Written by Steve_kent

3 Mar 2015

I have written a few stories on here about the exploits of my wife and my best man after my wife admitted she wanted to be fucked by more than one man and I made it come true!

We have had a few meets with Charles and my wife has also met him alone a few times. I might fill in some of these missing liaisons if people are interested. Nothing has happened for a while, my wife has somewhat gone off the idea and so this event, which happened about a year ago, came as a bit of a surprise as it was entirely unplanned and unexpected.

Charles and I were going for a night out in Maidstone and my wife also planned a night out with a friend of hers. Good nights were had by all and plenty was drunk when, towards the end of the night I got a text from my wife to say she was being chatted up in Chicago's but wasn't interested and wondered whether I was ready to go home!

Charles and I headed to Chicago's where Emma and her friend were dancing with two guys who mooched off when we arrived. Emma greeted Charles with a warm embrace and an affectionate kiss. It was warmer than I expected and I felt a stirring but didn't hope that something might happen, nothing has for a few years.

Emma's friend headed off home and Charles asked Emma for a dance as a slow track came on. I sat to the side and watched as his hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to him and her arms, in return, reached around his neck and pulled his head down toward her upturned face and a very passionate kiss! I was growing harder by the second and a couple of minutes later the song finished and as they turned towards me, hand in hand, I could see that Charles felt the same, his large cock bulging in his jeans.

I invited Charles back and Emma didn't protest. We headed out to the taxi rank and after a short wait we were on our way, Emma between us. Her hand was on my leg, rubbing upwards when I turned to kiss her, only to find that she was turned to Charles, her other hand at the top of his thigh, gently rubbing, as they kissed very passionately, Charles hand on my wife's thigh, her legs slightly apart. I still only dared to hope that this might continue at home and just sat there watching them when Emma turned to me and, probably to the taxi drivers pleasure, she began to kiss me, her breath heavy and her hand now blatantly massaging Charles' cock through his jeans.

At home distance was restored and we headed indoors to the conservatory. Charles and Emma sat on adjoining chairs and I took drinks orders. Walking back into the conservatory, any doubts about what might happen completely disappeared. My wife and Charles were kissing passionately, not much in that, but he was gently squeezing her breasts through her top and she had her hand inside his fly and was obviously squeezing his cock.

Charles broke off their kiss, stood and let his trousers fall to the floor, quickly followed by his boxer shorts. Charles is slightly longer than me but a lot thicker and that is the reason I love to see her pussy pushed apart as he strokes into her!

Charles' cock was erect and Emma leant forward to take it in her mouth. She first run her tongue along the underside, gently pulled back his foreskin and opened her mouth to take him in. She slid her mouth slowly down his length as his hands reached around her head and wrapped themselves in his hair and he let out a long moan.

I just stood there, although I had put the drinks down, and watched as Emma slowly sucked his cock her fingers wrapped around the shaft, gently stroking as her head bobbed up and down over him. Before long Charles moaned that he was close to coming and withdrew from her mouth.

I took this as an opportunity to get in on the act and kneeling between Emma's legs I undid her jeans and pulled them down to reveal a very sexy pair of knickers, although they some came off too. I pulled Emma lower on the sofa and kissed my way up the inside of her thighs until I reached her pussy. She was absolutely dripping wet, God it was so horny! I've always loved kissing Emma after she has had his cock in her mouth, don't know why and I try not to think about it either, just enjoy it! I wanted to kiss her so badly, Charles had taken off her top and undone her bra so that he could gently kiss her breasts and lick her nipples, biting them and sucking on them to her obvious delight as her moaning got louder. I moved up to kiss her and Charles dropped around in between her knees. The look of lust in her eyes as his tongue found her clit will never be forgotten. She kissed me hard, moaning as she did, my fingers pinching her nipples as her hand fumbled at the belt of my trousers.

I stood and took off my trousers, I was fit to burst as I watched Emma's hands grab the back of Charles' neck and pull him into her. Her moans got louder and I noticed that as his tongued lapped away at her pussy, he had two fingers stroking into her. Emma began to push her groin up to his tongue and as she moaned loudly I stood on the sofa beside her so that she could kiss and suck my cock. She didn't though, she had one hand wrapped around it but she was lost in an orgasm as her eyes closed, she muttered "Oh yes! Just like that, don't stop!" and she thrust up to meet Charles hungry mouth and fingers!

I watched her slump back down, turning to me and opening her gorgeous blue eyes as she muttered, "it's been too long!" before opening her mouth to kiss me.

As we kissed Charles knelt up and positioned himself between my wife's legs. She reached between her legs and gave him a playful stroke. He leant forward to kiss her, alternating between her mouth and breasts as he teasingly rubbed the tip of his very erect cock against her very wet pussy. As he moved forward slowly I watched the tip of his cock begin to push her swollen lips apart before I watched her face as she uttered a long moan followed by "He's so big, that feels so fucking good!". She whispered I love you to me and with her hand gripping my cock tighter I watched Charles sink slowly, deeper and deeper into my wife.

He slid into her slowly so that she could feel every inch and then slowly withdrew all the way, until his cock was entirely out. She loves this. Slowly, again, he sunk into her, withdrew and then began to thrust into her faster. I leant over to Emma and kissed her, our tongues entwining as she was fucked by my best man.

Then suddenly he withdrew, stood and pulled Emma up, turning her around and as she knelt on the sofa, her arms braced on the back he rubbed his cock against her and slid deep into her. Emma moaned out loud and Charles thrust into her, faster until I could see he was on the brink. He asked Emma what he should do and she almost cried out "Fuck me, come inside me, I want to feel you inside me". Charles gave out then, a few more long strokes into my wife's pussy and with hands on her hips, pulling her onto his thrusts, he erupted into her with a long "Ohhh fucking hell!".

They stayed like that for a while before Charles withdrew, his cock softening, coated in a mix of their juices. Emma turned and sat round on the sofa again. Now it was my turn. I love fucking her used pussy but I knew that Charles had stopped just short of bringing her off again so I knelt between her legs and gently at first, lapped at her very wet, very swollen pussy. It didn't take me long, my fingers fucking her pussy as my tongued teased her clit, I know just how to bring her off and before long she was moaning out loud and grinding her sopping pussy against my face as she came again.

When she sunk back onto the sofa I kneeled between her legs, just where my best man had done only a few moments before and fed my cock into her pussy. I'll never get tired of that feeling, the utter wantonness, the soaking wetness, the lust in her face and the knowledge that she has just fucked another man whilst I watched. I will admit I didn't last long, my orgasm was intense as I thrust into my wife and filled her with her second load of the night.

We all just lay/sat there on the sofa, my wife between us, gently stroking our cocks, taking it in turns to kiss us before announcing, with our cocks hardening again, that she was going to bed (to sleep). I followed her up and Charles made his way to the spare room.

In the morning I awoke hard and kissing Emma awake I pushed her onto her front and kneeling between her legs I fucked her from behind, her pussy still incredibly wet, before coming inside her again.

It's been a year since this happened and all attempts to arrange another get together have failed. Emma has said that she doesn't like it when it's planned so I am trying to sort out an impromptu get together but we rarely get the opportunity except odd day times (our baby sitter has moved on). She wants it to be a surprise and although she has forbidden me to make any arrangements with a stranger I cannot help wondering what would happen, particularly if it was someone we had bumped into before hand. Not sure I can go through with that either but boundaries are there to be pushed sometimes!