Written by waleslove

22 Jul 2009

Now at the age of 42 i have achived that i have tasted the pussy of a 70yr woman today and wow was it better that expected.

I have been on this site for a while have had a few meeting but nothing to much, it all started when i saw P online and we started to caht over the last few weeks we have been texting and today we finaly had the chance to meet.

i drove to her house a bit nervous but excited that i would finaly get to one of my dreams, P opend the door and let me in ample breats on display, we made small talk then she asked did i want to go into the other room, the second we got there we kissed passionalty her tounge proobing my mouth I soon had her breasts out and boy where they big but sensitive, we where soon naked on the bed and i never thought that a woman of 70 would shave her pussy but thie was all lovely and smooth, soon i was licking for all my worth wich P was responding very well to she asked to suck my cock which she was very good at but i wanted more of the pussy which she liked so much after an hour of sucking and licking this woman i have and want to meet more older women as this was out of this world