12 Jun 2017

Those of you have read my stories so far will remember the lovely Amelia. We’d met while studying at university at one of my tutor’s sex parties. She was a pretty young blond, well spoken and with excellent manners. She was fairly flat chested but with her blue eyes and long tanned legs she was a quiet beauty. Once she had my cock up her she was dynamite, thrashing and bucking until I could cum no more. Our relationship was certainly an odd one. We weren’t a couple in the conventional sense of the word but we were well tuned to each other’s needs and there wasn’t much we hadn’t done sexually.

It was late on a Wednesday afternoon with the sun blinking through the half closed blinds of the window that she mentioned her boyfriend. She was laying naked on the bed while I was sprawled in an easy chair playing with my cock while admiring her pert little bottom; catching my gaze Amelia reached back and stretched her buttocks apart. These days we fucked anally most of the time – she used to joke that she had been fucked so much in her cunt that she only really felt a cock if it was deep in her ass.

Then she giggled in that silly little way she had,

‘ You know it’s funny about Simon…’ Simon was her longstanding, you might say long suffering boyfriend, who was due to visit her for the weekend. ‘ I love him a lot but I don’t want his cock up my ass.’

I suddenly felt sorry for him and I grabbed her around the waste, bent her over and stuck my cock deep into her ass. She shrieked as the last inch went in but I knew she liked it. I then gave her an ass fucking she wouldn’t forget in a long time.

After five minutes Amelia was shaking with her first orgasm. After ten more minutes of hard ass pounding she slowly slumped forward as I ground her further into the bed. Eventually she went limp like a rag doll with its ass up in the air and

mumbled ‘ Michael stop - I can’t cum anymore .' She squeezed her ass cheeks hard together and ejected my cock out of her ass hole, then she turned over and reached for my quivering hard on.

‘ You can cum in my mouth…’

I had no intention of letting that happen yet, instead I parted her legs and slid my cock up her sodden cunt. Then I was off again – in out, in out, in out. Amelia started mumbling again but I couldn’t make out her words. In out, in out…… and so I went on and fucked her as hard as I had ever done before, or probably since. Suddenly I felt a churning in my balls as my cum bubbled ready to spurt. With one final hard thrust I shot a load so huge it filled Amelia so full that it flooded out of her cunt and squished down over my balls.

I rolled off her limp, soft body onto my back.

Emilia’s post-orgasmic doe-eyes began to refocus and she spoke softly.

‘ Michael, you do realise that Sophie called this morning and we have an orgy to go to tonight. We will both be expected to have sex with Sophie, the Prof and his guests.’

She drew a deep breath and continued … ‘ … and after the fucking you've just given me I don’t think I will be able to walk for a week….’