Written by Del x

1 Mar 2011

Hi all, well this has just happend in the last few hours.

I came home from work at 11am as I had time off due, I never had anything planned at all. My sister in law rang and said she had a guy coming over to fix her toilet and would I mind being there for moral support. I said no problems, she only lives half a mile away i would pop over. She said Im going to wash my hair so let yourself in the back door, obviously I never missed the chance to leave a smutty remark of, thats very kind and I could wash her hair sametime, she laughed and said so naughty, but nice thought then hung up.

My sister in law is 50 yrs old never married and no kids, good humour very open mindd and I hear gives the best Bj around, obviously I was intrigued. I got to hers and let myself in the back, heard water running and went up stairs to announce my arrival,her bathroom door was wide open she was leaning over the bath head forward arse back in her bath robe, washing her hair..I could see her tits and very large erect nipples..now ive been married to her sister for 0ver 25 years, but until now had never actually seen her naked, just the odd glimpse of nipples when she came swimming with us a few years ago, also we have had a quite raunchy night dancing and a long kiss which she said she regretted. I anounced my arrival by coughing loudly and to my suprise she just looked over and said can you pass me the towel please, I just stood there and looked at her, getting harder all the time, I eventually passed her the towel and said god (we will call her Ann) Ann you have seriously great tits....and the most suckable nipples ive seen in years, she said stop being a perv and get the kettle on bring up coffee when its ready, oh bossy boots I replied and went down obediently doing as she had asked, I brought coffees up as she was stood in front of her mirror in bra and thong drying her hair, I placed the coffee down on the bedside cabinet and sat on the end of the bed watching her, she was looking at me in the mirror smiling. I edged a bit closer to her and she just carried on drying her hair and stealing a look over to me. when she had finnished she went to get her coffee but I grabed her and pulled into me..I held her in my arms expecting a rebuff, but instead had her looking at me biting her lip and leaning into me for a kiss, I kissed her deep and long..my ands reachig for her breasts and finding one of those amazingly erect nipples..she murmoured and said its like a bloody bus syndrome here. I asked what she meant and she said the guy coming over to fix her loo would be expecting some fun as well, he and she had apparently had fun before. She shocked the hell out of me when she said have you ever had a threesome, what to say? im married to her sister after all, I have had several, but said no never,but had fantasised about it. She said her plumber wanted her with another guy as well did I fancy making up the numbers. Fuck that was the nicest few hours ive had in a ln while. Our plumber friend turned up and as arranged with Ann I had stayed up in the bathroom chatting with him when she went of to make him a cupps, the conversatio soo got aroundt what he liked about Ann, he said if he did any work for her it was always last part of the day if I got his drift winking at me, I said i did and asked what he washopng for today then. He said well the last time they had had fun he asled her if she fancied a threesome, he said she did not really respond verbally, but from the way she acted in bed he knew she liked the thought of it. I told him she had told me the same and that if he hurried up we could both be fucking her together very very soon. he got on with it and Ann broght up his coffee I winked at her and he turned and said to her, i wont be long go make yourself compfortable and we will both be in to fuck you in a minute. She laughed and said your very sure of yourself, he laughed and said well your friend here tells me you want him to join us...in fact he said to me why dont you go warm her up I will finnish up here and join you..I will only be a few minutes. I looked at Ann who was a little red faced, I gestured to her to lead the way and we went back into her bedroom. i told her that I had dreamt about fucking her for years and wondered wether I would ever get the chance, she put her finger on my mouth then kissed me...I was so hard, I kissed her long and slow..I felt her hand trace the length of my cock to which she leant back looking me in the eye and said she was suprised we had not met in our dreams as she had also dreamt of me fucking her. I relased her bra and cupped her breasts, leaning into them sucking her nipples and letting my tongue flick over them sucking them hard hearing, her gasp and pull my hair into her, I let my fingers press over her very very wet thong..I told her to take it off and open her legs...she did and I let my fingers slide between her pussy lips she really was saking..her clit was swollen and I pressed it and got a very hi jerk and gasp from her...I slid my fingers deeper inside her, as I was fingering her she bucked against my hand, riding my fingers hard, god she was really excited, the voice from the bathroom said oh fuck, I will be a bit longer than I expected i just broke the thread on a nylon washer. I carried on I let my tongue trace down her body she opened her legs wider for me..and I tasted her cunt for the first time, it was fresh nice and the taste as sweet as you would want...I already felt pre cum on the end of my cock...I sucked on her clit until she climaxed into my face, i was soaked, she pulled me up and kissed me tasting herself from me, tellng me she was going to give me the best blow job she has ever given. She kissed me agan and slid slowly down my body, her hand was grasping my cock and the other with her fingers in my mouth, I thought I would explode before she got down there, she too my cock in her hand looked me in te eye and slowly let it dissapear into her mouth, deeper and deeper, she never gagged as all of my 7 inches a tick 7 inches at that went right into the hilt, she kept looking me in the eye, the she teased me flicking her tongue over the head, I could see oe of her hands were between her legs and she half closed her eyes as she arroused herself again, i grabbed her and and took her fingers into my mouth again and sucked them, before telling her to finger her cunt again...she did and went on sucking my cock, she said that as mch as she wanted me to fuck her, she wanted us both together, she told me it would be ok to cum in her mouth if I wanted. Fuck I wish her sister was as willing as she was, i wached her wank my cock into he rmouth sucking ad wanking until she felt my cock twitch.i cried out that i was coming but she kept going. i emptied a whole load of cum into her mouth, which I tought she had swolloed, it tunred out she had only partly swollowed ad came back up my body kissing me a little, then to my mouth she kissed me and let her tongue flick overmine, I could taste myself on her and feel the silkyness of my cum on her tongue..she laughed and said i tasted so good that i should have some. She kissed me again but sucking all of the cum from my mouh and swollowed it...this has been building between us for years, ive actually known her longer than I knew her sister and was originally intending to go out with her before I met her sister. i whispered to her that i wanted to come and fuck her on regular basis, to which she replied we will see. More cursing coming from the bathroom, he had cut his finger, blood everywhere, so she would not be gettin her threesome. He swore alot, cursed his poor fortune that he was not going to be fucking anyone, he had to visit the hospital and have a tetness and maybe a stitch or two. He left and I looked at Ann, my cock was already hard, I want to fuck you right now i told her, and took her hand and placed it on my cock...she turned and bent forward easing my cock that she was guiding into her, i rocked back and forward making sure she got it all, I would love to say i was a real stud, but in truth I came very quickly, fortunately so did she> I said I had better go, but would like to come back and see her again, she said definately, you have the back entrance to use sometime. I am really high still, im hard thinking about her and still have the juice on my cock, im off for a wank before my wife comes home and will let you know how the rear etrance thing went.