9 Mar 2017

Thanks for all the encouragement

This all started with me recently copying old slides to digital, (pssst! want to see some?) back then, the 1980s when film was king.

This is a true story please start with Part 1

The following week Jules had another session booked with Steve, 2 hours on the Friday evening.

The week went fast and at 6.00 on Friday Jules left for the studio with her makeup case and clothes bag.

The evening dragged by for me, just before 10.00 Jules drove onto the drive, came in through the front door and shouted through, "just going to shower, fix me a drink"

After an age in the shower Jules appeared, "how did it go?" "great, really getting into this, there are two rolls of film to develop in my bag"

Next morning I was up and into the darkroom, two rolls took about 2 hours, 72 shots. When they were dry I checked each frame carefully. I could easily tell which roll had been shot first as the bedroom set had a bedside clock, the first roll started at about 8.00 Jules was just wearing a G string, in four frames it was off with Jules posing in what we would now call "UK Mag style" Legs open but lips not spread, she had trimmed her bush a little more and her large lips were very prominent, becoming more so as the session went on, she was getting aroused. The final shots of that roll were of Jules on all fours with her bum to the camera, knees apart and her puffy lips well on show as well as her tight little ass bud.

Moving onto the second roll I noticed a time difference of about 45 minutes, initially I put this down to to perhaps a roll of print film being used which he would send away. Then I noticed that Jules hang down lips were hanging open just like they were after sex, her bush looked damp and matted. When her legs were posed spread for some of the shots her lips gaped open. Jules had learnt her money, and a bonus?

Leaving the darkroom, Jules asked "what did you think" Great I said, was it full nude all the way through this time? not looking me in the eye Jules answered "yes, he wants me to do another shoot in about 2 weeks, a cat fight scene with one of the other models"

More to follow if there is enough encouragement