Written by Matt Harrington

17 Oct 2016

My wife ,Melanie and I have got back together after a long break and on our first night together I invited Wayne my best friend round to join us for a meal. Melanie is short just 5ft 2 tall with very long blonde hair .She has average breasts 36 dd and a shaven pussy. She always wears low cut tops that show off her breasts to the full.

Wayne is of African Caribbean heritage is 6ft2 tall very muscular with the biggest cock I have ever seen. The meal went well and we all got a little drunk and then played strip poker. Wayne was the first to loose all his clothes, and Melanie too soon was naked. Melanie was very interested in Wayne's cock and started caressing and kissing it. This got him very aroused and he pulled Melanie on top of him ,ripped off her underwear and inserted that monster cock in her tight pussy. She screamed as it stretched her to the full but this soon turned to passion as his cock took her to places she had never been before. She soon had the biggest orgasm ever as he came gallons in her tight little pussy. I then tried to fuck her but Wayne had stretched her so much she couldn't even feel me.

Since that day I have tried to fuck her but she just wants black cock.Any ideas?