Written by Jan,

28 Sep 2011

I have been with my partner for 7 years,But the last year things have gone from bad to impossible,Mainly because of his obsession with swinging.Now I am far from being a prude after he tricked me into going to a swingers sauna,with the sole intention of getting me to have sex with a stranger it was a step to far,We did not split up but everything stopped as I felt hurt and humiliated.And sex was just non existent.He began staying out and on coming home made it quite clear that he had been getting what I had been refusing him.I cant say it did not hurt but just made any real chance of making up worse,

I have a casual friend who is really into black guys,something I had never even considered before,and did not think I ever would,But after she invited me out one night I decided why not after all I had really stayed in for the best part of a year,It was obvious we would end up in a black club,But there was a few reasons why although I have to admit I missed sex I was sure it would not happen that night,main reason being a few months earlier I had stopped taking the pill,

On entering the club there was a few white faces dotted about and have to admit I felt quite intimidated,But was surprised just how friendly the people were,so soon felt relaxed,My friend obviously knew people there so we were soon chatting,we began talking to two guys,and it was obvious my friend was going to go off with one of them,Maybe the drink had something to do with it,but I soon found myself telling the whole story to the guy I was left with,In reality I must have been boring him to tears,But he never showed it,We began to dance and it felt good to be held by a guy again and as he moved in for a kiss I responded,when the club closed I dont know how but it was just taken for granted I was going home with him,We got in his flat and as soon as he closed the door we were kissing,and I never had the slightest hesitation of going straight to the bedroom,I dont remember getting undressed all I can remember is sitting on his bed in just my panties and watching him unbuckle his belt,Then being faced with his exposed black cock,Then I did something that even now surprises me, I took it and guided it into my mouth,I say surprises me as I have only ever had one cock in my mouth I tried it and once and hated it,But suddenly I was doing it and loving it,And the only conclusion I can come to was it was a black guy I was doing it to,He pulled away and moving me onto my back guided himself in me,I felt my head spin at his first thrust,and and can recall thinking I am being fucked by a black guy,And I dont know why but it made it all the more exciting,I cant say how long it went on for as I was being satisfied like never before,it seemed like every thrust was moving me onto another level of enjoyment,Then with two final thrusts I felt him empty himself deep into me,I just laid back trying to gather my breath,with a feeling of such calm as he slipped from me,I was so satified I just drifted off to sleep,I woke quite early and looking at him the reality of what had happened hit me,But strangely I did not care,I reached for my bag for a mint,so I never smelt of morning mouth,and snuggled back into him,I reached down and felt his soft cock,which woke him and he was soon hard again,We kissed and he soon entered me again,and was giving me as much pleasure as he did the night before,Again he came deep into me,And we both laid back completely satisfied,As it was a week night/morning we both had work,It really had to end there.We kissed and swapped numbers,and I had to call a cab,All day long I sat in work thinking about the previous nights events,and obviously the thought I maybe pregnant with a mixed race baby,and although having every opportunity to get the morning after pill never did,I now think maybe I wanted to be pregnant,We never did call each other And I have since gone back on the pill,And so far I have not had any other guy,I will and hate to say this he will be black,Obviously like every woman I want children,And I know they will be mixed race,as that one night has me hooked,The main thing to come out of this is I have learnt next time to make it a weekend as I am sure I will have a better experience with my next black cock if time is not against us.