21 Aug 2018

Messy ending, part 2

As I drove away from Jessie’s home, I knew that was the end of that. Or at least, so I thought.

But to my surprise, I received an immediate email from Jessie. She was as embarrassed as I at the disaster in her sex room, and she told me her husband had accused her of being the problem. Seems I was not the first guy to fail as soon as the husband entered the room and asserted himself. So the husband decided she was too aggressive!

I knew this was not true. Jessie was a rare and wonderful combination – a lover of sex in all its forms, and also sweet, smart and lovely. I realized we had become friends, if not officially lovers.

We continued to communicate, and one day soon, she suggested we meet again. This time, just Jessie and I, at a hotel. She admitted that this was outside her agreement with her husband, but she wanted to see me.

The date was set up. I arrived; she had already checked in. Our first embraces and kisses were very romantic, but given her sex drive and creative nature, it soon ramped up to the highly erotic. She took off her coat to reveal a very sexy bustier and crotchless underwear.

I wanted her very badly. It wasn’t that I wanted to prove anything – she had already blown me in the car, so she knew I could perform. It was that I was really smitten by this wild and wonderful woman.

We kissed, more passionately, and my hand went down to her pussy, already dripping wet. I slipped a finger in, then two. She moaned, and reached down to grab my cock – unquestionably hard this time.

Jessie started to remove my clothes; I helped, eagerly. We removed her bustier, revealing her pierced nipples, today linked with a light chain.

“Pull it!” she asked, and I did as she squirmed with pleasure.

“Choke me,” she said, and we pushed against the wall, my one hand on her throat, exerting gentle pressure, and my other still pulling the chain.

She cried out with pleasure, and again began stroking my cock.

I knew that all the anticipation would have me more than primed, and she did, too. We moved to the bed, she unwrapped a condom, slipped it on my prick, and then she knelt with her beautiful ass facing me, and said, “Just fuck me, hard!”

Which I did. It was a short, beautiful fuck. I came, and so did she, squirting as she orgasmed,

We lay on the bed together, wrapped up in the delight of finally consummating something we had both been thinking about since that night in the car, after the restaurant.

Then Jessie reached into her purse, and pulled out a piece of blue pill. “I took this from my husband’s supply,” she said. “I want you to be as hard as possible, for as long as you can, because I want you in every orifice of my body!”

I took the blue pill – first time ever – but probably didn’t need it for our second fuck, this time as she lay on her back with her legs on my shoulder. But the pill certainly helped when I fucked her again from behind – and she came multiple times – and when I slipped my cock up her ass, at her bidding.

It was an amazing afternoon – and first of many to come.