11 Aug 2015

Lately I have been thinking about some of the adventures of my younger life. I first met my husband when I was working as an air hostess. I was first class cabin crew, he was a frequent passenger. Despite being older and plumper than most of the other girls I got chatted up a lot. He was one of the lucky few who got to have me. One of the others was a well known pop music star who blatantly told me he wanted to shag me in my uniform and invited me to his hotel. He was such a rogue it turned me on and I let it happen .

Years passed, I developed high blood pressure, early menopause, so negotiated redundancy. My husband had sold his business and re-invested in property. We were more than comfortable , so spent more time at our house in France . My husband was a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, liked the good life , as do I . When in France we often went for a meal or drink in an auberge in the next village. We made friends with the lady owner and her regular customers.

One of the regulars , Jacques , was a bit of a devil. He had a reputation for being a drinker and a womaniser, but he was the life and soul of the party. I could not help but like him, for the simple reason that he was everything my husband was not. In our household I hold the reins , and I have very little interest in sex especially with my husband. Despite my disapproving replies Jacques would outrageously flirt with me , and whisper very suggestive things to me when my husband could not hear.

We were over in France for a two week stay. My husband received a message that he would have to go back to the UK to see his solicitor. Our house was only 90 minutes drive to the tunnel so he made an overnight reservation, out Tuesday morning, return Wednesday evening. Tuesday lunchtime I decided I would go to the auberge for lunch and a chat with Mireille the owner. She was busy so little time to spend with me, but Jacques was there and seeing me alone he came and sat at my table bringing a bottle of wine. I do not usually drink more than one glass at lunchtime, but he kept topping me up and soon I was a bit tipsy.

Mireille had told me that Jacques owned a fabulous chalet in the woods not far from the auberge. He called it his wolf's lair , and supposedly used it for ' wild nights ' . Perhaps foolishly I asked Jacques about his chalet, he said finish your lunch and I will show you. definitely foolishly I said OK, paid my bill and said au revoir. Jacques led me over to his beat up old pick-up , then drove out of the car park and straight into an unmade road past a sign saying private property. The track led up a steep slope deeper and deeper into the woods. After a few minutes we arrived in a clearing in front of a modern looking small house. He led the way in , then said follow me. He went up stairs and through into a large room. Huge windows opened on to a balcony that overlooked a huge forest, a wonderful view and completely peaceful. Do you like it, he asked. Stunning, I replied. I was aware that he was standing very close behind me and I sort of half expected him to grope me.

But instead he put his arms around me and on to my shoulders, pulled me back against his body, and whispered ' you are so beautiful, I have such desire for you ' . Maybe corny, but I was flattered.

I was not expecting what happened next, although with the benefit of hindsight I was a willing party. Jacques was a well built man, despite his drinking he had no beer belly , and a forceful personality. In the bar he had never spoken english to us. Now he placed my with my back against the wall, lent forward to me and kissed me with more passion than any man ever has. He said in perfect english " now I am going to make love to you, but first I am going to fuck you " . I could not resist him, I did not try. I let him almost rip my clothes off me , he pushed my legs apart and started fingering into my pussy which was by now surprisingly wet . He was sucking and nipping on my nipples, kissing me, squeezing and fondling my breasts and telling me how desirable I was. I was on fire, putty in his hands. He led me to the bed, laid me down, pulled off his clothes . This unshaven, scruufy hulk was in front of me with his cock as stiff as a pole. No foreplay, no romance or seduction. he lifted my legs apart and pushed his erection in to me.

He had barely the time to ease all the way in before I had an orgasm, and my pussy flooded like never before. True to his word , he fucked me. Hard and fast , deep and strong, and I had orgasm after orgasm. Then he let out a loud groan, his whole body went rigid and I felt him pump a flood of spunk into me.

After a minute or two he rolled off me, and laid by my side.

I was in a daze, what on earth had I done. I do not like sex, but I liked that. He was a scruffy drunk, not my type at all, but my god he had made me feel special.

Then I felt his lips softly on mine, his fingers playing in my vagina spreading his, our , juices over my clitoris. I parted my legs to let him touch me everywhere. His fingers went from my clitoris down to my anus, an absolute no-go area to all previous men. I wanted him to touch it, I was turned on by the eroticism.

" Now I am going to make love to you, my cherie " I heard.

Then his lips were kissing my belly, his tongue was on my clit, his fingers pushing in me. I was his slave , I was in ecstasy, orgasm following orgasm. No-one had ever taken so much time to give me so much attention and pleasure. Then he laid on top of me again and slid his cock into me. Slow, gentle , sensuous strokes, his lips constantly on mine, his hands holding my head, his fingers in my hair. He built me up and up , and as I had yet another orgasm, he filled me again.

We laid together almost sleeping. Then he moved so we were facing each other and was kissing me and fondling my bum.

I felt a sexual satisfaction as never before.

I had had more than enough, but clearly he was ready for more. His hand had moved from my hips and bum , into the space between and his finger was playing on my anus. I surprised myself, I moved onto my belly and spread my legs for him. As his finger pushed softly into my anus I let out a sigh of pleasure . I was liking it. Then he went down and started licking me , the tip of his tongue going slightly in. He was pulling my cheeks apart , laying the flat of his tongue across my anus. Then I felt him rubbing his hard cock against it , then pushing it in a tiny bit. I did not resist. I wanted it to happen.

He pulled away, pulled me onto all fours, took a tube from the bedside cabinet and spread it on my. And then I felt his cock push slowly and gently into me. At first, pleasure, then discomfort, but not pain. Then the sheer eroticism of the moment took over, and I began to enjoy being taken like this. I must have been very tight, this was the first time. He did not last long, he emptied himself groaning as he did.

He fell asleep soon after. I should have got dressed, gone home, gone back to being a respectable married lady. But it was too late, I had tasted the devil's food ,l and I wanted more. So I stayed beside him, dozed until he woke me . Then we made love again, but only after I had fucked him.