Written by howard

24 Dec 2015

My story start more than 30 years ago. I worked as a driver for a local company and had been married for 2years and had found out that my wife had been caught by the police having sex in the rear of her work colleagues car and had been to. Court and fined. We had a lot of soul searching and decided to carry on and have just celebrated our 35th anniversary.

When I discovered my wife's affair I was really low an d a few of the girls used to come out to the loading bay for a smoke raised my morale. One girl in particular Jean was really comforting and we often went for a drink after work but apart from some kissing and tit feeling nothing happened . Then at Christmas I agreed to drive the mini bus to go out on a works outing. Jean sat with me in front and as her dress was really short i could see her red knickers when I had chance to look and my hand was soon exploring. Her twin sister Mary had come out with us as her dad was babysitting her 6 month old daughter.

Jean and myself were dancing and together all night and we went outside in an alley way near the club and we cuddled and as I was fingering her her hand was in side my pants and I was soon putting my cock into her and fucking her. As we went back into the club Jean went to the toilet and Mary came and pulled me onto the dance floor and whispered I see you have at last fucked Jean and started to kiss me and squeezed my balls. As we went home. I had my hand in Jeans knickers all the way home.

After dropping every body else of l pulled up at he rear of Jean and Mary's house I brought Jean to an orgasm with my fingers as we kissed and Mary was watching as I forgot her as Jean straightened her clothes Mary climbed between us and said she wanted the same so I obliged but she was very noisy as she climaxed..

At work on Monday it was common knowledge that I had fucked Jean Wednesday was Christmas eve and my wife would not be home till about 8.00pm. After work we all went for a drink and Mary came down but had her daugher with her so I suggested to Jean we could go to my house so Jean Mary and baby Claire came to my house . As we passed a chemist Jean asked if I had any condoms as Mary was not on the pill as she was still feeding Claire. I looked at her puzzled and said "I was hoping to fuck you"

" Yes but why not fuck us both we are up for it"

I went in and bought condoms and we carried on. As we arrived at my house and went in Mary said she would have to feed Claire if I didn't mind and I was fascinated watching. Jean asked where the toilet was so I took her upstairs and showed her as she came out we started kissing on the landing as I led her to my bedroom and we settled down as we slowly undressed each other she was soon wearing just matching pale blue satin briefs and bra. And i was naked as I removed her bra and sucked her nipples I heard Mary behind us say "you will have a shock if you do that to me" and we all laughed and she was also soon naked and joined us on the bed she said Claire was asleep in her buggy on the landing. And as I kissed Jean and started to finger her I felt Mary start licking my balls and cock before starting to give me my very first bow job. She moved so that I was able to finger her as well. There I was lay on my back getting snogged by 1 twin and a blow job of the other while I had 3 fingers inside each of them. As I rubbed there clits with my thumbs I could feel first Mary then Jean start to grip onto my fingers weith their cunt muscles as they both started to orgasm and it was too much and I shot my sperm down Mary's throat and she swallowed the lot. We all lay there coming around when Mary started to suck me and I was soon hard she asked for a condom and I pointed to them she placed one on me and was soon lowering herself onto me and started to ride me as Jean slowly squeezed my balls. I managed to fill the condom as Jean lowered her cunt onto my face and I lickex out a woman for the first time soon to be followed by me licking out Mary as Jean rode me.

We cleaned ourselves up just as Claire woke up and Mary fed her again as they all left. I never had sex with either of them again as I moved to anew job as transport manager and Jean joined the airforce

My wife and I had a family of our own and have been happily married since. Then one Christmas I went out with all the office staff and I ended up booking a hotel room with Emma our office clerk who was about 24 at the time and WOW did she know how to please a man As we were both in the shower after I noticed she had a teddy bear tattoo under her left tit with the name Claire under it. I asked who Claire was and she told me it was her first name but she preferred Emma. We had a coffee and she told me she had been brought up since she was ten by her aunty as her mum had died and her aunty Jean lived in Cyprus as she had served 20 years in the RAF. And she had taken her auntys name. She told me her mums name and I then realised that I had just fucked the bay that had been asleep as I had fucked her mum and aunt 23 years ago