Written by Twinkletoes.

9 Aug 2019

How the wife was caught out by her phone.

My name is Gerald and my wife is Linda, I'm 60 and Linda is 10 years younger, been married 30 years, and upto 2 years ago our sex life was great, then I was struck down with an illness that prevents me from sustaining an erection. So, fucking Linda was out of the question, she said it didn't matter and was o.k with it, but I had a nagging feeling that she really wasn't happy about not getting any cock, but just accepted it.

Linda is very fit for her age, and goes the gym three/four times a week, with her best friend Sandra. Linda's 5-10", fair hair, bobbed, with size 36C boobs and size 10/12, Sandra is similar except she has a massive pair of tits, my guess 40DD. They had been going to this gym for nearly 12 months, when I found out that they were both playing away.

It started about 3 months ago, with a ping on Linda's mobile, whilst she was upstairs in the shower, so I opened it and saw it was a message from somebody called Craig, who I didn't know or had heard of, being intrigued, I opened it and started to read it. It started, " Hi Sexy Lady, how's things, I'm Craig from the gym, the other Instructor with Graham, Have noticed you a few times in the gym, think you are so very sexy, would love to get to know you better. I understand from Sandra and Graham, that things aren't too good at home, and Sandra says you love getting something like this, regulary ( at which point up poped a picture of a a pair of hands holding a stiff upright cock which the head of was a good two to three inches over the top of the fingers ). Was wondering if you wanted to try it for size ?. Tell me at the gym on Thursday and maybe if you are interested we could arrange something. Craig." I sat there stunned and gobsmacked, with a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't comprehend it at first, so read it again, it was a clear offer from Craig to fuck my wife if she was interested, and by the sounds of it, he wouldn't be the first one. I heard Linda get out of the shower and start to come down stairs. Leaving the mobile on the sofa and moved to an easy chair. She walked in with her white dressing gown on and sat down, I said, " You'r phone's ping whilkst you were having a shower ", " Oh right " she said, and opened it up and started to read it. I saw her start to go red and start to breath sharply, I said, " You o.k. ? Nothing wrong is it ? " " Oh no " she replied, just Sandra asking if I wanted to go to the gym on Thursday instead of Friday " " You going ? " I asked, " Yeah, if you don't mind, not doing anything else " " Fine by me " I replied and left it at that.

Thursday came and Linda arrived back from the gym a lot later than normal,, let herself in and immediately ran upstairs and into the shower room, eventually when she came to bet, I said, " Your late, what happened, " We had a mishap with the car and had to be towed home, sorry ". I let things lie, eventually over the next month, Linda started to come home later each time she visited the gym, until I eventually said, " Sit down lady,you and me need to talk, I know about Craig at the gym , are you going to tell me or what ?" and with that she started to shake and burst out crying. " I'm sorry,I.sorry "she cried. " So he's fucking you then is he ?" She just sat there and looking at the floor mumbled something " Well is he then ? " she looked up at me and said, " Yes ". We sat there for a couple of hours and it all came out,. I know Linda liked cock, but I had realised she liked it that much and that often. It appeared since my medical problem she had felt she was going short, and whilst chatting to Sandra, who admitted that Graham was fucking her at least twice a week, she opened up to her, saying that she felt she was missing out and would love to find somebody to fuck her regularly,. That was how Craig found out, Sandra telling Graham and Graham passing it on to Craig, hence the message. The out come of it was that Craig had been fucking Linda twive a week whilst Graham had been fucking Sandra.

I gave it some thought and as I was unable to service or satisfy Linda's sexual needs, I agreed to Craig fucking her, however I stipulated that I had to be present once a week to see them. She messaged Craig and explained what we had agreed to and that I was alright watching them once a week. It was arranged that Craig would come over the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and Linda busied herself around the house, went upstairs and started to get ready for Craig. I went to enter the bedroom but was rudely told to go away and wait until later. 7.0clock came and there was a knock on the door,. With a bit of trepidation I opened the door and there stood, a bloke in his twenties, over 6 feet and very smartly, yet casually dressed. Holding out his hand he said, in a quite voice " Hi, I'm Craig, hope I'm not early " I invited him in, and took him to the lounge, were Linda was sat. She looked so sexy in a cream coloured blouse, mid thigh skirt, and high heels..

Sitting next to Linda on the sofa, we started to chat, when Craig said, " You're honestly o k with this between me and Linda, you don't have a problem Gerald ? " I said, No not know, we've spoke about it and as long as it's a little circle I don't mind ". With that Craig started to kiss Linda slowly and gently,, I saw Linda's mouth open and Craig insert his tongue, and then Linda start to suck and entwine their tongues together. At the same time I saw Craig's right hand startto squeeze and caress Linda's left boob, quckly, unfastening the buttons on the front of her blous, she spread the material giving Craig fre access to her white satin bra and her boobs. Needing no second invitation , Craig quickly bent his head and started to suck ththe top of her boobs, " Hang on a second " Linda said, and sitting up, she took off her blouse and let fall to the floor, quickly placing her hands behind her, sh unfastened her bra strap and let it fall to the floor, fully exposing her tits tol bvoth mine and Craig's eyes. He quickly started to suck and kiss her tits, working his way to her nipples, sucking and pulling on them until they stood proud and upright. I could hear, Linda say, " That's right darling, suck them, pull them bite them, oh god, yes, yes, don't stop."

Soerry will have to continue tomorrow.