Written by Benito

14 Jun 2007


I seemed to be climbing out of a deep well to the insistent words of “Baby, its time to wake up. It’s almost 7:30.”

7:30! I never slept that late! I roused as if from a bad hangover, shaking my head to clear it. “Go take a shower. That will help and I will make you some breakfast.” She said as I opened my eyes to see a big grin on her face. She didn’t say anything else as I headed for the shower and she went into the kitchen.

I stood under the hot shower trying to clear the cobwebs and gather my wits, I started to go over the events of last night in my mind. As I rubbed the soap between my legs, there was a brief painful reminder of last night. I got out of the shower, shaved and brushed my teeth before heading for the kitchen not knowing what to expect.

Everything seemed normal. I don’t know what I expected but there was nothing unusual. She kissed me and handed me a plate, everything very ordinary. We ate breakfast sitting next to each other, talked about the weather for the day and the pool party next door on Saturday. After finishing breakfast, I headed for the bedroom to pick out something to wear. I didn’t have to rush into the office since it was Friday and I had been on the road so I was browsing through the closet. As I came out of the closet with the clothes I had selected, she was standing by the bed with a towel in her hand.

“Time to get you ready for the office.” she said in her quiet voice with a smile on her face.

Seeing the towel in her hand, my eyes must have widened as I had visions of going through another session like last night with my ass already sore. Seeing my involuntary reaction, she laid the towel out exposing the small dildo. Wordlessly, she came around the bed and gave me a long kiss with a little tongue while she deftly squeezed my cock and balls. My cock stiffened like an obedient puppy as she led me to the bed and positioned me on the towel. Everything seemed back to normal as we kissed for a few minutes while she worked my balls and cock. Nothing had been said about last night and I was still a little apprehensive as she slipped into her normal sucking position and there was only a momentary twinge as I felt her slide the small dildo in. Once it was in, I began to relax and enjoy the morning suck. Everything was SO NORMAL! She sucked, squeezed and pumped the dildo until I had a great, totally NORMAL orgasm!

She slipped the dildo out and released my cock from her mouth. “ There, now you should be able to concentrate on work today.” as she moved up and gave me a quick kiss. She got up and headed for the bathroom with the dildo and towel as I lay recovering and thinking about what had just happened. Again, it was so normal! She always sucks me before I leave for work. That ritual started several years ago after she found an article about how often men think about sex during the day and how it distracts them from getting things accomplished. She decided, and I must admit, I think she is right, that being serviced just before leaving for work will keep me focused for at least half the day. I quickly got up, dressed, kissed her goodbye and headed for the office. Nothing was said about the previous night.

The office workday was uneventful, no crisis, no demands and it was Friday! Around 3 o’clock, I was passing the file room and stopped to admire Joanne, our newest secretary bent over one of the bottom file cabinets. As I covertly admired her beautiful ass while appearing to look for something in a file, I couldn’t help but remember Linda’s ideas regarding men thinking about sex. I had seen Joanne before lunch and there hadn’t been the fantasy visualisation I was having now of bending her over my desk and giving her “Dicktation”. Smiling, I headed back to my desk with that vision still fresh in my mind. I finished up a few more routine letters, made a few phone calls and headed home a few minutes early, trying to beat the Friday afternoon rush.

As I approached home, a small level of apprehension returned. What was tonight going to be like, would she insist upon stretching my ass to the ripping point and emptying me again without an orgasm? She was in the kitchen when I came in from the garage. When she heard the door open, she smiled, came around the island and gave me a nice, lengthily kiss with just a touch of tongue.

“How was your day?” she asked brightly.

“Great, it was an easy Friday, no stress and I was able to sneak out a little early. Do we have any plans for the evening?” I asked.

“No, is there something in particular you want to do, go out to eat or a movie maybe?” she replied.

“No, I’m perfectly happy staying home tonight. After being gone most of the week, I’m really glad there are no plans.” I said as I walked into the den and looked out the window into our back yard. There are no fences in this subdivision so there is an open view to the surrounding yards. I must have been standing there for at least five minutes admiring Rhonda, our next door neighbor’s ass as she bent over to play with her 4 year old. She has the same build as our new secretary and there were similar erotic visions running through my head only this time with the patio lounger.

I didn’t hear Linda come up behind me until she asked, “What are you looking at?”

I improvised, “ Oh, just watching the kids play next door.”

She moved to my side and grabbed my cock. “Liar, you’re looking at Rhonda’s ass.” As she correctly judged my cock’s level of engorgement.

I turned my head to look at her, knowing I couldn’t deny it and was prepared for her to be angry only to see the twinkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile on her face. “It’s OK, go ahead and look.” as she continued to squeeze my cock. “ I’ll admit, Rhonda has a nice ass and all you men like to look at things you can’t have, so enjoy.” By now, my cock was really beginning to stiffen under her continuing ministrations. She unzipped my pants and pulled it out in order to get a better grip on it. Once she had a firm grip she led me to a large ottoman. ”Push that ottoman over here and position it so you can see out the window.” Once she has my cock in her hand, I always end up doing her biding so I quickly pushed it to the place she selected.

After the ottoman was positioned to her satisfaction, she unbuckled my belt and quickly slid my pants and underwear to the floor. “We might as well get some use out of your fantasy.” She said as she momentarily released my cock so she could quickly drop her shorts and panties. She stepped over the hand holding my cock in order to get it between her legs without letting go as she got onto the ottoman on her knees. She quickly pulled me up and into her, shifting her grip from my cock to my balls.

“Now, let’s see if you can concentrate on Rhonda while fucking me! I want you to describe exactly how and where you are fucking her as well as her reactions.” As she started pushing and pulling my balls to get me started pumping her.

This was surreal. I was fucking my wife while staring out the window at a neighbor’s ass and fantasy fucking her all with my wife’s blessing! My natural instincts took over and I started pumping her in earnest.

“There. That’s more like it,” she said as I increased my stroke, my balls still firmly in her hand, “but you’re not telling be about fucking Rhonda. Start talking!” She squeezed my balls hard enough to make me to grunt. It was a reminder that she expected me to do as she asked.

“It’s around midnight and she is on her knees on the lounger. I am standing behind her, ramming my cock into her. She has her head buried in one of the pillows to muffle her moaning. It is a little awkward because I have to straddle the lounger but fucking her like this, my hands firmly gripping her waist just above her hips, is well worth it.” I paused realizing that was exactly how I was holding Linda right now.

“Go on, keep looking out that window and fucking Rhonda.” Linda panted. “Harder!” as she tugged on my balls.

Instantly, I began to pound her harder, feeling her ass quiver and I slammed into her all the while watching Rhonda and imagining it was her pussy I was pounding and her ass I felt quiver under the impact. “Her whole body quivers and her pussy clinches, her first orgasm. I hear her yell into the pillow, keep fucking me, don’t stop!” I panted. Here it got surreal again. Just as I said Rhonda had an orgasm, I felt Linda’s pussy tighten and her back arched slightly, sure signs of an orgasm. Linda let out a low moan, the insistent tugging on my balls indicating I was to continue stroking her and telling her about fucking Rhonda.

I parroted the Rhonda in my fantasy, “Rhonda raised her head from the pillow momentarily and whispered, Keep fucking me! It has been a long, long time since I’ve had a cock big enough to give me multiple orgasms.”

“At her urging, I keep pumping, obediently holding back any thoughts of an orgasm even though my balls are beginning to ache for a release.” I continued as I stole a glance down at Linda. Her head was turned to the side and I saw that there was a smile on her face. “I keep fucking her, harder and faster, feeling her body begin to stiffen as she approaches another orgasm. Her pussy is clinching again as she bucks on the lounger.” As with the first fantasy orgasm, Linda clinched and moaned with a real orgasm almost in sync with Rhonda’s fantasy orgasm. The ache in my balls was becoming unbearable. The ass out the window and the ass I was pounding were beginning to become one in my passion clouded mind.

“It’s time for Rhonda to suck you.” Linda whispered. “ Rhonda does suck you doesn’t she? You need to tell me about it.”

“Rhonda, it’s almost time for you to suck. The pressure is building up and I can’t hold the cum much longer. It’s time for your mouth to do what it does best! Rhonda moans one last time and quickly pulls forward letting my cock fall out of her pussy. She pulls me down beside her and slides down to take my swollen cock into her mouth.”

Here, reality departed slightly from the fantasy. Linda released my balls momentarily as she pulled forward to let my cock drop out of her pussy. She turned sideways on the ottoman and said, “Spread your legs a little and bend forward placing your hands on the ottoman.” That positioned my hard cock near her mouth, just as she had intended.

“Can you still see Rhonda?” she asked.

“Yes” I moaned as she grabbed balls and pulled my cock toward her mouth.

“Good! Now, give me the details about how she sucks you on that lounger.” She whispered as she tugged on my balls to bring my cock deep into her mouth.

Obeying, I started, “She quickly takes my cock shaft completely into her mouth. I heard a muffled moan as she began to gently move her mouth up and down on my cock while squeezing my balls. She is squeezing and moaning…” About that time I realized why Linda had wanted me to spread my legs slightly as I felt two fingers force their way into my ass. “She is pumping my cock as well as moving her mouth up and down on the shaft.” I continued with the narrative even as it was happening for real, the only difference being there were two fingers in my ass pumping me for all they were worth. I felt myself approaching orgasm and I continued in a tight voice, “Baby, your going to be getting your first taste any second now.” no longer knowing which woman I was talking to as I started squirting my juice into the real mouth.

After a few more strokes, Linda slipped her fingers out of my ass and rolled me into a half-sitting, half-lying position while still gripping my balls and keeping my cock in her mouth. She performed a quick milking action on my cock to get the last few drops of cum before releasing me.

After a ten or fifteen seconds she said, “Well, I got what I was after! How about you baby? Was the fantasy as good as the real thing?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, sensing that some answers could be dangerous and I didn’t want to make a mistake since I’m not too sharp in the euphoria immediately following a sexual release. Before I could think of a non-threatening answer she laughed. “ Don’t look so serious, you’re not in trouble! I don’t mind your fantasies and long as they end with me getting fucked and fed! If you start spreading it around, knowing I am right here to take everything you can deliver, that’s when you are in trouble!” She gave me a little kiss and we sat up and moved to the couch. She took tissues from a drawer, gave my cock a good wipe down since she didn’t want semen tracks on the sofa. She then wrapped them around the fingers she had used on my ass.

“Well,” she pressed, “How was Rhonda? Were here pussy and mouth as good as mine? In your mind whose mouth did you actually shot in?”

I decided the truth was the only way out. “I don’t really know, it was one and both of you all at the same time if that makes any sense. When I was fantasy fucking her I kept straying back to the reality of your pussy and ass. The same was true for the sucking, her, you, you, her. It all blended into one mouth as I shot my load.”

She was smiling broadly at me as I looked up, feeling a little guilty. “ Baby, I hate to ruin your fantasy but I know a secret that is just too funny not to share,” she laughed. “You know hot, fucking, sucking Rhonda; your midnight mistress? Well, she doesn’t exist! I guess it’s that way with most fantasies.” She chuckled.

The look of confusion on my face must have been evident because she laughed out loud.

“The real Rhonda, the physical body you are looking at out the window is nothing like your fantasy. How often do you think Roger gets fucked and sucked?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I said confused, “five or six times a week?”

“Baby, you couldn’t stand being married to Rhonda. Poor Roger only gets fucked once a week on Friday night or Saturday morning and that is a quickie used only to motivate him to work around the house on weekends. Sucking? He is only sucked four or five times a year. She sucks him a couple of times before her birthday and again several times before Christmas. The number of sucks Roger gets is governed solely by how expensive the gifts are that she wants. She has no real sex drive, her pussy and mouth are simply tools to maintain her lifestyle. Now, wouldn’t you enjoy living like that?” she finished as she got up and went to the bathroom without waiting for an answer.

I was taken aback by the reality Linda had just laid out. Poor Roger! How can he stand being married to her, seeing that great body naked and in the bed every night without just jumping her? Looking out the window, I could only think, what a waste of a great body!

About that time Linda returned from the bathroom, the tissue gone from her hand. “I’m famished, lets go out to eat. You might want to put some pants on before we go.”

I looked down. I hadn’t even thought to get up and put my pants back on! I had been sitting there naked from the waist down looking out the window. Looking at Rhonda would never be the same, I thought ruefully. I got up and put my shorts and pants back on, went over and kissed Linda gently on the neck. “I find myself suddenly hungry, don’t know why.” I grinned, “Let’s go to that new Japanese place on the strip. I am suddenly craving sushi.”

The restaurant turned out to be exquisite. As we ate our second order of sushi, I felt Linda’s bare foot in my crotch. “You know, some types of sushi are suppose to be an aphrodisiac, just like oysters. I wonder how this Japanese plum wine will taste? We should have another glass.” She continued to knead my crotch with her toes until she began to sense a reaction whereupon she removed her foot and resumed eating.

We were out of the restaurant by eight o’clock since we had gotten in early. After we were in the car, Linda gave me a little peck on the check and started massaging my crotch as we pulled out of the restaurant. “Don’t worry,” she chuckled, “I’m not going to make you pull over and give me a taste.”

It was about a twenty-minute drive home and she had kept me semi-erect most of the way. After we got in the house she seemed to lose interest as she turned on the TV. I couldn’t decide if I was relieved or disappointed. We watched a mindless movie that lasted until almost 11 PM. For the last half-hour of the movie, Linda was squeezing my balls and kneading my cock. When the movie was over, I expected us to get up and head for the bed but she just sat there squeezing my balls with her head on my shoulder.

“What do you think, is Roger is getting his weekly service tonight or in the morning?” she asked.

“That question hadn’t entered my mind. It’s kind of hard to worry about poor Roger with you squeezing my balls and knowing I will be giving you my third squirt of the day.” I said as I kissed her on the head. “If I have to guess, I expect he normally gets it on Friday night. I don’t think Rhonda is much of a morning person.”

She nodded her agreement, gave me a slightly harder squeeze as she said, “I think it’s time to get you into bed.”

We took a shower together, enjoying washing each other, some body parts more vigorously than required for cleanliness. I shaved while she started drying her hair. I was in the bed well ahead of her, watching a little of the news while waiting on her. It wasn’t long until she came into the bedroom carrying the towel.

As she climbed into the bed, the tip of the normal size dildo slipped out from under the towel. She knew I had seen it. Thinking back now, she probably exposed it on purpose.

“I thought you had gotten over that last night.” I said with some apprehension creeping into my voice.

“You have already had two good squirts today. I even indulged you in your little fantasy. You shouldn’t complain about giving me a little of what I like. You get all the physical benefits of cuming, only without the muscular spasm of orgasm.” She said.

“No!” I said with some bravado, “I want a normal sucking like you always did until yesterday.”

“Are you sure you want to be that way?” she said with a hint of ice in her voice.

“Yes! Get over here and suck me the way I like it.” I demanded ignoring the little alarm bell going off in the back of my head.

She surprised me by immediately caving in and saying simply, “OK if that is the way you want it. Let me put this up and get the small one.” She got up, turned the lights down and went into the bathroom to exchange the dildo.

She returned and crawled into the bed. She immediately slid down and started working the towel under me without any preliminaries. That was fine with me since I was beginning to get a little sleepy. A quick suck and off to sleep would top off a very good day. She began to massage my balls and suck the head of my cock. The earlier stimulation helped to bring it to life very quickly. I was soon rock hard in her mouth, waiting for her to insert the little dildo and let me give her a very quick squirt.

“ feel good?” she asked quietly.

“Yea baby, it feels good, slip the little toy in and start sucking the way only you know.” I whispered.

Without replying, she pushed my legs a little further apart and brought the dildo up to my ass. “Hey! That isn’t the small one!” I jerked at the sudden pressure on my sphincter as she clamped down on my balls with her other hand.

Taking her mouth from my cock, there was steel in her voice, as she said, “No, it’s not. You had the chance to be understanding and fulfill my desires but no, you had to be all macho and demanding. Well, you are about to reap the rewards of your bravado. You REALLY should understand that you ARE going to meet my needs in this area. To help you with it, you are getting the large dildo again tonight instead of the normal size one I had intended to use. As further reinforcement that you WILL accede to this in the future without complaint, You will not get ten minutes to adjust to this big boy. If I were you, I would start concentrating on relaxing my ass as rapidly as possible. You are only going to get about 2 minutes to adjust before I ram it in by force.”

Her grip on my balls was so tight it almost took my breath away and the insistent pressure on my sphincter was growing rapidly. I desperately tried to relax my sphincter, mind over body. Relax! Let the dildo in, I tried to command my body to obey me. Time seemed to fly by as the pressure continued to grow. The pressure became pain as I willed my sphincter to dilate and let it in. I expected my time to run out at any moment when suddenly that monster was past the sphincter and sliding deep into my ass, the pain and pressure slipping away. I was now feeling that same over-stuffed, fullness of the previous night.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to gain control of your asshole or I was going to have to force your compliance.” She said. “I don’t expect to get as much as last night but you WILL deliver your cum as a slow, steady stream, not a squirt. I am going to stimulate you without too much ass work initially. That should allow you to work up as much cum as possible before I start draining it. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I answered weakly, lying there lhelplessly as she began to suck slowly and rhythmically squeeze my balls.

True to her word, the dildo was held motionless for at least ten minutes as she sucked on the head of my cock and teased my balls. She must have detected the increase in my breathing as I became fully aroused and the urination type urge began to grow. There were no thoughts of orgasm, only meeting her demands. “I think you are about ready to start giving up your cum .” she said as she started with long, slow strokes in and out of my ass.

With that statement, she settled her mouth over my cock and began to suck and squeeze my balls at a faster pace matching the stroking my ass was getting from the dildo. It seemed like less than a minute when I felt her increase the sucking pressure and lengthened the dildo stroke almost to the point of being painful. This went on for 30-40 seconds before I started to go limp. Just as last night, she continued to pump my ass and suck my rapidly softening cock. The pumping continued for what seemed like another minute and I could hear the little slurping and swallowing sound she made as she drained me. Finally the ass pumping stopped and my cock was released from her mouth. She didn’t immediately get up and remove the dildo. She lay there with her head on my stomach for at least another 5 minutes, occasionally giving my ass a couple of strokes with the dildo. She didn’t say anything and I dared not speak. When she finally stirred, she slipped the dildo out, got up without a word and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Just as before, I lay there completely spent.

When she returned to the bed, she moved over to me and gave me a little kiss and said, “Do you understand now that I will be frequently draining you like that and it is a requirement, not an option?

“I couldn’t say anything in my current state but “Yes, whatever you want.”

“Good, I hope you mean that.” She said, “As long there is no balking, I will use the normal dildo almost exclusively. You will have to take the large one only when you resist my needs and occasionally the night and/or morning before you leave on an overnight trip. Let’s get a good nights sleep and let these recharge.” as she gently massaged my balls.

With my balls still being massaged, I drifted off to sleep with a burning ass for the second night in a row, wondering what tomorrow held in store for me.