Written by pauliem

8 Nov 2010

Since moving into my new flat i have had 2 firsts and a third , let me explain.

The flat is situated above a small group of shops , and there are 6 flats altogether, the first day i met a few of the neighbours while going up and down the stairs all day, Jamie and Cally , a nice couple , mid forties lived 2 doors down , Vik and Leena , a younger indian couple next door around late twenties , and Scott and Robin , a gay couple 2 doors the other way , the other 2 flats were taken up by Mary , a woman in her 60's in between me and the gay couple , and then a guy who i have said hello too , but keeps himself to himself , in his 50's at the end of the row .

First night i was there , after sorting out most boxes and leaving the rest for the Sunday , i opened a lager and went out for a smoke, it was pitch black outside and the shops had long closed , so i stood out on my balcony area just relaxing. Jamie appeared from his flat and told me he was going to the pub for a lager himself , and if i ever fancied a beer he was always looking for an excuse.

As i stood there watching the moon, getting some air , i noticed a light come on from next door , and through the frosted glass of the bathroom window , i could see that Leena was standing at the sink, even through the frost i could make her out as she turned and put the shower on . She then removed her top and was standing in her bra , i couldnt see well enough to make out sizes but the black bra was clear enough , even better when she removed it and stood cleaning her teeth , i thought i was in for a treat watching her shower , but the steam soon made the view dissapear.

A few days later the postman knocked on mine and asked if i would take in a package for next door , which of course i did , and later that night i knocked on the door to give Vik the package, Leena opened the door wearing what i would describe as a long t-shirt and looked much sexier than the first time i had met her , she looked a bit embaressed and said , ' oh sorry i thought you were Vik ' 'thats my loss' i said cheekily and explained about the package , she took the package and went and put it on her hall table , as she turned i got a great look at her legs and bum , which were both looking very fine , it was only when she turned back and started asking about how i was settling in that i noticed her nipples against her top , and was trying to do everything i could not to make it obvious that i was staring at them , we had a small chat about me working from home etc , and then said our goodbyes. back to Leena later .

Day 6 of my new flat and it was a friday night , too be honest i had had a stressful day at work and was going to watch the German football on the tv as there was nothing much on, there was a knock on the door and it was Jamie asking if i fancied a beer round his flat , Cally was at a quiz night , so i thought why not and went in , we chatted about football etc and was still supping when Cally got back .

Cally is around 46 , not a looker and a bit overweight and in the few times i had seen her very quiet, but she had had a few glasses of wine and poured herself another when she got in , and was very chatty this time. we were chatting about quizes , which she loves and having a good laugh , she got up and went to the Kitchen to get another round of drinks. Jamie said he had had enough , so i said i'll have a wine , 'i need a new bottle opened Jamie' she called from the kitchen, 'can you do it mate ' he asked me ' i'm flagging here' so off i went ,

Cally was struggling with the cork , 'i knew he'd send you , lazy git' she said , and handed me the bottle , the bottle opener they had was a new modern twist and was made for an expert , but eventually i saw progress , and we poured the wine , i asked Cally to use the toilet , and when i returned she was sitting at the kitchen table still.

Jamie is out for the count in there, she said looking a bit pissed off , so i said i would finish up and go , no no she said its fine, i told her she looked far from happy,

she blushed deep red and when further pushed she said , 'he knows i like it on a friday after a glass of wine' i was a bit taken aback and must of blushed too , 'oh sorry , my fault i guess ' , with that she stood up and said ' well if you are too blame ' and kissed me full on the lips'

I responded and before i knew it her hand was stroking the outside of my jeans , i was hard instantly , and her kisses became more intense , she was clawing at my belt buckle , and when she finally undid it , she whipped open my jeans and thrust her hand down to my cock, she started sucking on my tongue and dropped down , pulling my cock out and engulfing it in her mouth , boy could she suck cock , i got so involved , i started to fuck her mouth and with the drink inside me , i thought i wont last long here.

Cally must have senced this , she stood up and kissed me again, my hard cock rubbing her stomach , she undid her jeans and pushed them down turned around and stated to rub herself against me , her hand reached around tugging at my balls , i was so hard by then , i pushed her over the table , pulled her panties to one side and angled my cock down to rub her pussy lips , her head was on the table , and she turned to look me in the eyes , 'fuck me now and fuck me hard ' she said , with the wetness of her pussy all it took was a slight angle change and i entered her , she came almost straightaway , and i pumped for all my worth , she was really pushing back into me, after a few mins she said tell me when you are going to cum , i had spent the whole time doing my best not to cum too quickly , but was ready too and she quickly turned round and took me in her mouth , swallowing every drop ,

'That was a great shag' she said, 'and if it happens again you can cum in me', she picked up her wine and went back into the sitting room, Jamie was still asleep in the chair , so i said i was going to make a move, 'you've already made some nice moves' she said and came to the front door to see me out, i was still in a bit of shock and not sure what to say. i kissed her goodbye and as i turned she said 'next time it will be in a bed though , and more comfy, i could have that cock all night ' and shut the door.

so that was a third for me , and the two firsts are to follow