25 Dec 2018

This is part two of our story. Search for More club fun with Dee for part one

In part one we spent an enjoyable Wednesday afternoon in the dungeon and hot tub at the club.

We both had the Friday booked off work and Dee intimated that she’d quite like a rerun of the Wednesday afternoon’s fun. So, we did our usual trip to the Bullring, browsed the shelves in Ann Summers, had lunch and a glass of gin in our favourite French cafe before heading up the motorway to the club.

On arrival we paid our entrance fee and handed over the bottle of wine we’d taken before going up to the changing rooms to get into our towels. Dee’s never sure if it’s exciting or unnerving that everyone turns to watch as we walk through the club. Suitably attired we returned to the bar where we had a glass of wine and sat people watching for a while before going for a wander around the club seeing if anything was happening. Although it was busier than the Wednesday there wasn’t anything going on and Dee said it was time to go to the dungeon. While she nipped to the loo I went to our locker to get the cuffs, blindfold and flogger.

We entered the dungeon and I slid the gate shut. I asked which way she wanted to be fastened to the cross. She said she wanted to be with her back to it (she loves having her breasts and pussy flogged). Using our cuffs I secured her wrists to the cross and then put the blindfold on her. I then stroked the flogger across her body and she responded with a sigh. This changed to a gasp as I landed the first strike across her left breast. I proceeded to whip her all over her torso paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. By now she was squirming and pulling against her cuffs.

She froze as she heard the gate slide open. She loves being watched and not knowing who is there but is also very nervous at first. A tall fit young guy with a fashionable short beard entered the dungeon and sat watching as I carried on flogging Dee’s body. She was getting into it again and responding as we gave our watcher a show. I asked him if he’d like to have a go and handed him the flogger. He said he’d never tried this before and his inexperience showed as he gave her breasts a tentative whipping trying not to hurt her.

I suggested we take her off the cross and put her on the bench. I un-cuffed her and led her still blindfolded across to the bench where we helped her climb up on to it. I instructed her to lie face down with her head between the V at the end. Before she had time to get comfortable I landed the first strokes across her butt making her gasp and squirm. Handing the flogger to our new friend I moved to the end of the bench I lifted her head by her ponytail and presented my pierced cock to her mouth. She set to sucking me as he started whipping her butt and back. He soon gave up and started to caress her butt cheeks and inner thighs. This got a favourable response form Dee. I told him to take my place at her head. At this point he dropped his towel and there was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen on a white guy. When she put her hands to it I she swore when she felt the size of it. Being the game girl she is when “in the zone” she started to give this complete stranger one of her expert blowjobs. I then started playing with her soaking wet pussy and stroking and probing her tight rosebud, something that really gets her wet and horny.

I whispered in her ear would she like to go to a playroom with him. Removing his cock from her mouth she gasped “yes”.

Part three to follow

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