Written by Jimbo

16 May 2019

Best read my story my 6th May story, then this one which is a continuation. After Richy left for Canada , my wife Carly seemed slightly addicted to a few weeks of cock off Richy because she loved excitement and teasing two horny men . After about a month I said we'll start going for a drink and she'll soon attract another fella. We didn't need to cos at work the next afternoon just before finish I got a phonecall off Richy saying he loves Canada, but he misses coming round to see us (Carly more than me I reckon). I told him she loved me evenmore because I shared her and wants to do it again. He said a good friend from his schooldays would love to take his place and he's sure she'll like him cos his cock is even bigger than his.. He's recently divorced and at work we used to call him 'Donkey' cos his cock's like a donkeys. He said he used to pull it out and show it off and astounded people at its size.Some of it was admiration cos a lot of the lads wished they had a cock like that. He said he's the horny bugger that lends him Whitehouse books and porn films ocassionally. He said they used to have men only get togethers at his place, have a few cans and out and watch blue films , ending up wanking . He likes to get his cock out and amaze us. Richy confessed he had bragged about fucking Carly to Kenny but he didnt give any names or address. Kenny had said to him can he come round for a fuck of Carly aswell. Richy then told me Kenny's address incase Carly is interested.

Back home I explained to Carly I'd had a call off him what he'd said and she said mmm Kenny sounds interesting, if Richy isn't exaggerating. I didnt want to push her so I left it upto her and she said call him and meet in a Pub and if you think I'll like him, take it from there. To cut a long story short I went and met him a Pub, had a few drinks.He knew I would probably get in touch cos Richy had tipped him off and reommended him .I showed him some underwear pics of Carly and he said she's just like Richy described, when can I come? I said I'll arrange itif your keen as we sat drinking. He brought up how Richy got teased by her wanking with a cucumber . I said if thats a good turnon for you I'll get her to do that for us . I went to the toilet so he followed and got his cock out and said will she like it?. I said fuck'n'hell she'll love that thing up her. To cut a long story short, I went home and told her all about it. She said she trusts my judgement, knows what kind of man she likes so was up for a try. She said if she doesnt like him then there is nothing lost cos she wont want him a second time. I told her he said he'd love a tease she gave Richy and then fuck afterwards. She said with the cucumber and I said yes, what other teases do I not know about. She said she's not sure if she could do that the very first time. To cut a long story short I arranged for her to be drunk on a Saturday night and we'll come back about 10pm ish for a bit fun. On the Saturday she got dressed in stockings and suspenders, see through blouse , platform bra with bare perky tits on view, and her short white miniskirt, showing stocking tops and a bit white thigh. To cut a long story short the two of us came back from the Pub nearly 11pm so a bit late due to a road being blocked off. We sneaked into the house, crept to the lounge and quietly opened the door and caught her keeping her fanny hot with a cucumber inside a condom. We were so quiet, she kept wanking so we got our cocks out and sat watching her give a live porn show. She told me later she heard us getting dropped off by Taxi and heard us sneaking into the house. She decided to keep going so me and Kenny sat watching. That was so exciting seeing his cock was rock hard with the excitement watching Carly. I then sat next to her and told her I've brought Richy's friend for her and she said I didnt think he'd be coming tonight cos its nearly 11. I said its never too late for a fuck and she said she hopes so. She got into position so we could kneel between her legs to fuck her. I knew she liked sitting on Richy's cock and getting her tits sucked and Kenny had said he wants to fuck her like that aswell, so she went over and sat on it. I was sitting watching to see if the whole length went in and she took it all. He knew he was going to be fucking her, so he had wanked off before he came ,so he could fuck for longer. Carly loved it and was amazed she could get such a big cock in her little fanny. The two of them fucked for quite a while and I enjoyed stroking my cock watching her getting fucked and looking over at me. She loved seeing me so turned on, letting Richy's pal fuck her. . When he shot his cum into her she came at the same time and got off his cock and lay back on the sofa. That was my chance so I got up her, while he cleaned up and came and sucked her tits. She was soaking wet with his spunk but I enjoyed it and after I'd cum inside her I said 'Oh I forgot to tell you, this is Kenny' .She said I'm a bit late arent I?

He then went off home and I told him I'd get back intouch if she wants more. Before he left he said wow she can fuck, cant she?. I said she loves sex and you'll probably be invited back. He then said if she ever fancies a few cocks, he has a feww friends that would come like a shot.

I told him I'd ask her.