Written by pinks

8 Nov 2011

For those of you that have read my previous posts you will know that i have been pushing the boundaries of my friendship with a good mates wife. What started as me taking advantage while i thought she was drunk and asleep has ended up with me plying her husband and my wife with more drink so that we can have very dirty but erotic sex while they sleep it off.

Our relationship has now gone beyond the drunken illicite sessions while our spouses sleep, to me and michelle sneeking out from work to have erotic and very sexy encounters at various places, sometimes her house but also some outdoor activities. The first of the non-drunk encounters happened when Michelle text me to say that she was out shopping and was buying some new undies and did i want to see them. My reply by text was simply 'yes' followed by a smiley face. To my surprise a few minutes later i got a picture message from Michelle of her standing in a changing cubicle in Marks and Spencers of her in a lacy basque. i immediately rang her and asked if that was for real and she told me to meet her at the fairground car park in twenty minutes and could see for myself. I made my excuses at work (including to her husband) that i would be out for about an hour.

I turned into the car park and immediately saw michelle in her silver kia and parked up alongside. She beckoned me to get in her car, as i got in she threw her arms around my neck and planted a big kiss on my lips, she smelt and tasted gorgeous. As i pulled away she pulled open her coat and revealed the same black and silver basque as in the text. Her small but pert breasts were lifted up to the half cups with just a small show of her nipples. I looked around the car park and although other cars and people were about they seemed oblivious to what she was revealing. I had to touch her breasts and gently eased her nipples into full view, she was loving it and spread her legs across her drivers seat to allow me access to her crotch, she was so wet that my finger slipped in with ease past her knickers, as i brought her to an orgasm. Michelle sat towards me and played with my cock through my trousers until i could bear it no more. I told her she would have to either suck me off or i would jump her there and then. I think Michelle liked the fact that it was daylight and anyone could see what we were doing, she slid around in her seat and after releasing my cock set about sucking me off. After a couple of minutes i noticed a white van parked a few bays away and i noted the driver looking in our direction. He could see we were messing on and i told Michelle, she asked me what she should do so i said that she should carry on and i would give her a commentary of what he was up to. She continued to suck me and and i said he ws shuffling around to get a better view and perhaps she should lift her rear up so that he could see her bottom and knickers, she raised a little and became very interested in what he was up to. I told her he had his cock in his hand and was rubbing himself ( i couldn't really see) and maybe she should pull her knickers down a little so he could see her bottom properly, to my amazmenet she did as told and left one hand touching herself around her pussy. Michelle asked me if he had finished wanking and i said that he was rubbing faster and faster, she got more enthusiastic with sucking me. ALL the time she kept saying has he cum yet? to which i said no but it will be any minute. As i started to get ready to shoot my load i told her that he seemed imminent and that i could see his hands moving faster and faster, her hand gripped my cock and held it in front of her face and finished the last few strokes before i told he was shooting his load against the van window, at that moment i came and fired my semen into her face and hair, her head bowed down and she sucked me dry.

After a few minutes Michelle asked if he was still there but i told her he had sorted himself out and was looking the other way. She sat up wiped her face with some tissues and covered herself up. She asked me if i had enjoyed it and i explained that i had found the whole experience very sexy and perhaps we could do it again. she has since then suggested that we go somewhere close to when its getting dark and fuck in the car and see if amyone watches. She says that Mark(her hubby has always said he would like to do it but gets a bit wary of strangers getting too close or out of hand. I think she sees me as a way of living out her fantasies...who am i to say no?