Written by Lipspreader8

8 Aug 2017

Went up the woods near me, It is a nature reserve. A ginger haired bloke started to follow me in to the woods. I kept looking behind me very casually, to see if he was there. I then sat on a tree stump and as he walked along he asked me about the woods. Every so often he would touch the outside of his trousers. I had shorts on and I raised the leg of me shorts so my cock hung out the leg, so he could see my cock and made it clear he was ok.

Then we got our cocks out and he took hold of mine and me his and wanked each other. He bent over and started to suck me still playing with each other, His cock was about 5" long and I wanted to get down and suck it but I just couldn't do it. I asked him if he liked playing with arses but he said not really, shame. I slid my shorts down to my ankles so he could see everything was clean and shaved smooth. I am now convinced that I have to be made to suck cock, Probably why I like to be blindfold while being played with. If he had told me to suck it I probably would have.

Not much of a story I know probably more about my feelings.

If the bloke I met reads this shame you had to go back to work, If we meet again perhaps you better make me suck you?