Written by Jason

4 Jul 2007

I'm fairly well-endowed; 8" on a good day, and in my youth gave every satisfaction. But recently the old hydraulics have been playing-up, and I rarely get a real hard-on, a fact bemoaned by Eli, my wife. Having been invited as guests to a club in Kent, I had warned her that sex was high on the agenda, and if she was'nt comfortable to give it a miss. No way, it seems, as she dressed rather seductively for a woman of her age, and insisted we don't be late.

Sitting with Colin and Bev, our friends of many years, it was'nt long before they were naked, as were several other club members, chatting, drinking, and circulating in a most relaxed manner...one of their friends, Terry, stood at our table chatting for several minutes, his flacid cock barely inches from Eli's face! I said to her: 'I reckon we're overdressed, girl..' and so saying took off all my kit. 'Oooh, nice willie, Jace' said Bev, giving my cock a playful wank. 'How do you take all that?' she asked Eli. But Eli had now spotted another cock...Lloyd, a friendly, smiling black guy sitting opposite, who had made eye contact, and was sporting a semi pointed straight at her....she smiled back, then left our table to join him and his white companion. 'Wow, that was quick!' said Colin...'You OK with that?' If truth be told, I had been messing around with sex and swinging for years, so seeing Eli with two strange guys was a bit of turn-on; so much so that my own cock stiffened, Bev's hand still carressing the exposed bell-end.

'Fancy the sauna?' she asked...so it was Colin, Bev and I spent a few minutes exploring our bodies in the steamy heat, not even stopping when a single guy came in, sat and watched, then came over and joined in sucking Bev's tits. She obliged by wanking him off, his several spurts of spunk shooting over all the three of us until he mumbled his apologies and left. 'Let's see if there's a room free' said Colin. We found all the rooms occupied, but the end one had the door slightly open. Peering in, I could not believe my eyes...Lloyd was up to his balls in my wife's cunt, going like the Orient Express, and laying below, embedded in her sacred arse, was the white guy, trying to make some movement with the weight of two other human beings on top of him! Eli's language was 100% slut....then I noticed, no condoms.....too late, with several loud sighs, Lloyd shot his load of goodness knows how much sperm deep inside her, thrusting away for a good two minutes afterwards, until eventually his shiny tool slipped reluctantly from her dripping cunt lips.

The other guy was still pumpimg, but his cock slipped unintentionally from her bum and shot a respectable four spurts of thick cum over her pubic hair.

Wow! By now my wilting hydraulics had kicked back in, and before Eli had chance to move, I sank my rigid 8" deep inside her, pumping like mad, until my white love-juice joined that of Lloyd deep in her womb. It did'nt last long, and when I pulled out, Colin was waiting to take my place, Bev already snogging Lloyd with a view to a kill.....

So that was how it ended; three of us filled Eli's cunt with cum, LLoyd shot his second load over Bev's tits, and the white guy left me his mobile number with a view to a little fun next week.......phew!! (Oh yes, Eli took a 'morning after' pill just in case...)