Written by Gemma

28 Mar 2008

Hi Gemma here, i posted a story in february about me going to a lesbian bar and meeting my mums neighbour in there, and i had sex with her friend and later on that week had sex with her as well. All this went on without my partner knowing and i have now had several lesbian experiences and want to let you know about the latest one.

We have an HR manager at work and i used to think that she was a right bitch, she always seemed to be looking down her nose at you and never really wanting to be friendly at all.

Well, recently my boss started to bully me and i reported it to the HR manager (Julia) and she arranged an interview with me and she was absolutely fabulous during the interview and she soon sorted out my boss who stopped his bullying immediately.

After this, she would call or e-mail every couple of days to ensure i was ok. I had heard on the grapevine that she was gay and i started to fantasise about her seducing me. She always wore a tight straight skirt at work, with a white blouse with opaque stockings and patent high heels....she is a sexy sight i can tell you, about a size 14 with big boobs and a curvy figure. Her long dark straight hair and make up are always immaculate too and she sometimes wears small square glasses that make her look sexy but stern if you know what i mean.

Well last week i went on a course to head office where Julia is based and when she saw me she came running over, her boobs sexily bouncing as she came towards me and i couldnt help but stare at them. We had a chat and she invited me out for a bite to eat that evening, so i accepted.

I went back to my room really excited, hoping that firstly she was gay and secondly that she would make a play for me. I had a bath and shaved my bits and spent ages on my hair and make up and wore a short denim skirt, heels and a slinky top...no bra needed as i\'m only 32B. I wnet down to reception and i could feel my nipples rubbing gently against my top arousing me.

I walked over to the bar and saw Julia, she was wearing jeans, heels and a sexy top with a wonder bra pushing her boobs up. She looked fab and i could see she was looking at me too. We had a drink and a chat and went for a bite at a chinese resturant. As the evening wore on, i could see her looking at my boobs more and more and i was flirting outrageously with her.

We got a taxi back to the hotel and went for a drink to the bar, my partner rang me and was giving me a bit of earache cause i was away and she made a comment about not having to worry about that sort of thing, i pretended not to know that she was gay and asked her why, she said she didnt have a boyfriend and i said why not...your gorgeous ? she then replied that she was gay...i just replied oh ok no problem.

The bar was closing and i said to her, dya fancy a couple of gin and tonics in my room i have brought some with me, and she laughed and replied, do you trust me to keep my hands of you Gemma? there was a pause and i blurted out that she could put her hands where she wanted and then stood up and walked towards the lift. Julia followed me and as we got in the lift and the door closed, she looked at me and kissed me on the lips. The door opened and we trotted off to my room and as we got in she kissed me again, this time pushing her tongue gently in to my mouth. She stopped and said...are you ok Gemma? i said yes and then fibbed and told her that id never done it before though...i wanted her to take charge and seduce me !!

She said, thats ok ill be gentle and winked at me. She pushed me against the wall and kissed me again and when she pushed her tongue in to my mouth i responded and kissed her back. Julia ran her fingers over my nipples making me sigh and she gently rolled my nipple with her thumb and forefinger before slipping her hand up my top and squeezing my braless boobs before slipping my top over my head and sucking my nipples.

I was now panting heavily and julia lead me over to my bed and sat me down on it. I reached up and squeezed her boobs and slid my hand up her top. She removed her top and i unclipped her bra and then squeezed her big firm boobs and then sucked her nipples. She then got out of her boots and jeans and dropped her knickers leaving her totally naked. She came over to me and slid her hand up my short skirt and pushed my knicks to one side and slid her finger up my sopping pussy. She gasped and said my god Gemma your soaking wet, and i slid my finger into her and said so are you !

She then fingered me and then licked me to an orgasm and i did the same to her before we kissed and cuddled and then had our gin and tonic. She then pulled me into bed again and we had a very sexy 69 and made each other come several times before we drifted off to sleep and i awoke the next morning with her gently squeezing and sucking my boobs before we made love again.

We then showered together and i went off to my course and she went off to work. We were texting each other all day sending each other naughty messages. We met up again that night and had a repeat performance and i went home the following day with a very wet and achy pussy.

Were still in touch and when she is ever up at our place on business she has promised me more and i cant wait.

Much as i love my partners cock screwing me regularly...i cant cope without my girly fun...so if any curious girls ar out there....scatch the itch girls, you will love it - i promise you.

love Gemma xx