Written by Work Colleague

20 Jun 2018

Just use your imagination. You are in the office with a female work colleague who you have had fantasies of fucking for the past couple of years. No one else is on shift and won’t be for hours. It’s a very warm day and she is wearing a dress for a change, but this dress was more see-through than I think she realised. When she bent over, you could see that she was wearing white knickers; not anything sexy, but with imagination, you knew what they were covering. Her bra was also white. You also knew that without that bra, her nipples would be visible through her dress. You purposely allowed her to go first upstairs and go back into the office from the balcony. Especially the balcony, where she goes for a cigarette. You don’t smoke, but you’ve always sat with her, and others, outside, so this isn’t anything new to raise her suspicions. Her dress would pull tight around her arse when she bent over to put her cigarette in the ashtray. You found it hard to resist putting your hand on her arse between her legs, having a feel of her lips, pressing hard into her. But you didn’t. She may hit you. Or scream. So, you would have to spend the rest of you shift with a constant erection, trying to make sure she didn’t notice. And hope, at some point, that you got the chance for a wank in the toilets.

But this wasn’t imagination. This was my reality a couple of days ago. I have worked with Michelle for the past 8 years. She’s 11 years my junior but, although she never agrees with me, has a gorgeous body for her age. Like most work colleagues of the opposite sex, there is often a lot of sexual banter between us, although with Michelle, it’s always been fun for her. With me, slightly different. I have wanted to fuck this woman since the day I met her. But I was married, and Michelle was in a long-term relationship, so I knew that there would never be the opportunity. However, now, Michelle wasn’t in her relationship anymore.

That day, she seemed a little depressed; mainly about her life. She openly talked about her sex life, or lack of it, and so did I. And the lack of it. I don’t know why, but I told her that I would love the chance to have sex with her and there were probably hundreds of other men around that would too. Michelle questioned that by saying her body wasn’t up to much, but I asked her how many women were happy with their bodies and men saw them differently. My cock was pushing against my shorts hard, wanting release. I don’t know why, but I told her about where I was imagining putting my hand when she bent over. She laughed and said that I should have tried as I don’t know what she may have done. And yes, my cock then started throbbing.

We carried on working, and an hour later, smoke time. All I could think about was should I or shouldn’t I touch her arse when she put the cigarette out. Would I have the courage? It seemed that before it had started, the small break was over. I don’t know why, but when she bent over, I put my hand in that spot where her pussy was and gently rubbed before moving my hand. Michelle didn’t move at first. I was waiting for her to turn around and slap me. She stood and turned. Her hand moved straight to the bulge in my shorts and she squeezed my cock hard.

Keeping hold of my cock, she pulled me back into the office, looking straight into my eyes, smirking slightly at the mouth. When we were inside, still looking at me, still holding my cock, she lowered herself to her knees. Her hand moved to the top of my shorts while her other started to slowly pull my zip down. She never took her eyes off me. My face must have been a picture as I never expected this. Hoping, yes, but believing it would never happen. I reached the point where I thought she was now testing me to see how far I would let her go. But lower and lower my zip went. When it reached the bottom, her hand moved inside and pulled out my cock.

Now her eyes moved, looking at my throbbing cock that she held in her hand. She continued looking at it while she very slowly moved my foreskin backwards then forwards, causing it to throb harder each time she pulled my foreskin back. Again looking me in the eyes, she moved forward, opening her gorgeous lips until my head was inside, then closing those lips around my cock. I felt the warmth and softness of her lips. The wetness was allowing her to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, her lips still wrapped around me. My cock was so hard and sensitive, I could feel her suck as she pulled her head backwards, withdrawing my cock.

Michelle could sense how close I was. My cock was throbbing hard. She stood, walking backwards, gently dragging me by my cock while once again, looking straight into my eyes. Backwards she went, until she bumped into the desk. Michelle raised her self until she was sitting on the edge, her arse fully on the desk. Still not dropping her eyes from mine, she started to part her legs and with her hand, started to pull her dress up. I couldn’t keep her gaze any longer. I needed to look. I needed to see her thighs, I needed to see what she was doing. Her hand was moving up one of her legs. Passing her knee and lifting her dress along with it. Her other hand still held my cock, ever so slowly and gently moving my foreskin backwards and forwards.

I put my hand to her other knee, feeling the Michelle’s soft skin for the first time. I move my hand higher, touching the even softer skin of her inner thigh. Her legs were now wide as she raised one leg to put her foot on the desk. Her knickers were in view. With her legs as wide as they were, I could see the damp patch where her pussy had been leaking. Michelle was as near to coming as I was. I knew it was nearly a year since a cock had entered her pussy. I knew that once my cock was deep inside her that I wouldn’t be able to hold back long. The juices on her knickers made me aware that Michelle would come quick too.

As my hand closed in near her pussy, she took hold of it, stopping me touching her. Pulling on my cock, she moved me towards that sweet, soft pussy that I was throbbing to enter. I thought that Michelle was going to pull her knickers to one side, allowing me into her. But she didn’t. Instead, she rubbed the end of my cock up and down in between her pussy lips, making her eyes close and small moans come from her.

This lasted a couple of minutes until she pushed me away.

Michelle then pulled my head towards her, her lips pressing against mine, tongue probing hard into my mouth. Finally releasing my cock, she again, looked me directly in my eyes and used both hands to push me down to my knees. I couldn’t take my eyes away from that small piece of white, wet material, hiding that pussy I was so desperate to fuck. Her juices were now mixed along with my pre-cum, soaking the material, sticking it to her so that I could see the shape of her lips. They looked swollen, a defined slit between them.

Michelle reached between her legs and pulled the wet material to one side, my eyes finally seeing those pink swollen lips. She pulled my head towards her pussy. I placed my hands on her thighs, pushing her legs as wide as I could. Before my tongue and lips touched her pussy, I could smell how sweet she was. The smell was like a magnet, drawing my tongue closer, until I finally tasted her for the first time. I felt Michelle shudder, as she had her first small climax.

After my first initial taste, I pushed my tongue as deep inside her as I could, pressing my mouth hard into her pussy. This brought another shudder from Michelle. I moved my tongue around, lapping as much of her juice as I could.

Michelle must have had enough as she pulled me back up. Reaching down, she unfasted my shorts and pushed them and my pants to the floor. Taking hold of my cock, she pulled me towards her, gently rubbing my cock up and down her slit until she positioned me in the right place. Both hands on my arse, she pulled me hard into her, the full length of my cock entering her with ease.

I didn’t hold it there, I was too close. I rammed in and out hard until I felt my balls tighten as cum started it’s journey to find its way deep inside Michelle.

As my speed increased, I could feel my cock swelling. Michelle must also have felt it as I could feel her juices start to flow over my cock inside her. Her moans were louder and more often.

With one hard push, the first spurt of cum shot from my cock. As Michelle felt this inside her, I felt the muscles spasm and grip my cock as her orgasm started to hit. Her legs wrapped around me pulling me hard into her. I released another spurt, them two more before I felt exhaustion settling through my body. I kept my cock inside Michelle as it softened. It started to come out of her pussy as it shrank and her muscles relaxed, allowing it to fall from her pussy.

As it finally fell out, Michelle pushed me back, pulling her knickers over her pussy to catch our mixed juices before they marked her dress at the back. Her hand holding between her legs, Michelle stood and moved to the bathroom, probably to clean herself. I pulled my pants and shorts up and went outside on the balcony to relax and recover.

I never imagined that today, I would fuck Michelle. As I sat there, reliving what had just happened, Michelle returned. Before she sat, she bent over, kissing me. She put something in my hands; her white knickers.

Still with that smirk on her face, she said that I had to stop imagining and just do it. More could happen. In the meantime, for the rest of the day, she would not be wearing knickers.

As she again bent down to put her cigarette out, it was clear to see that she hadn’t replaced her knickers. This time, I didn’t hesitate to push my hand on her pussy and rub hard. I already felt the first stirrings in my cock and was looking forward to the end of our shift. Michelle had already asked me for a lift home.