Written by Debbie

21 Sep 2013

My husband Stuart has worked away from home since before we got married, usually just a few days or a week at a time. Last year he changed jobs which meant he would be away for much longer periods both in the UK and abroad, sometimes abroad for 2 or 3 months. We've been married five years, and when he's home we fuck like rabbits. When he was away for only a few days at a time, I'd send him pictures of myself nude, self portraits, not that good, just a bit of fun.

After his first lengthy period away as well as shagging for Britain on his return he took lots of pictures. I'm 32 and slim, long slender legs, no kids so my 34c tits are still round and firm and like many women usually keep my pussy smoothly shaved. I enjoyed posing in a bikini and sexy lingerie, some topless or nude, including some explicit open leg shots, a few of me masturbating or using toys. Stuart uploaded them to our cloud so he could access them anywhere. Some were OK but the lighting and the flash spoilt a lot. Good enough to keep him happy and have a wank over. We talked about sex and how much we both missed it when we were apart. It was probably worse for him, at least I had my dildos and vibrators to use when I was masturbating, which was often. We'd had a few threesomes and swapped a few times always with the other present. Before he left for his next assignment he told me that he wouldn't be upset if I had sex with other guys if I wanted too. I thought that was really sweet, because where he was going it was unlikely he'd get the opportunity, so he wasn't saying it so he had an excuse to get his leg over.

He'd been away about three weeks and we were chatting over the web. He half jokingly asked if I'd found anyone to shag me. I laughed and said I hadn't really tried. A bit more chat and he said he'd like some more pictures. I didn't think what I could take myself would be that good, but said I'd upload some for him. A day or two later we were chatting again and he mentioned the pictures, had been a bit dark and not clear and suggested I should have some taken by a proper photographer, in lingerie or topless, maybe nude he asked hopefully. Like many women, I've been topless on holiday. I'm quite proud of my body, keep myself fit and in good shape and don't have a problem being photographed topless or nude to be honest. I told him I'd look into it.

I knew there were a couple of photographers in town so during my lunch break I decided to pop in and see what it would cost. The first was closed, the second was run by older guy. I should have checked if he did glamour type photography instead of just telling him I wanted pictures of me in lingerie, topless and nude. He gave me a disapproving look, told me he did weddings and portraits, not porn, (which I thought was a bit over the top). I turned to leave, trying to hide my embarrassment, but as I reached the door, he stopped me and gave me a piece of paperwith a number to ring, assuring me the guy was the sort of photographer I needed. By the evening I could see the funny side of what had happened and told Stuart. We had a laugh about it, then decided I'd give the other guy a ring.

I tried ringing during my morning break, lunch time and got an answerphone. I tried again in the afternoon and finally spoke to a woman and told her what I wanted. The photographer was working and couldn't speak to me, but she told me they would be there late and if I called in about 7pm that evening I would be able to see him. She gave me the address and I told her I'd be there later

I wasn't really sure what to expect, if he'd want to see me wearing my lingerie or even nude that evening. I tried ringing back to ask, but again the phone wasn't answered. I got home from work, showered, shaved my pussy, just in case and washed my hair. I sat on the bed, drying and straightening my shoulder length auburn hair, then did my make up, wondering what to wear. I decided on a sexy little lingerie set, black stockings, matching suspenders, thong and a half cup balcony bra to lift my tits and show them off. A sheer blouse with a little red mini skirt that Stuart likes. I put on a pair of red patent shoes with 5 inch“fuck me” heels and stood in front of the wardrobe mirror. It was the look I knew Stuart liked – Slutty. I hoped the photographer might at least take a few trial shots for me to upload.

A final check in the hall mirror, I adjusted the skirt, tugging it down so my stocking tops were covered. It was after seven when I parked in the nearest car park. I knew the address, an alley near the market. Getting out of the car I think a couple of guys got an eyeful of stocking top and a flash of my thong. I could see their eyes following me as I made my way to the street. It was quite busy still and secretly I was rather pleased with the attention I was getting. I glanced in a shop window, the back of the skirt, flicking up, flashing my stocking tops, my tits visible through the sheer top, bulging out of my bra, my nipples peeping out of the cups

I found the alley and passed the studio I was looking for twice before realising it was just a door, set in the wall with a small sign next to it. I rang the bell, a few seconds later the lock was released to let me in. A short corridor, a door at the end, an office on the right. I went to the office, spoke to the woman who sounded different to the one I'd phoned. She told me I was expected but late and to go down the corridor, through the door and up the stairs.

I did as I was told, reached the room upstairs, which was large, divided into sets, a bedroom with a large bed, a lounge with a long sofa, an office with desk and chairs. Lights, cameras on tripods. I was greeted by “Where the fuck have you been. The agency told you seven. We've wasted half an hour waiting. Oh well, you're here now, get your fucking kit off and lets get started” I stood, mouth open, partly from what he'd said, but mostly because I was staring at the guy on the bed behind him. He was gorgeous and naked. About 25 years old, black, his skin smooth and hairless. Broad shoulders, muscular chest and arms, bulging thigh muscles. Hanging between his legs the largest cock I'd ever seen, also completely hairless and though soft a good 9 inches. I didn't move. “For fuck sake don't just stand there, get your fucking clothes off, get on the bed” Finally I managed to speak, telling him I wasn't who he was expecting but there to discuss some nude photos for my husband. “Oh for fuck sake. I haven't got time for that. Fuck off and come back tomorrow” he told me, no apology.

I finally dragged my eyes off the guy's cock and turned to leave. I reached the door before he spoke and called me back. To cut a long conversation short he wanted to know, if I'd ever been photographed nude professionally, done any porn. No to both those. He asked, as he'd been let down did I think I could perform in front of the camera. If I fancied giving it ago he'd pay me. I told him I'd had some threesomes and been watched having sex but would need to speak to my husband. It was after midnight where he was, I rang no reply. I kept glancing at the guys cock, the bastard was stroking it. I could see it was getting erect. I hadn't been fucked for weeks, I could feel my pussy getting wet, really wanted him to fuck me. I was sure that Stuart would say to go ahead and do it. I made the decision, “I'm not bothered about being paid. I'll do it provided you give me a copy of the video and pictures before I leave” He agreed, though it would be unedited, and only for my personal use. That I could promise him. He told me his name, Phil, said I looked a horny slut and was sure I'd look great.

Two guys appeared from a room at the end and began checking the lights and cameras. He called to Sharon, the woman who'd let me in. While she spent a few minutes on my make up he introduced me to the guy on the bed, who was going to fuck me, calling him Denzel. He explained that he expected me to suck Denzel's cock, let him fuck me in different positions. Told me to try and look as if I was enjoying it and make plenty of noise while we were fucking, though it could be added in edit. If I came it was a bonus for me. I was already aroused and usually climax easily and often several times when I'm being fucked. Looking at Denzil's cock I didn't think I'd have much problem cummimg or need to pretend I was enjoying it. “Do what comes naturally. If I tell you to do something do it and if you feel Denzel trying to change your position just let him, it's so I can film his cock in your cunt” he explained. How to be a porn actress lesson one over, he told me to undress slowly and get on the bed with Denzel.

The bright lights on I tried to forget I was being filmed, I didn't find it as difficult as I'd expected. I was fixated on Denzel's cock, he was wanking slowly, his cock fully erect and whilst it didn't look much more than the 9 inches it had been flaccid it appeared much thicker. I started unbuttoning my top, my eyes fixed greedily on his cock. I dropped my top on the floor, reached behind my back, unzipped my skirt, let it fall slowly to the floor and kicked it away. I climbed on the bed with him, unfastened my bra and released my tits, letting the bra slip down my arms onto the bed. Trying to look sexy and slutty, I cupped and caressed my breasts, stroked my nipples, surprised at how hard they already were.

I heard him tell me to loose my thong and finger myself. I hooked my thumbs in the sides, eased the thong over my hips, pushed it down my thighs, and pulled it off. I'd be lying if I said I was unaware of being filmed, but felt no embarrassment being naked, in fact probably the opposite. I was getting very turned on by what I was doing and being watched and filmed doing it. Kneeling on the bed, I caressed my body, my hands moving to my pussy. He told me to part my legs. I did, my hand resting on my mound, fingers on my pussy I began to masturbate. My fingers slipped into my cunt, as I wanked, the camera only feet from me. Phil moving around videoing me, the other guy, snapping away with a digital camera

I could feel my clit hardening under my fingers, my juices flowing. In front of me Denzel stroking his erection invitingly. I couldn't resist and reached for it with my other, just to feel how big and hard it was. “Stop. Stop!” Phil shouted. I jumped and looked at him. He told me just to do as I was told or what Denzel guided me to do. I was quickly finding that fucking on camera was as easy as I’d assumed. He instructed me to continue wanking. I'd gone off the boil a bit, pushing a couple of fingers into my cunt, determined to get it right this time.

He told me to lean back a bit, push my cunt towards the camera. I did, sliding a third finger into my soaking hole, masturbating openly. “Hold your cunt open. Show me the pink” Leaving two fingers in my pussy I parted them opening myself to the camera. “Not like, that hold your piss flaps and pull your cunt open wide” I reached down with both hands, gripped my pussy lips stretching my cunt open for him. “Better. Show me your fuck hole” The camera was between my legs, only a foot or so from my cunt. “That's good. Really stretch your cunt. More, I want to see your fucking tonsils” I pulled my labia taut, holding my cunt wide open until he was satisfied. Now you can hold his cock and suck him he told me.

I enjoy masturbating, but it's no substitute for a real, hot, hard cock and at last I was going to get my hands and mouth on Denzel's monster. I attempted to wrap my fingers around his shaft, it was so thick I couldn't fully encircle it and close my fingers. I began to stroke it, squeezing it, licking my lips, as clear pre cum seeped from the eye. I felt, Denzel's hand on my thigh, pulling me closer, changing my position. He put his hand between my legs, pushing them apart, his fingers finding my pussy. He slid two or three into my hole sideways, his thumb rubbing my swollen clit. I moaned, loudly, his fingers and thumb increasing my arousal. I heard Phil instruct me to suck his cock, bent forward, in doing so moving, allowing Denzel to push all his fingers into my pussy.

I wanted to explore his cock a bit first, running by tongue down his shaft to his balls, they didn't tell me to stop so I continued, licking his balls, nibbling them before sucking them. My tongue traced the same route back up the underside of his prick. I licked around his bulbous glans, then up to the tip, tasting the liquid dribbling out. I planted a kiss on the tip, parted my lips, taking the end of his cock, then slowly drew it into my mouth. My mouth wide open, my lips tight around his shaft, I sucked harder, sucking more of his length into my mouth. I managed about half before I felt it nudging against my throat.

I could feel him trying to move me so my bum was closer to his head. I moved where he wanted me, bum up, legs apart, felt his fingers in my pussy then one against my anus, moving in circles, coating it in my juices. I began moving my head up and down, sucking harder, slurping greedily on his cock. He pushed his fingers, back in my cunt, wetting them before paying more attention to my bum. His fingers slippery with my cunt juice, he pressed one against my bum hole, until my anus opened and his fingertip slipped into my arse. He wiggled it, loosening my anus, pulling it open and slipped in a second finger and slid them both up my bum. I raised my head, gasped. Phil told be to continue sucking. He finger fucked my arse while I gobbled his cock, sucking as much as I could into my mouth, feeling it throbbing in my mouth, the blood pulsing through the veins. I sucked him for several minutes, expecting him to cum in my mouth. I sucked his cock for far longer than guys I’d sucked previously, way passed the point they'd have cum. Denzel had amazing control, showing no sign of cumming. He moved me again so I was astride his head, he started to tongue my pussy, his fingers, finding my anus again and sliding back up my bum.

It felt that as well as having a huge cock he had an unusually long tongue. I felt it worming its way into my pussy, probing my cunt. Phil was somewhere behind me videoing, the other guy, taking photos stopped and picked up a video camera, filming me sucking cock. He licked and sucked my pussy, teasing my clit. He pushed his fingers in and out of my bum. I couldn't stand it or hold back any longer. I stopped sucking, as I started to cum, grinding my cunt on his face crying out, moaning with pleasure as I orgasmed. I heard Phil speak, but through my gasps and moans didn't catch what he said. Denzel must have. He lifted me off his face, slid out from underneath me. He got behind me, held me by the waist, lifting me onto all fours. Pushing my legs apart, he moved closer, his cock touched my hole, he moved his hands to my hips and slowly pulled me back onto his cock.

The knob end entered me, stretching my cunt open, he slid his shaft into me, inch after wonderful inch, until he'd fully penetrated me his heavy balls, against my clit. He pulled out. I could hear the camera clicking, photos being taken of his cock inside me, my cunt stretched tightly round his thick girth. Denzel had obviously worked with Phil before, knew what he wanted. He fucked me from behind, changing angles and positions, his cock never completely withdrawing. Several times I got close to cumming and he'd frustratingly stop. He fucked me for what seemed ages, before pulling out, rolling me on to my back and spreading my legs. He went down on me, his tongue doing wonderful things. I was whimpering, rubbing my clit urgently, begging to be fucked, desperate for his cock and I wasn't acting for the camera, in fact I'd become so engrossed and excited I'd almost forgotten I was being videoed.

He surfaced from between my legs, “Please fuck me” I sighed. He raised my legs, lifted them over his broad shoulders. He held his cock, guiding it to my cunt entrance, pushing my legs back, pressing them against my tits, exposing my cunt and arse hole to the camera. He held me in that position for several seconds then drove his cock into me hard. He pulled out, drove it into me again his big bollocks slapping against my bum. With him on top, pressing down on me I could hardly move. He fucked me hard, ramming his cock deeply into me each time, almost driving the breath from me each time he thrust into my cunt.

I wrapped my arms around him, digging my nails into his back. I'd never felt anything like it, his long thick cock stretching and filling my cunt. He slammed his cock into me repeatedly, I lay beneath him, another orgasm building, moaning and sighing, whimpering that I wanted him to cum inside me, begging him to fill my cunt with his spunk. There was certainly no need for Phil to add or enhance the sound track for the final version, I came loudly and repeatedly, no pretence. I'd never climaxed like it, even masturbating, three or four orgasms one after the other. Denzel pulled out, I lay on my back, legs spread, the look of a well fucked and satisfied woman on my face. I got my breath back, reached down, touched my pussy, still gaping open, very wet, but when I pulled my fingers out no sign of spunk. He still hadn't cum. Phil called a short break and I went with Sharon to the loo to freshen up and redo my make up. One of my suspenders had come unclipped so I refastened it, noticing that my stocking tops were soaking with pussy juices. I asked her if I should take them off, “No leave them on. It makes you look more of a slut” she advised.

I've been viewing the video, whilst writing this. I'm naked and have got very wet and excited watching what happened and seeing myself being fucked. I've been fingering myself but now I'm going to go and lie on my bed and masturbate using a large black cock vibrator I bought recently which is very similar in size to Denzel's. When I masturbate I always like to take my time. One orgasm isn't enough. I will need to cum three or four times before I'm satisfied, so I'll probably spend an hour or two masturbating with my toys, fingering my pussy, maybe using a vibrator in my bum. If you're enjoying my story, why don't you join me and have a wank too, imagining that you you are fucking me, preferably from behind. I don't mind if you imagine fucking my pussy or fucking me up the arse, the choice is yours. That's what I'll be thinking about, a nice big hard cock, entering me from behind, sliding into my cunt or shoved up my arse, fucking me until I climax. If you do have a wank, leave a comment, the filthier the better, telling me how you imagined fucking me, or how you'd satisfy me and maybe when I masturbate later, I'll imagine it was you fucking me.

I don't know about you, but I feel much better and refreshed for that and ready to continue.

After being fucked in front of them, I didn't have much to hide and felt unconcerned about my nudity walking back onto the set, sitting on the bed naked while everyone got ready to continue. Sharon suggested that I make sure I wasn't getting dry, holding up lube if I needed it. I sat back on the bed, opened my legs and touched my pussy. I was still fairly wet, but I started fingering myself anyway, chatting to Sharon at the same time. Relaxed, not feeling remotely ashamed or embarrassed to be sitting with a group of people I hardly knew, not that they were paying much attention, while I played with myself, getting my juices flowing ready for Denzel to fuck me again.

Phil came over to tell me that this time he wanted me on top, cowgirl then to finish with a reverse cowgirl asking if I minded Denzel cumming inside me or if he should pull out and wank over me. “I want his spunk inside me” I replied immediately. “OK, we'll finish with a creampie. Ready to go, lets see that cock back in the your cunt” Like me Denzel had been masturbating, keeping his cock stiff, ready to fuck me again. Just to make sure it was fully erect, I gave his cock a quick suck, which no one objected too, before climbing on top of him. Crouching over him I reached for his erection, held it steady, whilst I guided it to my hole. I felt it touching my slit. I wanted to see it entering me and leant forward looking down between my legs. What a beautiful sight. His thick black cock parting my pink pussy lips the knob end inside me. I took some more inside me, watching as his shaft, stretched my hole, the shiny black of his magnificent cock contrasting with my pale white skin. It had to be one of the horniest things I'd ever seen. I knew that I'd have to have him again and that if I had my way, his wouldn't be the last black cock to fuck me from then on.

His cock, comfortably inside me I rode him, bouncing up and down, his prick sliding smoothly in and out of my slippery cunt. He held my shoulders, pulling me down on top of him, moved his hands to my buttocks spreading my cheeks, displaying my arse hole and cock filled cunt to the lenses. I'm sexually experienced, tried everything I knew to make him ejaculate, using my cunt muscles to grip and massage his cock, riding him fast and hard, holding him inside me, grinding my pussy against him. All I succeeded in doing was making myself cum again, which was nice, but more desperately than ever I wanted to take his spunk.

I reversed position, guided his cock back into my pussy and leant back on him. He put his arms around me, holding my tits, tweaking and pinching my nipples. His cock inside me again he began to fuck me, thrusting his cock in, plunging it deep inside me. It slipped out a couple of times, I moved a hand to my pussy, rubbing my clitoris, using my fingers to keep his cock inside me. Once again he fucked me relentlessly, building me up almost to another climax, teasing me by almost stopping. I wasn't having that, frigged my clit, frantically, wantonly wanking. He got the message and began to fuck me again, harder and faster than before. I heard his breathing change, grunts and and groans. “I'm cumming. Do you want my spunk Slut?” he growled in my ear. “Yes” I gasped, rocking on his cock. “Where do you want it Whore?” he snarled. “In my cunt. COME IN MY CUNT!” I screamed, rubbing my clit roughly. He rammed his cock in. I felt it twitch and pulse inside me, shooting his hot seed deep in my needy cunt. He jerked inside me pumping spunk into me in four or five spurts. My orgasm hit me, I lay on top, writhing and moaning, my body flushed pink as the pleasure spread from my cunt in waves.

I lay still after we'd both climaxed, his cock still inside me, Phil still videoing, the other guy taking pictures. I could feel Denzels prick softening, his spunk starting to ooze out. Phil told me to lift myself off and lie on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide. Kneeling between my legs he filmed Denzels spunk running from my pussy and dripping to the floor. He told me to use my fingers, to hold my cunt open. A stream of spunk flowed out, I strained to force out more, accidentally squirting piss instead. The flow of spunk stopped. I used my fingers to draw the remains out, scooping some on to my fingers and lick them clean. I licked and sucked the spunk from my fingers, reached down for more and did it again.

Phil asked if I needed to piss. I said I did and started to get off the bed. He told me to stop and said he wanted to video me pissing. There wasn't much of me by then that they weren't all intimately familiar with. Pissing in front of them was hardly going to embarrass me. I told him I'd do it, settled my bum on the edge of the bed, propped myself up on my elbows so I could see. They both moved back and to the sides. “When you're ready” Phil called to me. I could feel my bladder was quite full, stopped holding it in and released a stream of golden piss. It arched from between my legs, I pushed harder, the flow increasing, squirting further, splashing on the vinyl floor several feet away. I kept pushing, mesmerised my the glistening stream of piss, flowing from my piss hole the pool growing larger until the flow decreased. I gave a few final squirts and sat up to look at the spreading pool of piss on the floor.

I don't know why, maybe just pushing the boundaries, trying to find out have far I could push myself before I drew the line. I slid off the bed, crawled on all fours to the pool of piss. I put my hands in it, lowered my head, stuck my tongue out and licked some of my piss off the floor. I sucked some into my mouth, sat up, looked up at the cameras, swishing the piss around my mouth, letting some dribble out and run down my neck onto my tits, run down my body, while I swallowed the rest. Phil whispered “Roll in it” I lay down rolled into the pool soaking my front then over again onto my back soaking my body with urine. I knelt in it, collecting piss in my hands, rubbing it on to my body, face and in my hair. I collected more spreading it over my legs, rubbing it into my cunt, giving myself a piss bath. Soaked in piss I lay back in the remains of the pool. Arms stretched above my head, my legs spread wide, with my eyes shut, I lay relishing my debauched behaviour, delighting in my depravity.

Phil stopped videoing then and said he'd got enough for tonight. Sharon pointed me towards a shower room and while I was in there washing the piss from my body, they downloaded everything. I found a plastic bag for my piss soaked stockings and suspenders, put my bra and thong in my bag, putting on just my mini skirt and see through top. I was still feeling horny, buzzing, on a high and thinking about going to a bar on the way home to pick up a guy to fuck me. In the event I didn't.

I went back out into the studio. While one of the guys finished copying onto a memory stick, I chatted to Phil. He still didn't believe I'd never done porn before. “Only what I've done for my husband. I just like sex and fucking” I insisted. He asked me to go back and do some more two nights later and wanted to know if I'd do anal. Yes to going back, I'll think about anal and see what my husband thinks I told him.

By the time I got home it was far to late to try and contact my husband to tell him what I'd done. I downloaded the memory stick, had a quick look at the photos, liking what I saw, everything in HD and very clear and very explicit. I dipped into the video, looking at clips, watching myself perform in my first pornographic video. I sat through the whole of the last section, reliving every moment of him fucking me, his cock filling my hole, him cumming inside me. I watched as his spunk ran from my pussy, watched myself pissing, then rolling around on the floor drenching myself with urine.

I decided to throw a sicky the next day, select the photos and edit some video highlights to upload to our cloud. I divided the photos into files, starting with me dressed in the clothes I chosen because I knew he liked me dressed slutty. I reviewed what I'd done. Satisfied, I watched more of the video. I uploaded the first batch of still photos just before it was time to contact Stuart.

6pm his time I contacted him, feeling it bit nervous, but reasonably confident he'd be pleased even though I'd gone much further than he asked. We chatted about things in general, he gave me my opening, asking if I'd thought any more about a professional photo session. Open our cloud and have a look. While he looked I uploaded the next file. He'd seen the ones of me clothed then stripping until all I had on was my stockings and suspenders. He liked them asked if there were more. I'd uploaded the ones of me masturbating then me pulling my labia, stretching my cunt open. “Wow” his response. I told him there are more. Now for the moment of truth. I clicked on the next lot, watching as the file was uploaded. No turning back.

I waited, for his reaction, knowing that thousands of miles away he was looking at pictures of me sucking Denzel's cock. Stunned silence describes it I think. Then “Fucking hell. These are fantastic. Did he fuck you?” I must have been more nervous than I'd thought letting out a sigh of relief, I had judged his reaction correctly. “Yes. I've selected some. Do you want to see them?” I teased. “Just upload them. Stop being such a teasing Bitch” he replied. I listened to him comment as he went through the shots, talking about how big Denzels cock was, how it stretched my cunt, the fact I'd let him poke his fingers up my arse. He got to the last ones, of me on top facing the camera, Denzels cock in my pussy then him pulling out and his cum streaming from my cunt.

He looked at the last one. “Incredible. I don't know what to say” he said. I giggled, “How about asking if you can see the video” I suggested. “There's video too? Why didn't you say? I want to see it” I told him it was only about 10 to 15 minutes of highlights, omitting that included the pissing sequence, and would fill all the space left, telling him I’d upload it, suggesting he call back after he'd seem it.

I left it uploading then went to make a drink waiting for him to call back. “Fucking hell. That was amazing, absolutely brilliant. The quality is great. I could see everything, even your juices spraying out of your pussy when he was fucking you. I've watched the end twice. I can't believe you let him video you pissing or what you did after. How did you arrange it?” I explained what had happened, how he'd mistaken me for someone from an agency and that I'd agreed to perform in exchange for copies. He wanted to see the rest of the photos and video telling me he'd arrange to expand our storage. “How large is the file?” I told him I thought around 20Gb. He said he'd up it to 30. I suggested to him he might want to pay for more. When he asked why I told him I'd agreed to go back and do more the following night and he'd need it if he wanted to see my next performance. As for Anal Sex, he had no objection to Denzel arse fucking me if I wanted too, adding he was looking forward to seeing such a large cock in my arse if I went ahead.

This story seems to have got awfully long. Sorry! If you enjoyed it and want to hear more I will continue and attempt to make it shorter if you want. I'll tell you not just about the next session, but about my continuing relationship with Denzel, how it's developed and my husbands delight the first time he saw me being fucked live instead of on video.