Written by Sirs_slut

14 Apr 2015

"Kneel on your bed, with your arse facing the door, wearing your shortest skirt, stockings and suspenders, white shirt and heels. Have your butt plug firmly in your ass. Leave your door unlocked for me slut."

I had my orders from Sir.

The morning arrived when Sir was coming. I was a nervous mess, but also soaking wet. I went for a bath, ensuring to shave everywhere, Sir likes a shaven c**t. I slowly got dressed in the clothes I had been told to wear. Just before the time Sir had given me, I unlocked my front door and got into position, quickly doing a check that I had followed every instruction. I then remembered I had a punishment due when Sir arrived!

And then I heard the door and Sir's footsteps as he came to my bedroom. I was shaking with lust and nerves as I felt his eyes on me. I felt him slowly raise my skirt and slap my ass. He told me to count and thank him after each spank, to 10. Again and again Sir's hand spanked me hard, and I thanked him each time, while waiting for the next!

Sir then asked if his slut was wet and wanting something inside. I begged him yes, I was dripping wet after my spanking. I felt something hard against me, I couldn't figure out what it was Sir was sliding inside my wet, greedy c**t. It felt so cold and hard but so, so good! Within moments I was begging Sir to let me cum. I was so wet. After a bit longer, Sir allowed me to cum for him. He continued to thrust the unknown object into me as I came hard. The object was removed and I heard Sir putting it down. He told me to sit up, so I sat on the edge of the bed, my face level with the bulge in his jeans. My anticipation grew as I hoped Sir would take his cock out and allow me to suck on him.

His jeans and underwear came down and I saw his cock, hard. I got wetter, thinking I had been the cause of Sir being so hard. He told me to open my mouth and I leaned forward. I couldn't wait to feel Sir's cock in my mouth, I felt like I'd been waiting so long to feel his cock in my mouth. Sir grabbed a handful of my hair in his hand and pushed my head into his cock, allowing me to feel as much as I could take into my mouth. Mmm, Sir tastes so good!

After a short time, Sir pulled away and told me to lie on the bed with my head at the edge. He leaned over me, with his cock and balls just above my face and told me to lick him. I was then told to put my fingers on my clit and keep rubbing until he told me to stop. As I rubbed my clit, bringing myself closer and closer to another orgasm, I ran my tongue over Sir's cock and balls, loving how he felt in my mouth. Sir then told me to get back onto all fours, with my ass facing him. I then felt the same object being slid back inside me, still had no idea what it was but the way Sir thrust it inside me had me close to cumming very quickly. I begged to be allowed to cum again and Sir allowed this. He then removed it again and asked if I wanted to feel his cock inside my wet c**t. Of course I said that I did. By this point, I was desperate to feel Sir's cock inside me! He felt amazing as he slid into me and started to fuck me hard. Sir fucked me hard for a while, occasionally spanking my ass hard as he thrust in. Sir pulled out and told me to sit up as he stroked his hard cock in front of me, I watched as he got closer and closer. As he continued to stroke, I felt him cum hard over me. His hot cum hit my face and breasts and dripped down my body. After he was finished, Sir told me to lie down again as my punishment wasn't yet finished. I still had to be spanked some more. I lost count of how many times Sir spanked me this time, only concentrated on how good his hand felt as he spanked my ass over and over. He then got up and left.

I cannot wait until next time Sir!!

Oh, and the unknown object? A cucumber!