26 Apr 2016

It has been months now since last either of us wrote here. That is because things went very dreadfully wrong. I'm not sure why it happened the way it did, but it did, so, I'm going to set it all out as best I understand it.

Molly and I were playing with cuckolding, and adventuring and experementing, as you will all be able to read in earlier stories, but it had always been a key thing between us that she and I were always 100% honest with each other, and that so long as that was the case we could deal with anything. As I believe we said, she had an ex-who was taking an interest in things with her again, but, she and I discussed that and had, I thought, agreed that she would not see him or be in contact as I suspected his motives. She promissed that she would keep away from him, and agreed that she did not trust him. Sadly, she was lying. She went to see him in connection with a family matter at his place of work and he closed the door behind her and bent her over his office desk and fucked her from behind. He did not finish in her, but knew that he had reignited her interest. He is a half caste guy some 35 years older than her and she had never actually fucked him until this occasion. She did not tell me about this, but carried on seeing me, whilst vowing there was no one else involved. That meeting was in January and she kept in touch with him, but did not see him again until I had to go abroad for a business trip at the start of June last year. She and I spent the Saturday morning making love and as I left I said "Behave and be a good girl whilst I am away - or if you can;t do that, make sure you tell me ALL about it!" Which had always been our deal. she smiled, kissed me, told me she loved me and that of course she would tell me.

What I later, in July and then October, actually discovered was that she asked him over that evening and she sucked him off twice, let him fuck her four times and had her anal virginity, which she had long promised to me, taken from her. She did not own up to any of this until months later, and then actually invited him over on a night I was due to see her, making up some bull-shit excuse about her parents bing around at her bungalow when in fact it was him coming to take her again.

We fell out spectacularly over all of this and are only now talking again....so, dear readers of swinging heaven, I am genuinely asking you for some advice here....ought we try to rebuild something? she claims she is sorry and regrets all of it but, it has so many levels - I don;t think a cuckoling can happen if it is not shared? Surely that is just cheating and betrayal?

Over to you all.......