Written by Very lucky lady

29 May 2007

My husband and i had been talking about having MMF sex for a few months and finally arranged a meet at our house with another man. The day arrived and me and my husband were all clean shaven and bathed and just waiting for (M) to arrive. The door bell rang and my stomach did somersaults at the thought of what was going to happen, i looked at my husband and went to the door, (M) walked into the house he was over 6 feet tall, dark hair and blue eyes, he had a friendly reassuring smile as he said "Hi" to me and shook my husband by the hand. We sat down for a while talking the whole time i sat next to my husband rubbing my hand over his cock through his trousers, i could feel him getting harder and harder, after a while my husband gave me the planned nudge to signal that it was ok for me to move over to M and start to play with him. I moved over to M and knelt on the floor in front of him, i started to kiss him but made sure that my husband could see our tongues searching for each others, he smelt good and it was a turn on slowly kissing him, i could feel my pussy starting to get wet, i pulled his jeans and boxers off to reveal his hard cock which i took in my mouth straight away, M groaned with pleasure as my hand and my mouth worked on his cock, i glanced over at my husband who winked at me to let me know it was ok to carry on, i moved back to M's mouth and started to kiss him again, he slipped my little red camisole top over my head and gentley caressed my left nipple, i took his cock in my mouth again and sucked him harder he groaned deeper this time, i ran my tongue up the length of his shaft at this point he was about to cum so he asked me to stop for a minute so i moved over to my husband and started to suck his cock, i was bent over on all fours and my husband quickly unzipped my mini skirt and told me to take it off which i did to reveal a small pair of diamonte thongs, before i knew it M was behind me sliding his finger into my wet pussy his finger soon found my G spot and with the other hand he worked on my clit, in no time at all i had a major orgasm so M laid on the floor beneath me and started to lick my juices, the whole time i was sucking my husband's hard cock, M then knelt behind me again and put his hard cock slowly into my very wet pussy, god it felt good, a hard cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, soon M was pushing his cock hard and deep into me which made my husband's cock go deeper in my mouth, the groans of pleasure from all 3 of us was such a turn on, M got faster and harder and said he was going to cum, my husband told him to cum inside me as he did i came again. M sat back on the sofa and my husband told me to clean his cock so i moved over to him and started to lick all the cum from his still hard cock, as i licked him clean my husband knelt behind me and put his hard cock into to dripping wet pussy, each time he slid his cock back cum leeked from my pussy and ran down the inside of my thighs, i turned to look at him but he grabbed my hair and pushed my head back towards M's cock so i carried on sucking him while my husband pushed his hard cock deep into me i could feel his balls bouncing against my wet lips, soon he also was shooting his cum into me so i turned around to clean his cock with my tongue. My husband sat down to get his breath back, he told M to lay on the floor so i could sit on his cock, i slowly lowered myself onto him until he was deep inside me, i slowly moved my hips backwards and forwards forcing his cock deeper and deeper then slowly i moved up and down on his cock allowing my husband to see his cock going in and out of my pussy, the pace quickened and M said he was going to cum again, before i knew it i could feel his cock pumping his cum into my pussy, i went to turn my attention to my husband but he told me to clean the cum off M's cock so while he was still laying on the floor i got on all fours and started to clean his cock for the second time, my husband still sitting on the sofa at this point put his hard cock into my pussy and fucked me hard from behind again, it was fantastic feeling his cock inside my pussy knowing it was wet from another mans cum, in no time he was adding his cum again to my very wet pussy. M being a regular swinger said that at this point he liked to give couples time on their own if it was their first time, so he got dressed shook my husband by the hand then gave me a hug and said thanks he had a great time, after he had left i was still shaking from the experience and still feeling very aroused so my husband grabbed a dildo from our bedroom and we got into a 69 position, he pushed the dildo in as far as it would go then slowly pulled it out, with it came all the cum from the sex we had just had, he took it in his mouth then dribbled it into mine, after i swallowed we kissed then he came over my face and in my mouth.

I would just like to say THANKS to my husband for allowing me to have this experience and also to M for being part of it and if anyone out there is considering doing anything like this i would just like to say "What are you waiting for" it is fantastic you will not regret it.