Written by pantyaddict

27 Nov 2014

Within a few days of my last adventure, I received a nice message from a woman based in France. She was around the same age as me and was pretty direct in wanting to fuck, pure and simple.

We organised a meeting in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks later and flirted and talked dirty of the days before the meeting. I would send her dirty stories of how I would fuck her and she would have pretty intense orgasms just through my written words.

On the day she asked me what she should wear and I told her to wear some silky panties, leggings and a short skirt. She picked me up from the airport and as soon as We were in her car, I had my hands up her skirt fingering her through her leggings and panties. After about 3 miles, she was struggling to keep control of the car. She pulled over, lifted her skirt a little so I could put my hand down the front of her leggings and panties to finger fuck her....she was soaking wet. I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her...very sweet.

I fingered her for the rest of the journey, pushing one then 2 fingers into her wet pussy. Once we arrived to her hotel we rushed to her room and soon as the door was closed I kissed her and grabbed her sexy ass. She led me to the bedroom, I bent her over, lifted her skirt and lowered her leggings so I could kiss her ass. I lowered her panties, spread her cheeks and tongued her pussy and ass. She was soaking wet and tasted very nice. For the next 20 minutes I tongued her pussy and ass, fingering her intermittently and rubbing her clit. She then undressed me and took my hard cock in her mouth, sucking me deep, licking my balls and tasting my precum.

I then fucked her from behind, her pussy was nice and tight and rubbed her ass at the same time. We changed positions so she was on top, giving me the chance to suck on her tits, nibble at her nipples as she bounced up and down on my hard cock.

I was ready to cum after about 15 minutes and wanted to feed her my cum. She took me back in her mouth, cleaning her own juices and then focusing on the head of my cock, She has a great technique in sucking very hard and rubbing my balls and ass at the same time. It didn't take long and I was soon filling her mouth with hot cum. She happily swallowed the lot and then rested her head on my chest getting ready for the next round....