Written by Cuck_Newcastle

22 Nov 2014

Well we were dancin wid a guy in a wheel chair and his mates and they were buyin us jager bombs and were gonna go bac a party with them think they were uni students,then we went the toilet and on the way out Sarah bumped in to that Mark she had shagged before and was snoggin him

And we were all dancing and got drinks me Sarah Mark and his mate. Mark asked us bac to his think we were talkin 3somes me Sarah and Mark. His mate was drivin so we got a lift bac to his. On the way bac I remember sayin I'm gettin married to u and Mark said he knew u and the other lad said he went school wid Scott.

Then at marks think we were drinkin more I was so wasted by this point. Think we were talkin about 3aomes and stuff and me and sarah were snoggin eachother for the boys. I dunno way happened think Sarah and Mark went his room and I was meant to follow for a 3aome but I ended up stayin chattin to the other guy. I remember sitting on the sofa and he was stood up and pulled his pants down and I was suckin him off I honestly don't know if I kissed him first. He prob thought I'd be up for something coz we had all been chattin about 3somes.

I think after that I was on my hand and knees soon doggy on the sofa. He was big but not massive. I can't remember how it was I just remember being dead drunk it prov dint last long then we went through and saw Sarah n Mark. Mark wanted me and Sarah to do stuff but think it was me that chickened out coz sarahs been with girls before. I wanna be with a girl with u there. So after that me and this guy who's name me and Sarah dont remember went bac the livingroom and wre sexin on the sofa Which makes me think neither of us had cum. Oh yeah think I felt that guys cock when me and Sarah were kissin coz the lads were hard when we were kissing. I really don't remember and I ain't had a proper catch up with Sarah we have been on diff shifts. Maybe she will remind me way happened on Wednesday when were working together. She has been out thurs fri and sat night.

I remember keepin my clothes on the whole time think I just slid my knickers to the side. I wernt naked he never played with my boobies. I'd shaved that night I shaved my legs and pussy which ain't like me I don't do it often when ur not here so that's prob why I was naughty coz wouldn't be naughty if I was hairy I don't think coz I know u like me shaven. I don't remember ranking him off n he didn't go down on me. I honestly can't remember much at marks just bits and prices me n Sarah were so drunk that's why it's took me so long to tell u I think we fucked twice. And I didn't do it to cheat I really didn't fancy him at all I even said to sarah in the club he wernt good lookin. He is seeing someone too so think it only happened when me and Sarah started kissing don't even remember if we did anything together. I'd told Sarah. Bout our 3 some the other time we had been out. Shes naughty too!!