Written by keith

30 Oct 2010

having read some recent stories i thought i would let you know of something that happened 7/8 years ago.

At that time i was 42 my wife 34. web cams were rare we didnt have one any way. i was working shifts Julie worked 9-5. I got onto the chat lines and chatted to quite a few and well, eventually srayed and met a few ladies off the internet. everything was descrete and fine untill i supose the inevitabe happened and julie found out. This led to lets say a little disagreement, after a few days she calmed down a little but had come out with statements of whats good for the goose is good for the gander and iff i was to be unfaitfull she could. now Julie was a quiete shy woman and i did say to her you wouldnt dare meet a stranger your not like that. The wrong thing to say i guess in her mood as it got a right we'll see about that, to which she sighned on to the chat rooms. she did get quite into it online and i saw some of the communications which were quite raunchy, but i was still convinced and said you wouldnt actually meet them and do that your to shy. after a couple off weeks passed she was online chatting to a fairly local guy 8 miles away, they had been chatting in the evenings for the last 4 days i found out while i was on 2-10 shifts. It was early saturday morning when they were chatting and i was looking over her shoulder. he was asking for a meet Julie said she couldnt drive the guy said he couldnt accom but iff she got the bus to his he knew somewhere near where they could go. he was 35 tall well built etc. Again i said its not something you would do, pushing her over the edge i guess to her agreeing to get the bus around midday and meet him outside the toilets by a pizza shop near the bus station in his small town. They described what they would be wearing him asking for a short skirt as part of it.

i was worried for her safty though still said she would bottle it. It was decided i would get the bus with her and i vaguely knew the town and a pub where i would go.

she got ready and really made an effort she was a size 10 then only 12 now to me nice tits 34c not out of proportion. she put on a nice matching set of bra and pants stockings suspenders skirt and top. looked stunning. we got the bus and i could see she was getting nervous as we got 5-10 mins from the place, i joked about the toilets probably being where he was thinking to which she did say well if that was the case she wouldnt but still insisted that as i had she was going to. we arrived at the bus station seperated but i walked a descrete distance away from her and in a shop door way while she stood near the toilets witing she was only waiting for a while when an oldish guy in a scruffy jacket and tie aproached her they chatted v briefly and i realised this was him no photo not 35 more 65 she looked in my direction. I burst into laughter which must of annoyed her as she linked arms with him and they walked down away from the bus station, they were going towards some woods not far from the bus station and passed the pub i was going in i toyed with following them all the way but left them and went into the pub. I was only half way down my first pint when when julie arived by my side demanding a large jack daniels and coke. i laughed and told her she would bottle it to which she replied what makes you think that. she had been missing just 20 mins or so. so i said you havnt done anything as we found a place to sit easy as the pub was quiet. she went to the toilet and when she came back held my hand and stuck some tissue in it whch as i intictively grasped found to be wet and sticky, that will teach you she said. I had to go to the toilet to get rid of it and wash my hands.

when i returned she said they walked a little into the woods after a little fumbling and him trying to kiss her which she wasnt keen on he urged he to a fallen branch skirt hitched up pants down hurridly entered her and quickly came. just briefly say what a gorgeous site oh thats nice befre he came thanking her said it had been a long time offered to walk her back to the bus but she declined so he walked off.