7 Mar 2017

Thanks for all the encouragement

This all started with me recently copying old slides to digital, back then, the 1980s when film was king.

This is a true story please start with Part 1

After the first day that Jules had stepped into the sudio to fill in for a model the business at the studio continued to pick up. At least 2 of the photographers had asked for a one to one session with Jules if she went on the books as a regular model.

It took about a week for Jules to decide that she would, but only up to topless. At this time we also decided to offer a slide film developing service for the photographers using the studio which I would do in the evenings to help with the cash flow.

Jules got an immediate 2 hour booking from Steve who had been so enthusiastic at the glamour day. This went well with Jules building on her confidence, as well as the prints there was one roll of 36 slides that Steve wanted us to develop. The next evening Jules had gone out so I retreated into the dark room to process it. When I was dry I checked every frame of the 36. This roll seemed to be the last one of the session. Jules was dressed only in sheer G string panties tied with a bow at the sides and heels in a bedroom set. The panties did not conceal that Jules had trimmed her bush after the ecapees of the glamour day shots. Half way into the reel Jules posed with her thumbs in the top of her panties pulling them down until the top of her bush was visible. Then she undid the bow at one side, posing (probably as directed) to turn sideways on. In the second shot the panties were pulled far enough away to see what remained of her bush. The final six pics were obviously after Jules had a "fuckit" moment, panties gone, standing pose with one leg raised on the bed, lips prominant from what was a very neatly trimmed bush. The final one was of Jules sitting on the bed, legs open with knees pulled up her prominant lips ever so slightly open.

When Jules came home I said I had developed the film. "What did I think?" " well I thought you were only doing topless?"

"I was getting into it and he offered me a bonus for 1/2 an hour nude, I just went with the flow" " He wants to book me again next week"

More to follow if there is enough encouragement.