Written by willy

28 Oct 2007

Ever since I met my ex she was always a woman who liked to flirt even when I was there watching her,like the time we played snooker at a working mens club when she had a low cut top and a micro mini on that showed her white knickers every time she bent over the table so you can imagine the sights the lads on the next table where getting.Once while I was at the bar getting drinks I turned to see her getting chatted up by guy who was telling her how to play and showed her how to lean over the ball to hit it mmmm but when she tried to do it she turned and smiled at him saying is this right at which he walked behind her bending over the top of her and slid his hands up her body as he bent into her,I watched as he moulded his body into hers making her move a little opening her legs more in the process as he pushed up against her,she turned as his face was next to her's she smiled and said thats a nice position he laughed and said it sure is but I could see he was rubbing his grion into her arse as his right hand slid onto her right tit and groped her,she squirmed and moaned a little as she started to get aroused but the guys mate had come to join in the fun but she stopped and said thanks for the tips and went into the ladies.When we left she was so turned on by what had happened I took her behind the club for a quicky.

Another time we where in a night club but we'd had a few words earlier on so the mood was a bit agressive between us when a coach driver asked her to dance ? well she sure knew how to strut her stuff and she just took his hand and he led her away to the elivated dance floor,she danced for about three records when a slow smooch number came on so as she went to leave he grabbed her around her waist pulling her into him his right leg thrust between her legs making her open up for him,she looked up into his face so as the lights dimmed to suit the mood he bent down and kissed her a long kiss that soon turned into a full mouth job with plenty of tongue action between them.I had to move to a balcony overlooking the dance floor to watch her as he slowly groped her willing body amongst the crowded dance floor,he whispered something to her at which she looked back at our table only to see I was not there so she nodded to him and he led her outside,I followed from a distance and when I gave them some time together I walked to where the coach park was and found them just getting into a mini bus parked at the back so I went around some coaches until I could see them together on the back seat well into each other,he was kissing her like a man who was to far gone and turned on by this sexy woman to take a no for an answer,he had talked her into a walk only but to be fare she was loving it to, so when he thrust his left hand up between his legs they parted with no resistance making his hand go right onto her juiced up cunt,his fingers soon found her slit and he must have thrust all his fingers into her as she squealed and pushed her cunt hard back onto his hand.Her hands where soon gropping for his cock but all he wanted was to fuck her hard and fast so he just stood up dropped his pants letting his hard cock loose before her face she grasped it and started to wank him while he pulled her knickers down and off to reveal her pussy,she leaned up to take his cock into her mouth while he un-zipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders and then there she was layed wide open for him so he moved between her open legs and lowered his loins to hers and just thrust into her making her give a deep graveled groan that I could hear from outside the bus.

My cock was bursting to be wanked so there I stood watching my wife get the fucking she wanted while I pulled my cock like there was no tomorrow,they fucked and slammed into each other for about ten minutes before he started to groan letting her know he was close so she started to lock her legs behind his thighs and began to thrust her cunt back at him as he banged into her pussy she screamed at him to give her his load inside her dripping pussy this sent him over the top and he rammed into her hard and held his cock inside her while he shot his spunk deep into her pussy,she clasped him tight between her open thighs then slowly began to milk his cock as she slid up and down his cock making there white juices ouze out of her pussy and onto the seat.

Spent he collapsed on top of her groaning that was some fuck lady and I knew what he meant as she was and still is one hell of a fuck.

I went back into the club and sat at our table when she returned a few minutes later with out a word being said.

When we left to go home I made a point to get the back seat on the coach so that she had to sit on the wet patch they had made but I must ad I slid my hand up her dress with little resistance only to find she had no knickers on so our journey home was very enjoyable,I even caught him looking back at her through his mirror as I fingered her.

We got home and just fucked each other with very few words as I think she knew that I had seen them.

This was long time ago when she was a young sexy woman that any man would fuck his brains out with her,I knew she was a tease but I just loved watching her getting fucked ? and she knew it to so she would go out of her way to flirt many more times before we split.