Written by Gigi

4 Jun 2010

I am a well spoken, sexy, deep voiced single woman. Married twice and very happy living on my own.

Still I love men....every inch of them to be honest. So I need the feel of a man but I like to be choosy and believe me, I look good, sound sexy and deserve that.

To explain, I'm 5'2", slim but with a real hour glass figure that fits a dress beautifully. I love wearing smart business clothes and very fitted dresses. Underneath if I'm knickerless, I'll still wear either my stockings and suspenders or hold ups. And always with my incredibly high thin heels. If I am really dressing up, underneath my dress will be either a fantastic corset or a pvc body....I have very dark brown eyes that promise passion and always wear bright lipstick. And I think my body is pretty good.

So I started looking for men on websites....a bit like this one. My stipulation is that they are married as I really don't want the hassle that goes with a single man.

I found quite a few and really enjoyed the chat up, the flirting and the way that as I walked into the bar or restaurant, every single man in that room wanted to fuck me. I get the best buzz from being a bit of an exhibitionist.

My first meeting was with a man who was a rugby player. Very tall, very muscular and a cock - he promised me - to die for!

I walked in to the bar wearing a very tight black satin skirt, an off the shoulder black fitted top and the corset, stockings and the most incredibly high thin heeled stilletoes. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and the only sound that could be heard in the bar was the sound of my heels click clacking on the wooden floor as I sashayed over to him with a very confident and sultry smile.

He breathed and kissed the side of my neck, smelling my Opium perfume. His arms felt very strong and the excitement I felt at our first touch was palpable.

We both looked at each other and tried very hard to concentrate on the mundane conversations and our drinks.

We were both looking at each other and knew that we needed to touch very soon. I knew I was teasing him by the way I was running my long nails along the stem of the glass and lightly slipping my finger into my drink and then sucking the tip of my finger, whilst running my tongue around my lips knowing that he wanted to shove his big cock hard into my mouth.

I sat in front of him and carefully crossed my legs, knowing that he could see my shaven pussy glistening at him and inviting his tongue, fingers and cock...

I looked over and rubbed my stiletoe heels against his leg and looked at the effect I was having on his cock...and it was no disappointment. It looked very big...he asked me up to his room and I followed him, the other men in the hotel bar looking enviously as I wiggled away.

...he grabbed me very slowly in the lift and pushed himself hard against my body as I wrapped my leg around him.....His breathing hard and fast and the forceful feel of his hands as they roamed madly over my body sending waves of pleasure through me. (God I do love that initial kiss and touch!!) The lift opened, he growled and picked me up (see why I love rugby players!!)took me into his room and threw me on his bed.....

Now I love a man who takes charge but this was my meeting and I sensed that he wanted a bit of my control. I told him to lie back then strip for him. Very slowly I peeled my top off to reveal the corset. He gulped and said, 'jesus christ' under his breath as he saw my corset. I then wiggled out of my fitted skirt and let it drop to the floor and stood in front of him with my hands on my hips, giving him to take in the sight of my shaven pussy.

I calmly walked over to him and started to kiss him, soft licks, mixed with firm, hard kisses as I then slipped my tongue into his mouth. I unbuttoned his shirt and touched his firm body, revelling in the feel of a good body. I slowly licked and kissed his body down to his trousers, which I carefully undid and, as he moaned in anticipation, I took out his cock. Hard, big and leaking pre-cum. I looked up at him and kept eye contact as I slowly started to lick the tip, feeling him shake at the touch. I wet his cock and with my other hand started to wank as I took his cock teasingly into my mouth, licking, sucking and kissing and sending him into a frenzy. My pussy by this time was very very wet and needed to be felt so as I sucked and licked his gorgeous cock, I started to play with my clit, knowing it wouldn't be long before I came.

All of a sudden he grabbed me and said he needed to fuck my pussy hard. Without any warning he picked me up again, made me wrap my legs round him and shoved his hard cock deep into me and we fucked hard. His power and ability to hold me up, balance and fuck me hard at the same time sent me over the edge and I came very hard on him. I couldn't believe that he was still going.

He laid me on the bed and flipped me over and proceeded to fuck me hard doggy style. I couldn't believe how deep he was fucking me and I moaned with pleasure. God a powerful man who knew how to fuck hard...

As his balls slapped hard against my arse I got more and more turned on and started playing with my clit. I could feel myself building again to another incredible orgasm as he got harder and harder and started shouting that he was cumming....I came first followed closely by him....

This is the first of a few stories if you're interested...my games have become more interesting and my desire and need is to be blindfolded in a room and fucked by 'who knows', male, female, old, young I don't care as I will be blindfolded and pleasured..