Written by Janet

22 Aug 2010

Hi, I’m Janet and I’ve been fucked by most of the village Men’s club over the past couple of months.

After giving Neil and Len Blow Jobs on Wednesday evening, I was looking forward to a good fucking on Saturday with Stan. My husband Dave left bang on time, he was picked up by Neil, Len & Howard. Dave gave me a peck on the cheek as he got into the car, and Neil who was driving said, Dave should be home about 8ish so enjoy the rest of your day.

Neil pinched my ass and whispered in my ear that Stan has a big thick cock, I almost wet myself as I waved my husband and my fuck buddies off.

Before I reached the front door, Stan was walking into the drive and said hello, I’m Stan I’ve come to cut your lawn.

I told Stan the lawn mower was in the shed, Stan said thanks and come straight over to me and planted a kiss on my lips and his tongue darted straight into my mouth. I pulled away and said No, somebody might see. Stan laughed and rubbed his bulge in his jeans and said you are going to get this later and laughed again.

I watched Stan cutting the lawn and imagined his big thick cock fucking me and I was getting my self really wet just thinking about it.

Stan put he lawn mower away and mode his way to the house, he come in and shout for me, I replied I’m up stairs, come on up. I could hear Stan walking up the stairs and I could feel my pussy getting wetter, Stan entered the bedroom minus his shirt and his body looked great, he was tanned and I asked to see his white bits, Stan replied you will now and you’ll soon be sucking on it. Stan laughed. He stood there and unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans and pants and stood there with his big cock semi hard and it looked really good. Stan said here my white bit get a feel of it. Stan walked to the bed and His cock was level with my face, I bent forward and licked his helmet slapping up all his pre-cum. Stan moaned and I laughed with time. I could see Stan’s cock getting bigger before my eyes and thought I’d never be able to take that. Stan kissed me and this time I responded and we snogged he other and our tongues explode each others mouths. Stan broke away and started to undo my blouse, button by button, I had a black lacey Bra on and matching knickers. Stan unclipped my bra and released my boobs, Stan immediately grabbed them and mauled them and then sucked my nipples.

Stan sucked really hard and moved over to my boob flesh and continued to suck hard and then he pulled away had left a love bit on my boob, I was not happy and told Stan never to do that again, as my husband might see, Stan apologies and kissed me. Stan told me to strip so I stood up and unzipped my jeans and pulled them off leaving me standing there in my sexy black knickers , Stan pulled me towards him and squeezed my ass and kissed my belly before kissing my boobs.

Stan said I looked great and got out his mobile and took a photo of me in my knickers, Stan told me to take my knickers off, so I tried to do it as sexy as I could but that failed and I sat on the bed and slowly pulled them down. Stan told me to lie on the bed and Stan, pulled my legs apart and went down onto my pussy. Stan started to lick me and tease my clit, Stan just kept licking and licking and shoved his tongue up my pussy hole. I could feel myself start to cum and I grabbed Stan head and held it tight as he brought me to shuttering orgasm. Stan face was covered in juice and he lifted himself up to me and started kissing me and put his tongue in my mouth, I could taste myself on him.

Stan cock was rock hard and I begged him to fuck me, Stan got between my legs and teased my pussy, he rubbed his cock all over my pussy and onto my clit. I begged him to put it in and he did. Then he pulled straight back out and teased me again, I begged him to fuck me, Stan just laughed and pushed his cock back into my soaping pussy. He again pulled out and teased my pussy and laughed, I told him fuck me properly and he thrust his big cock up me and OMG, it thought it was going to split me in two. Stan this time kept thrusting in and out as he fucked me really good, I could feel myself getting wetter as his big cock was not hurting anymore and pleasure soon swept over me, OMG it was wonderful. I could see a big grim on Stan’s face as he make me squeal with delight.

I screamed as a orgasm swept over me and I clung onto Stan’s as I shuddered to a climax. I was soaking and I could feel the wetness between my legs and it was running down my thigh and round to my ass. Stan pulled his cock out of me and told me to suck him, his cock was covered in pussy juice and I could smell the sex on it. I licked his tip and opened my mouth Stan pushed forward and soon filled my mouth. I sucked and cleaned his cock of all our juices and soon Stan started to moan and it was his turn to squeal as he shuddered to a orgasm and shot his load into my waiting mouth. I sucked and wanked his cock dry and Stan was left gasping for air. Stan caught his breath and said that was brilliant. He looked down at my well used pussy and I could see it was gapping open.

Stan got up and wiped his cock in my knickers and said he was keeping them as a trophy, as Stan left he said Wayne will be calling round Wednesday evening.

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Love Janet xxx