Written by trainman

18 May 2015

At the ssauna club last week and as i thought of leaving i looked in one of the rooms and saw a stocking clad leg and a very sexy high heel......black with shiny silver heel and 3 inch sole

so i went into the room and found a tv lying on the edge of the bed, legs crossed and swinging his foot......i stood next to him and held his porn heel against my tight white lycra shorts n rubbed the spiked heel into my cock......

then i raised his leg and pushed his heel into my nipple, leaned forward so it dug in as i caressed my cock in the shorts.......he murmured...'v nice'....... i started to stroke his stockinged legs all the way to the white thigh as his heel dug into my tit and he reached up and twisted my nipple

.......he got off the bed and slowly pulling my tight lycra shorts down, squatted in front of me and began to slowly suck me and tug my balls back and down.....I sniffed his poppers and closing my eyes put my head back

when he had me hard I knelt on the bed......gave him my black silk rope and told him to tie my hands behind me......my head was forced onto the bed with my ass in the air as he started to rim me

then i felt a hard plastic object against my ass and heard a whirring.........as he sucked me backwards between my legs he slipped his vibe into my warm wet lovehole

he kept telling me i was a dirty fucker as he slipped the vibe deeper and deeper inside me all the time pulling my cock backwards, wanking it into his mouth

i heard someone else come in and looking back i saw an older guy naked wanking watching.......the tv told him to get on the bed .....he got on kneeling facing me and wanked against my face

then the tv said to me .......'suck his cock bitch'.....and the older guy offered me his cock...it was difficult to suck it as i was bent over but the tv slapped my ass as he dildo'd me and wanked me ..... all the time telling me I was a 'dirty bitch'......think he loved beingin control of a stud for a change ......the older guy didn't last long and spunked over my face then left.....the tv kept slapping my ass as he dildo\d me saying 'you loved that cock didn't u bitch?'.....til i said 'i'm gonna cum'......and suddenly spunked all over the bed

he licked me clean then said 'now u have to watch me cum' then lay back on the bed stockinged legs spread as he wanked his tiny cock........I stood atthe foot of the bed, put his ankles on my shoulders and gently stroked his legs as he murmured ' oh that's lovely' then suddenly spunked into his palm.