Written by fanny

3 Aug 2009

The day before we were to leave Portugal I popped down into Burgau to pick up some supplies as it was an early start next day I was going to cook for us instead of going out.

When I returned from the village Mike was not where I left him on a lounger by the pool I went into the villa about to call his name when I heard noises from the bedroom. I walked to the door to see Liza riding Mikes`s cock, I watched for a few moments, Mike thrusting up into her and Liza moving up and down on him at great speed. He was pinching both her nipples hard and Liza was groaning harder Mike harder. Mike saw me and didn`t miss a stroke, you like being fucked by my cock he said squeezing her nipples a little harder, she gasped in pain groaning with pleasure. Of course watching this was turning me on and I silently walked to the bed, Liza`s eyes were shut in a frenzy of exctasy and put my hand on her throat whispering in her ear so you want to fuck Mike when I am not here? Her eyes flew open showing fear I started to kiss her nipping on her bottom lip her mouth opened to my probing tongue. Mike thrust upwards with a groan and filled her with his spunk. I carried on kissing and nibbling on Liza who pulled of Mike`s cock and turned to me squeezing my tits hard. Mike pulled her back so she was laid on top of him with her legs spread eagled his spunk dripping out of her pussy. I undressed and joined them on the bed, eat my cunt I said her tongue immediately went to my clit licking and sucking on it, I could feel my orgasm building, I pushed her face further into my pussy till the orgasm swept over me. Mike lay stroking his cock watching, now suck him I said, Liza turned round going down on Mike. She was on all 4s her bum and pussy exposed to me, I started to finger her bum hole she pulled up looking over her shoulder, it was obvious this was the first time someone had explored this part of her and she tensed up. As she went down again on Mike I slowly ran my fingers up from pussy to bum hole untill I felt her relax.I finger fucked her for a few minutes then I brought my sticky cum covered fingers up to that other hole and this time there was no resitance and I finger fucked her bum hole, I knew she was into the pleasure of it as her bum started to move down onto my finger and she started to stretch I slipped another finger in and started moving them in hard. If her mouth had not been filled with Mikes cock she would have been squealing in extacy, Mike was about to cum as he pushed the back of her head down onto his cock and he errupted in her mouth. Liza pulled of him falling onto the bed with Mike`s cum dribbling out of her mouth, so horny. She lay there gasping for breath with cum dribbling out of both ends.

Of course by this time I wanted cock poor Mike lay there as I tried to lick him hard again eventually I succeeded and Mike started to fuck me doggy style as he was pounding away I felt a hand carressing my bum it was Liza obviously wanted to explore my bum hole. She inserted a finger in pushing for all she was worth, I looked over my shoulder Liza was fingering me Mike had one of his hands between her legs finger fucking her pussy and I was geting well and truly fucked by Mike`s cock, Horny wasn`t the word for it I didn`t think I would stop cuming It was like a massive orgasm just rolling over the 3 of us.

Afterwards we lay on the bed to get our breath back, Liza said she would have to find another boy-friend quick and hoped he could give her as much pleasure as we had.

Liza stayed for dinner which we ate naked as the temprature was quite mild that night to say that is the only thing that was eaten well I shall leave that to my readers to think about.

Liza saw us off next morning very tearful I gave her our address saying if she was ever in the U.K. to look us up. Liza wrote to us a few times and then one day she arrived on our doorstep with a friend?

But that is another story