Written by fanny

31 Jul 2009

Mike and I decided to go to Portugal one November a friend of his had his own villa in the village of Burgau in the Algarve and said we could use it as that winter he and his wife were visiting Australia and it was empty. I sgut the B&B and off we went.

Burgau is about 2 hours drive from the airport so we picked up a hire car drove there went to the agent who was looking after the place picked up the key. The villa was a 3 bed-room with its own pool at the end of a very dusty path. Our first few days we just relaxed the pool was heated so we swam a lot and although it was sunny it was cool at night. A cleaner, Liza,Liza came twice a week and she was a lovely girl of about 20 she was half portugese half english so obviously she spoke perfect English. One evening we had been to the Anchora restaurant in Burgau had another bottle of wine when I suggested skinny dipping Mike said to cold but I stripped of and jumped in, I swam a few lengths and looked up and there was Mike standing naked with a semi hard on. He sat on the side of the pool and I swam to him pulling him into the pool, he laughingly said this cold will make me shrink. I put my hands on his cock fondeling him till he was hard, he picked me up and with the weight of the water impaled me on his cock and slowly started to fuck me. Being fucked in the open air allways turns me on of course we were a bit out of the way so nobody could see or so I thought.

The next day Liza arrived to do the cleaning and we chatted away while Mike was at the pool, I saw you and Mike last night she said, I was coming from the other villa at the end of the path geting it ready for the owners and as I walked by the pool lights illuminated you and Mike. How long did you watch for? all of it she said. I laughed you should have come in and joined us. She looked at me are you serious? Of course I wasnt, just trying to make light of the situation but the look she gave me she was not against the idea. I put my hands on her face and kissed her my tongue running over her lips, she sighed and opened her mouth to my probing tongue. The kiss became deeper and deeper as I felt her hands slip under my top and cup my breasts. My hands started to carress her, shall I shout Mike in or do you want it to be just the two of us? Shout Mike in the way he was fucking you last night makes me want him to fuck me. I shouted for him and continued to kiss and carress Liza, Mike stood in the doorway watching for a few minutes, I turned her round to face Mike squeezing her breasts and nibbling her neck.

Mike came over and started to undo her clothing till she stood naked before us, each of touching a different part of her body. Liza had a lovely body so young, the flesh so firm, small pert breasts.

We went to the bedroom Liza lay between us her juices were flowing down her thighs, we each liked a thigh Liza groaning with pleasure, Mike stripped off his cock rigid, I pulled her legs apart running my fingers through her hairy pussy feeling the wetness of her, Mike watching, he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and rubbed his cock up and down her slit and then plunged into her, she shouted harder, harder and Mike increased his stroke within minutes Liza was groaning with pleasure and Mike said I am coming and thrust deep into Liza as he pumped his spunk into her.

Mike rolled of her and I pulled her to me and started to suck on her nipples and plunge my finger into her cum filled pussy this seemed to drive her wild closing her legs on my hand. I took her hand placing it between my legs and her fingers started to probe me, soon I felt my first orgasm coming. We kissed and our fingers probing each others pussy till we both had another shuddering orgassm. Mike lay watching us stroking his cock, as we rested he said this was unexpected, I told him what Liza had seen and he smiled.

Liza told us that she cleaned a few villas and almost all the owners at one time had tried to get her to fuck but as she had a boyfriend always said no but they had broken up and that summer she had taken up an offer from one of the owners and had her first FFF and although she thouroughly enjoyed it prefered cock but had not found some one to be with till Mike and I came along.

Needless to say for the remainder of our holiday we had many pleasurable afternoons with Liza.