Written by pantyboy101

5 Jul 2010

I love the stories on.In particular,the ones about men playing in ladies panties and other items of lingerie.

I`m sure all of us guys have done it at some time or another.It`s no good denying it guys.Females are very intuitive and know that we play with their panties but usually turn a blind eye to it and let us have our fun without saying anything.

I`ve been wearing girls undies since I was young.I remember wanking at an age where I wasn`t producing any cum but even at that age I would wear my mothers knickers.Now,I`m in my fifties and still wear panties each day.

Of course,wearing lingerie sometimes leads to wearing other items of female clothing.I started to want to know what it was like to wear a dress or skirt,and to wear heels.I found I liked it.A lot ! I became a closet cross dresser.

Things took a step forward when I started going out with a girl named Julie in the mid seventies.Julie was particuarly randy.Wanted to fuck all the time.Anytime time any place.Oral,anal.Even when she had her period.

She used to stay at my place sometimes and used to give me some of her clothes to take for her as she would come over straight from work.Obviously,I used to wank whilst wearing her knickers.As we all do.

One morning I was wanking whilst wearing a black pair of her frenck knickers .I was late for work but really needed to cum and made a hell of a mess in her knickers.I licked the spunk off of them and tried to clean them up as best as I could but didn`t have the time to do a decent job of it.

I got home from work that evening and Julie was already at my place .She was upstairs and called me up."I`ve got a bone to pick with you "she said."These knickers were clean when I gave them to you and now there are stains all over them.And they look like spunk stains.You`ve been wanking in my knickers haven`t you"

I didn`t see any point denying it.She asked if I wore her stockings as well.I denied it Which was true but only because I was worried about laddering them.She asked if I wanted to wear her stockings and I admitted I did.She lightheartedly called me a dirty bastard and then told me to show her what I did when wearing her undies.

I was very horny by now and didn`t hesitate to undress and put on her black spunk stained french knickers.She then helped me with her matching stockings and suspenders and I lay on the bed wanking myself."Your`e a kinky fucker"she said ,and then stripped to her own undies and joined me on the bed.We had the best sex of out relationship.

From then on lingerie played a big part of out sex life.I wore a nightie in bed and sometimes wore her dresses around the house.I often wonder where out relationship would have gone if we had stayed together but after a year or so it was obvious that except for sex we had little in common and split up.

Soon after that time I discovered the joys of cottaging.Even though I was a panty wearer I`d never really thought about sucking cocks.I`d always avoided public toilets as they were pretty filthy places in those days but one day had no choice but to use one.

The cubicle had a lock on the door,which was a bonus in itself in those days.I sat down to do what i needed and started to look at the crude drawings on the walls.I read the stories and the offers of sex.My cock stiffened and I started to wank.I then noticed a small hole in the wall and could see some movement through it.

I put my eye closer to the hole and squinted to see what was on the other side.Sure enough.the guy on the other side was wanking.This was the first time I`d seen another real live stiff cock.We took turns showing our cocks to each other.I wished the hole was bigger so that I could see more or even touch his lovely thick cock.

I was so turned on that I soon came.I licked up the spunk on my hand,pulled my panties and jeans up and left.So,from avoiding all public loos whenever possible I now stopped into every one.I soon found that cock fun was to be had in practically all of them and that most of them had far bigger and better gloryholes that the one that had first got me so exited.

From that time on I`d spend hours in public toilets.Dressed in my sexiest lingerie.I found that the vast majority of men loved my lingerie.Only the gay guys seemed turned off by it.They seemed to be in the minority and ,I suppose ,they want their men to look like men.

I found this to be true years later when I progressed,naturally ,into an out and about T girl.Whether it was Manchester,Birmingham,Leeds or London,whatever bar or club i was in I never got chatted up by a gay guy.We would have a laugh together and so on but it was always other guys who were trying to get into my knickers.

The strange thing was that most of these men wouldn`t even admit that they were bi.they were in hetro relationships and seemed to think that because I looked like a girl it somehow didn`t count that I had a cock in my panties !

Anyway,I could go on forever.So many stories to tell of filthy sex in public loos through to my t girl days and fun with truly beautiful t girls and female tranny hags.And a good few guys ,too.If they measured up.I admit to becoming a bit of a size queen regarding cock size when it came to menfriends.

I did like married men or men in hetro relationships.If they were fit and had big cocks.The thought of sucking a mans cock ,knowing that it was in his wife or girlfriends cunt the night before was a big turn on for me.I had a few guys who used to bring me their partners dirty panties to play with .A couple of guy`s who not only bought me their wives used panties but also sexy pictures of them.It was very erotic ,although i did feel guilty of depriving their partners of their ration of spunk.

Oh well,happy days.So much more to tell but so little time.......