Written by Nature's Finest

22 Feb 2007

Thank you very much to the gentlemen who responded to my earlier story posted on 20 February 2007 relating one account of my Wife’s exhibitionism during our Dorset holidays. As a result of this I have been encouraged to tell you about another occasion when my Wife showed a little more than she should have to an un-suspecting man.

I am very lucky that my Wife is happy to go along with my suggestions to exhibit herself. Although she is very attractive, my Wife also comes across as a very girl-next-door type of woman which I think helps to give the impression that her over exposure is completely un-intentional.

Once again, this is a true tale and it turned me on immensely.

It was July 2004. The weather had been glorious for the first few days of our holiday in Dorset. We were staying in our regular rented accommodation close to the cliff tops overlooking the Isle of Portland.

On one particular day we decided to go for a walk along the cliff tops. We crossed paths with a man whom we met walking along the coastal path. His name was Jeremy, in his mid forties and was staying at West Lulworth. He was a geologist and had come down from Cambridge for the week on his own to study lots of things I won’t bore you with. His Wife had decided to stay at home.

We had a really friendly long chat with him and during this, my mind was already working overtime about a potential situation for my Wife to show herself to him if we met again.

Upon my suggestion we invited him to our cottage for some drinks and food the following afternoon. He said that he would love to come. The cottage had a lovely garden and if we decided not to go the beach, it was the perfect place to relax in the hot sun. As soon as the conversation had finished and we were walking back to the cottage my Wife said “I bet I know what you’re thinking, you want me to show him something don‘t you?”

I said something like, “Do you think you could?”. She replied “I think so”.

My excitement was immense.

The afternoon had arrived and my Wife was wearing a very pretty flouncy summer dress. The amazing thing was that she had nothing at all on underneath - no knickers! The dress was not short at all, it came down to just below her knee. That way, to Jeremy it would seem like my Wife had no intention to show off her pussy and that it was an accident.

We deliberately arranged the seating so that my Wife would be lying down on the sun lounger and Jeremy’s chair would be positioned at the end where her feet were, giving him a premium view whenever she forgot herself and let her legs open occasionally or got up off the sun lounger. I of course would be sitting further up the sun lounger completely unaware of the situation. We practised the best positions to show the most off whilst ensuring that it looked completely un-intentional. Lying on her back with her knees bent gave an amazing look at her arse and hairy pussy up her dress. I asked her to lay like that for ages reading her book when Jeremy was sitting there. When getting up off the sun lounger she would forget herself ands open her legs wide.

Jeremy duly arrived and sat down in his seat and my Wife did not disappoint at all. He saw absolutely everything flash after flash after flash as she changed position on the sun lounger. I watched his face as my Wife occasionally got up. His eyes were fixed on the view up her dress. When she was more relaxed and had bit to drink, she laid back and read her book with her knees bent slightly outwards. At this point we were all just sitting quietly sunbathing and not making any conversation. I knew what Jeremy could see and I sat there discreetly watching him continually staring up my wife’s dress. He showed very little discretion, especially when he had a few drinks. I was really glad he didn’t because I wanted him to have a really good look. I was imagining him getting out of his chair, kneeling down in front of my Wife and licking her juicy hairy pussy out for her.

I said this to her afterwards, and she told me that at the time she wouldn’t have stopped him if he had tried it. I can also say that I wouldn’t have stopped him either. We never came across Jeremy again but my Wife liked him quite a lot and I think if the friendship had developed further he would have got much more than he bargained for.

There have been lots of different occasions when my Wife has exhibited herself. On a couple of occasions since this story it has led to contact between my Wife and the men involved.