Written by Gaz_15a

22 Aug 2013

Hello all, my name is Gaz and I've posted a story about myself and my girlfriend on here before. I'm 46 and my g/f, Amanda, is 31. We have had one or two MMF threesomes in the past courtesy of another well-known and free dating website.

Our most recent experience involved a young lad called Tim who lives quite near to us and is a university student. This being the holiday he is back with his parents until the next term. We had our first meeting with him towards the end of July, followed by another 2 as the weeks went by and much fun was had by all, especially when Tim and I both fucked Amanda's pussy at the same time.

Amanda and I live 30 miles apart and we only play at weekends due to work etc, so I was surprised when I got a text from Tim last night (21/08/13) saying that he felt horny and would we like him to come over for some fun. I texted him back saying that I was horny too but that Amanda wasn't here and he would have to wait until Saturday. I thought it was odd he should text as he knew that we were strictly weekend players.

Within 2 minutes I got a reply. '' I can come over anyway if you like, just for a beer''

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and whilst I consider myself straight, I have dabbled now and again and Tim is what you would call a twink. About 5' 10'', brown hair, slim and good looking with a very nice cock. So I replied to him ''Sure thing, come round if you want to''.

About an hour later he turned up. He was wearing shorts, a T- shirt and not much else as far as I could tell. I ushered him in and we sat down in the lounge and opened a couple of beers. As Tim sat back and sipped his beer I could see his balls through his shorts as he wasn't wearing underpants. Now I'm more than twice Tim's age although I don't think I look it and I was flattered that he wanted to spend some time with me. So after a few minutes small talk I asked him if he was still feeling horny.

Tim said ''Yes, very much so''.

I replied '' Me too, and seeing your cock through your shorts isn't helping''

''Take them off if you want'' he said.

Cards on the table time I thought, so I said ''We can have some fun together without Amanda''

''That's what I hoped you would say''.

I helped Tim out of his shorts and top and sat down beside him and started to play with his cock.

''What do you want to do?'' I asked.

Tim came straight out with it. '' I'd like you to fuck my arse and cum inside me''

He told me he'd been watching quite a lot of gay porn on the internet and wanted to try it out himself. Until now my only experience with guys has been mutual masturbation and blow jobs but now I had a handsome 22 year old wanting me to fuck him so I wasn't about to say No.

We both went upstairs and got into bed together naked. The first few minutes were a bit awkward, just kissing and stroking each other's hard cocks, but the fact that we both had erections was a good sign. I asked Tim if he really wanted me to fuck him and he lay back on the bed and smiled ''What do you think?''

I fetched a bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil and started to lubricate his arse and my cock. Tim got into the doggy position and after a bit of careful negotiation I had the tip of my cock inside his virgin arse.

''Just go easy'' he said. ''Break me in gently''.

Before long I'd worked my cock all the way in and I could feel my balls against Tim's arse. He was giving out little gasps and groans in between saying '' Yeah, that's nice, fuck my arse''.

I wish I could say I fucked him all night but I didn't. I lasted less than 5 minutes before I ejaculated and filled his arse with cum. After a minute or so when I'd pulled out, Tim turned over and smiled at me. ''Thanks, that was great''.

He'd lost his erection while I fucked him, but since he'd had my cum, I wanted some of his. I played with his cock and balls and gradually coaxed his hard on back to life. After plenty of wanking and sucking I was amply rewarded when Tim spunked off in my mouth. I swallowed the lot and afterwards we held each other close and kissed, rather passionately I thought.

Tim left later that night but we're planning a threesome this weekend. We've agreed to keep our little fling a secret from Amanda for the time being. The way I'm feeling tonight is that if I had to choose between Tim and Amanda for a fuck, I'd choose Tim every time. Luckily for me, I can fuck them both.