Written by Naughty trucker and wife

28 Sep 2017

This who read my first account of my wife will know she had a fuck buddy and made me her cuckold bitch..

Ali's thing with Dave came to an end when he started getting too serious and wanted more than just a fuckbuddy, so Ali was soon back on the hunt for a willing cock.

We joined an online swingers site where Ali could look for a willing guy that floated her boat.

One Saturday evening, having dropped the kids off at her mums we were driving home when Ali said she has made plans to meet a married guy from the site, I was welcome to come along to the pub where she was meeting dean but I had to remain at a distance, I was not permitted to join them and when she decided whether or not she was going to bring him home for sex, I was to follow them but even when home I was not allowed to join in, I was permitted to sit in the corner and watch but wasn't allowed to even have a wank.

We arrived home and Ali went for a bath and get ready for her meeting, wow she looked stunning, black lace top stockings, suspenders, black lacy thong panties, black bra, a nice tight black top and a black wrap around skirt that could split open right up the front. And killer heels..

We arrived at a small village pub and Ali gave me a kiss as she left the car, she told me I should give her two minutes and then follow her in and find a seat so I could see her and dean, and ensure her safety as well as watch her on the pull.

As I entered the lounge area of the pub, I could see Ali and dean standing at the bar ordering drinks, I ordered after them and found a seat opposite where they had sat, dean was about 5ft2 regular build and seemed a decent sort. They chatted quietly for about ten minutes and then I noticed deans hand slip under the table and start stroking Ali's left thigh. Wow I thought he's fast and she's keen, Ali parted her legs enough so his hand could stroke all the way up to her pussy, lucky were the only people in here apart from the bar woman I thought.

Soon I could see Ali laughing and chatting away while deans hand was clearly stroking her pussy under the table, soon her skirt was open enough to show off her stocking tops and I could clearly see deans fingers gently sliding in and out of Ali's shaven pussy, I went off for a wee, and when I returned things had jumped up a level, how or when I have no idea, but Ali was now minus her panties, legs open, dean openly stroking her clit, Ali had her hand on deans crutch and was openly stroking an impressive looking cock through his trousers, I was trying hard not to stare when I noticed the bar lady was also watching discretely at the brazen show. I never ever imagined I would be sitting in a pub watching my wife openly displaying her pussy and having it fingered so publicly with a total stranger.

Suddenly Ali and dean stood up and headed for the door, saying goodnight to me and the bar lady as they left, I gave them a few minutes and made my way to the car park,

What the fuck is wrong with my wife was my first thought upon seeing her standing beside deans car, she was now in only her suspenders and stockings, her bra, top, and skirt discarded, she made sure I had seen her in her new state of dress, she then climbed into the passenger seat and they set off, she was clearly in a very very horny mood, so I followed, as we pulled into our drive and round to the back of the house, dean parked his car tight against the right hand hedge so he was secluded from view from any of our neighbours, as I walked past heading for the house, there was Ali's bare ass in the air and her head bobbing away as she was giving dean a good old blowjob, and believe me Ali can give one hell of a BJ.. I carried on into the house and poured myself a beer, and went and had a seat in the corner of our sitting room as I'd been instructed, almost 30 minutes later I heard them waking into the house, Ali still only in her heels and stockings, dean was naked on his top half but his jeans were on.. dean went to the bathroom, Ali walked over to where I sat, she kissed me hard and hungrily and I could taste deans cock from her mouth. She then stood back and parted her legs, deans cum clearly seeping out of her wet and swollen lips, she slid two fingers into herself and then out and placed them in my mouth with the words " I'm gonna fuck him all night then feed you his cum as you clean me up you little bitch".

Dean returned from the bathroom and saw Ali sitting beside me, he told her she was his and he wished to continue. He never even spoke to me, he stripped of naked and sat on the sofa opposite where I was, and told Ali to get on her knees and suck his cock, now this took me by surprised as I though Ali was the one in control, however she simply walked over and knelt in front of him and started sucking him off, he pulled her round to one side so I had a full view of my wife as dean started fucking her mouth to the point she was beginning to gag, but although we had a safe word arranged so I knew if she was uncomfortable or wanted my intervention she made no effort to use it. She simply accepted her mouth was being fucked as dean chose to do, as he was fucking Ali's mouth he sat and stared at me and occasionally remarked on what an awesome fuck she was, how great she was at sucking cock,

After what seemed an age, he ordered Ali to stand up and face me, he then slowly sat her down into his lap, as she sat down he held his own cock and slid it straight into my wife's now gaping pussy, he wasn't huge in the penis department but quite thick, and I could clearly see Ali was being stretched as his hard cock slowly disappeared into her, soon he was holding Ali just high enough off his lap and pumping away like a steam train and made sure I had a perfect view, swing her juices running down his shaft as he continued pumping away, then I saw that Ali had gone quite red in the face, her nipples were like little bullets, then I could see she had cum and now her cum was running down deans shaft and down his balls, soon after dean started really pumping hard into Ali, and I saw his legs stiffen and his rhythm changed, and I could clearly see his spasms as he shot his cum deep into my wife,

He whispered something in Ali's ear, she shrugged her shoulders and simply said" you are in command, I am your bitch for the night and he is mine, so it's up to you"

Dean then for the first time spoke directly to me, and ordered me to get over here and clean us both. And do it now, I looked at Ali but just got a strange grin, so I got up and walked over, knelt in front of Ali, and with deans slowly shrinking cock about to fall out, cleaned Ali first then licked deans cock clean, that was a first, but tasting Ali's cum on his cock made it a very horny first bi experience, then I was ordered to get my tongue as deep in Ali as I could and get as much cum out of her as I could..

I was then ordered back to my seat to watch again as they spent more time kissing and groping at each other and eventually Dean was hard again, he put Ali on her hands and knees and was soon fucking her hard and fast doggy style,

After a long while of this I was ordered to get under Ali so I could lick her clit whilst dean was fucking her, as I did so, Ali came again, and Soon after dean shot another load into her now very swollen and red lipped pussy, he withdrew his cock, but instead of making me clean his cock again, he made Ali sit on my mouth so I could clean her up, he then stood in front of Ali and fed his cock into her mouth so she could lick and suck him as I did her..

once he was cleaned, he dressed and got ready to leave, telling Ali ( I will tell you when I want you, you will meet where and when I order, and dressed as I order) she simply agreed,

Ali still in stockings suspenders and heels climbed off my face, and walked dean to his car, ten minutes later she came back in, and told me she was meeting dean the following weekend, he was taking her to a local dogging spot. And I was allowed to come and watch from a distance.

We then went to bed and made love for a good while until I shot my cum into Ali's very very wet and gaping wide pussy, but I was not made to nor allowed to clean up..

Who wants to know what happened next??