat down. He leaned over and said let your legs fall open, I felt his hand slide up my inner thigh not quite touching my pussy, I noticed a couple of guys watching us as his hands caressed the inside of my thigh horny or what. He kissed me full on his hand going inside my jacket squeezing my tits I brushed my hand over his now fully hard cock and I knew our audience was watching what was to happen next. We downed our drinks and left for the Travelodge where as soon as we were in the room Steve pulled my jacket and top of squeezing and sucking on my tits he was rough but it was pleasurable rough.

I know all those men in the pub wanted to fuck you but I have paid for you, I entered into the role play by saying well hurry up maybe I can get a few more to fuck me before I go home and with that he pushed me onto all fours on the bed. He pushed my skirt to my waist pulling my panties down to my knees and he pushed his fingers into my wet wiling pussy. He said that arse looks like it is ready for fucking, I said that is extra I need more money for an arse fuck. Steve now started to call me all the filthy names he could think of and started to finger my arse hole, my hand is between my legs frigging my clit for all i am worth, Steve is running his cock up and down my arse crack poking at my hole and then I felt him slide in. We both groaned with the pleasure of it and he started to ride me again he was rough but pleasurable my orgasms were coming hard and fast my body shuddering with the strength of them. I felt Steves cock start to throb and then the heat of his spunk as he came in my arse.

He pulled out and I rolled onto my back trying to get my breath back what a ride. Steve stood up his cock still semi hard and started to wank himself what a sight you look no top, skirt round your waist your panties at you knees and you never took your boots of. He was really getring of on this I yanked my panties of leting my legs fall open so he had a good view of my hot swollen sex. I pulled him down on top of me saying you have paid for me come on big boy give me more. Steve obliged he fucked me all night his powers of recovery were great by the time morning came we were both shattered and my pussy was very tender.

Steve wants to repeat it but how we will top what happened in that room??? maybe he will be up for my hubby Rob joining in which would add a little excitment two men riding me for what Steve will pay me for his time by the way he gave me £200 as he said extra for an arse fuck. I will let you know what develops.