26 Oct 2017

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she unzipped my trousers and struggled to pull out the semi erect beast which she posed with on her naked thighs as her hubby filmed... then she began caressing it to full erection and gasped at the length of it... her hu by took his white cock out and it was pencil thin and half the length... she wanted me to fuck him first as it turned her on .... my mate was lubed to the brim as i eased it in him he yelped with beads of sweat running down his forehead he told me to go deeper and as i did i could feel him shake and shudder with every inche drilling into him... i grabbed his shoulders so he couldnt flinch or pull away as i pounded him deep and hard whilst sucking on his wifes tits... she was dripping wet seeing her hubby being drilled with my big black velvety cock... she ran to draw the curtains as it was mid afternoon and people were passing by as her husband screamed from pain and pleasure eventually he blew his load on the carpet and began slapping my thighs to stop but i drilled him a few seconds more and he went limp as his knees gave way and he crumpled to the carpet in a semi wtf kinda daze and just passed out... his ass was gaping like the mouth of a train tunnel and his white boy cock was shrivelled like like shrimp with drops of watery cum here and there.. his wife told me to leave him as she put the phone down and told me to do her in the ass first as she wanted the same feeling her hubby just had...

she was a big lady i put two cushions under her big curvy tummy as i took lube from her and dug it around her tight tunnel... i asked her if she was sure and she replied fuck yeah you gorilla... i want it deep in me like with mike... i said ok cool..

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