Written by Sooty

4 Apr 2010

I have just returned from Mexico after a fab 2 week break with the wife.Hotel and weather were incredible but what happened to me was even better.

I am no Brad Pitt or George Clooney but I am not also Gollums twin brother, just a normal guy who is somewhat of a gent where ladies are concerned.

Anyway at our hotel there were a few Brits, some French and a large number of Americans,loud and always there if you know what i mean. Anyway I am an ex basketball player and would go and take afew pracrice shots most afternoons while the wife sunbathed.

Some days I was joined by some of the US guys and afetr 4 days some of the girls so a game developed which was fun. 2 blond American girls alwayts came along and they had great bodies and the strapping guys tried to show off when they were about. Out of my league so i didnt bother.

It turned out they were best friends and were there with 1 of the girls mother. They were boith 27 and 1 was married and 1 recently divorced. Both very fit with great looking bums and tits covered by sexy bikinis. Anyway day 6 say me by the pool when the mother came past and collapsed infront of our sunbeds. I was up quick and managed to stop her swallowing her tongue. Got he into the recovery position and the 2 gilrs came over and looked fater her til the ambulance arrived and took her to hospital. 2 days later the daughter, who turned out to be called Carolyne came over and thanked me with a bottle of champagne. My wife got chatting to her and I went off for my usual basketball game. Carolyne followed about 15 mins later and said she wanted to say thanks again to me herself and would I pop back to their appartment for a sec.

Following behind her my mind raced as I watched her fab body move but knew I was way off. In the room Carolyne turned and said that she wanted to give me a proper thank you and got down in 1 fluid move on her knees and started to tug at my trunks. They were past knees so quick and her hands cupped my balls as she kissed my sosft cock.I soon jerked and began to grow as she licked my length and soon had me hard. Her soft mouth sucking on me got me feeling horny as hell and she started to milk my balls.

I reached down and rubbed her nipples through her bikini and they rippened as she took me all the way down her throat. My wife doesnt suck me so this was a real treat.

I tried to pul her up to see if I could return the favour. I adore licking pussy and its my biggets turn on. Carolyne said she was married and she would feel unfaithful if she let me have her pussy. I was a bit disappointed but in the same breath she said I could fuck her arse if I wanted. Now my wife nevers let me near her arse and I had only fucked an arse once. She went into the bath room and came out with a rubber as she called it. bent down and slipped it onto my rock hard cock. Off came her bikini bottoms to reveal a small landing strip of hair above a pink pussy. I so wanted to tongue her.

Carolyne then grabbed some gel stuff and smeared some over the condom and bent over and rubbed some on her brown hole. Bending onto the bed she said " Fuck my tight arse hun , this is all for you for saving my mom ".

I got behind her and rubbed across he arse and pushed towards her arse. The gel made things easy and as I pushed abit I broke through and slide up into her. A moan and she said I felt great. I started to move gently and used my left hand to tug at the bikini top to get at her tits. My hands rubbing her hips then onto her tits as i fucked her deep and in a good rhythm. I slipped my hand to her pussy but she said sorry but I couldnt touch so i concentrated on fucking her arse.

I felt my balls tighten and the cum flowing out of my cock into the rubber...I got my breath as slide out of her arse. At this point she turned round, puled the rubber off and took my cock into her mouth as it started to go limp. She muct have got my last drops of cum and loved it. Getting my shorts back on I left as he went for a shower.

The following evening Carolyne introduced her mom who had been let out of hospital and her friend Kate. Mom was chubby lady with a soft voice and Kate was another horny looking blond with a great body. Another bottle of champagne was sent over and we all chatted and left for bed.

The next day the usual basketball game was not on as most of the other guys had left. I was just going to practice and mess about when Kate came over and said that she knew that Carolyne had thanked me for saving her mum and that she wanted to offer the same. Well I nearly had a heart attack. This was like reading a story about other guys and their luck.

To their appartment we went and when inside Carolyne was there too laying on the bed in her bikini. Carolyne said that she had told Kate how much i wanted to tongue her pussy but she wouldnt let me but Kate was divorced so if I wanted too I could tongue fuck her. Kate stood infront of me and sliiped her bottoms down her leg to show a shaven pussy. My cock grew instantly and it showed as Kate peeled off my trunks. She laided on the bed, legs spread wide and I just pushed my head between her legs and began to lick and lap at her pussy and clit. She was so wet so quickly and I tasted her juices . Carolyne helped her off with her top and my hands roamed up to her tits which felt great.

Carolyne was on the next bed and bgan to rub at her own pussy and pulled her bottoms to 1 side and started to finger herself. I was in heaven and felt Kate orgasm and grab my head and push me harder into her cunny.

Kate looked at me and asked if I wanted to fuck her now. I didnt need to be asked and got up and pulled my top off and got a full view of her fab body. Kate reached over and I was expecting her to bring out a condom. Carolyne looked at me and said no rubber this time unless you want 1, Kate wants to feel your cum inside her.

I got ontop of Kate and Carolyne guided my hard cock to her pussy and a push and I was in fully. I started to fuck Kate and she was moaning really loud and asking me to fuck her deep and hard and fill her with spunk. At this point I realised that Carolyne was naked and finger fucking herself which was an incredible sight.

As I pumped at Kate she said hold on I want to be fucked from behind and pushed me off and stood up.

She stoked my cock a bit then said now do me harder and deeper from behind. She planted her legs apart and lent forward onto the bed. i couldnt miss the opportunity so I bent down and lapped at her pussy a few times before standing directly behind and rubbing my cock up and down her lips before pushing up insdie her again. All this time Carolyne was fingering herself to another orgasm.

My hands pulling at rubbing at Kates nipples and then rubbing her clit as she begged me to fill her and fuck her. She was matching my strokes and I knew I was on the verge of cumming. As my balls tightened Kate had a boning shuddering orgasm and my hot cum flooded deep inside her pussy. She let out a moan and little whimper.

I continued pumping a few kore times and then eased my cock out of Kates hot pussy. At this point I got a real shock.

Carolyne came round the bed and said " I want some of that too please ". I replied saying that you are married and wouldnt even let me touch your pussy before. " Ive changed my mind unkless you dont want to fuck me and fill me too !"

I needed no more encouragement and Carolyne laided on the bed legs spread and I just got on top. She reached for my cock which began to grow again and guided me to her pussy and I slipped in without any issue. She was so wet from her fingering that her juices made noises as I fucked her.

I was slower at 1st but soon got the rhythm again and she wrapped her legs round me and pulled me into her. I looked over at Kate who was fingering herself and licking her fingers clean of my cum and her pussy juices.

I took hold of Carolynes ankles and slipped her legs over my shoulder and got even deeper as my 2nd load of cum began to rise. I shot again into a hot pussy and Carolyne moaned as she felt it hit her pussy. I pumped a few more strokes and went to slide out.

Kate was soon by our sides as my cock came out and she reached over and took me in her mouth. She must have got my cum mixed with Carolynes pussy juices and bagn to lick me clean. It was so horny. The smell of cum and pussy cream was in the air as Kate licked and sucked on me. I looked down to see Carolyn;s fingers inside her pussy scopping out my cum and her cream as she licked her fingers.

Kate stood and said that I deserved so much more for saving mom but then it hiot me that my wife was by the pool and I had just fucked 2 other women.

I said I had better head back and they both said see you later.

This really happened to me and i still cant get the site of both of them out of my head. Maybe I need to try and see if the wife is up for some anal ??