Written by Aliman

9 Feb 2014

Some of you asked for more about my wife Ali taking dares. Well, here goes.

One of the best pre full on sex episodes was in a car park. Ali had been getting looks from a guy in his fifties whenever she went to the bar or ladies. I dared her to meet him in the car park and blow him.

I waited in the car for several minutes before I saw him disappear behind a transit van, and Ali follow him a minute later. I could see nothing but of course had to stay put for fear of disturbing things. Imagine my horror when two men got into the cab of the van, started it up and drove off.

There in the now open parking space was Ali, on her knees, mouth full of cock with it's owner holding her head firm and fucking her face hard and fast. He was obviously close and not at all bothered about the sudden loss of cover.

Ali had tried to pull away and move but he was not having it, he held her fast and she came as being out in the open just made it so much more exciting. Thirty seconds later he fired his load down her throat without a drop being lost.

As those of you that read the first post know, things progressed to Ali taking on four young guys in an old hut on a scabby mattress. I had always thought that if it got as far as actual fucking, that it would be one man. As we talked about it over the days following the hut, it was clear that Ali had thought the same but now, having got over the nerves I failed to notice at the time, she had decided that more was in fact merrier. I knew there would now be more.

Our main concern is pictures on the web, that would be bad, but so far we haven't seen

any and would like to keep it that way. Of course, none of these things are ever planned, and the spontaneousness and risk are all part of the whole thing.

We had been invited to a wedding party, we don't know the happy couple all that well so

it was just the party, not the wedding.

Late on, when the tin cans had been towed down the road behind a Cadillac and the drink had flowed, Ali was ready. The gleam was in her eye. Two guys of late teen early twenty sort of age, had danced with Ali a few times and So I dared her to have them both, in the hotel or it's grounds, and to be totally naked while doing so. The gleam became a sparkle.

Luckily for Ali, the two guys were staying overnight in the hotel and had a room. When she broached the idea of them having her while I watched they jumped at it, and decided that right then was a good time. Giving Ali directions and the room number, they went ahead.

I told Ali I would like to add to the dare if the chance arose, she guessed right away it would involve more guys.

s we entered the corridor where the room should be, Mike, the thick built one of the two, was by the door, and waved us in. Geoff, a skinny blond, was waiting by one of the single beds, a bulge in his crotch quite visible.

The lads were a little hesitant so Ali took the lead and removed her thin brown polo neck top, revealing a smart cream bra that she quickly threw in my direction. In no time she was on her knees swapping between the two cocks, slurping away happily.

Mike and Geoff soon forgot their nerves and began to fully enjoy themselves. Ali stood up to slide off her short cream skirt, shoes and cream panties, and lay on the nearest bed. Geoff quickly put his head in Ali's crotch and got to work with his tongue, eliciting a few moans as he worked. Mike looked at me in askance.

As I told Mike a little about us, he asked if I would like him to get a couple of friends up to join in and make it more like our last episode. I told him we did not want any pictures taking etc, and it would be over as soon as someone took one. He agreed.

A loud sigh from Ali signalled Geoff's stuffing his meat up her in one rough shove, and starting to pound away while he squeezed her lovely breasts. Ali wrapped her legs around him and humped back. Mike picked up his mobile and spoke to someone, while I watched Ali being screwed by a stranger, again.

Geoff was soon grunting and puffing and I heard Ali make a small whimper, indicating her orgasm. Geoff soon gave a loud grunt and two or three long hard thrusts, and filled Ali's hole with the first load of the night. Mike was there in a flash as soon as soon as his way to my sexy wife's pussy was clear. I got a quick view of the white cream leaking from her before she took her next cock.

There was a knock at the door and Mike called Geoff's name for him to answer it. Two young black guys entered and looked a bit sheepish until they saw a dusky slut taking cock on the bed. They dropped their jeans and began rubbing increasing stiff cocks in anticipation. I didn't get their names, but the shorter one moved over to Ali's head and easily fed her his meat. Mike sped up his humping and began the "Oh yes, here it comes etc" before spraying the inside of my wife with more cum.

The taller dark lad took Ali by the hips and soon had her on her knees, so she could now be roasted, Mike played with her breasts and I shot a load onto the floor.

Ali came twice while being spit roast, going slightly limp on the second one for a moment. Before she could fully recover she got a mouth full of sperm which made her cough a little, but she recovered well, hardly losing any.

Geoff was quickly at Ali's head, already half hard and looking for her to bring him on. Before long more cum was shot into her from behind. The two black guys then left a bit smartish, perhaps unsure now they were spent.

Geoff went Behind Ali and began to fuck her again, while I gave her my new hard on to suck. I admit I didn't last long, but hey, put yourself in my shoes!

Mike replaced me in Ali's mouth as she moaned out an orgasm, and after what seemed like ages Geoff let out a short shout and came hard into my wonderful wife's soggy hole.

With her head buried in the duvet, Ali took Mike's pounding like a trooper, coming one more time before Mike did the same.

After a quick shower in the en suit, keeping her hair dry, Ali and I left. A drink was definately needed, for her, before I drove us home. The party was falling off and we were soon ready to leave. Two Eastern European guys, maybe twenty five, six, came up as we got to the front door of the hotel. The one with a pock marked face said in fair English that they were sorry to have missed us in their friends room and did we have to go right away.

There was a short discussion about returning at this point being a bit obvious, although Ali still had the sparkle. The other chap said there was an out house we could use and how Ali was "So worth giving the cock".

"Go on Ali, I dare you?" I said.

It was heaving it down so we got wet on the way to the summer house. The pock marked guy asked about our activities on the way, and seemed kind of knowledgeable and confident.

It was him who straight away helped Ali out of everything but her ankle boots, and had her kneel over a coffee table inside the wood building.

A quick fingering to find a wet and waiting pussy and The pock marked guy was ramming himself up my wife as hard as he could. Ali grunted and braced herself against the enslought which had her breasts going back and forth like crazy. The other guy stood and rubbed his meat.

I moved in front of Ali and could see she was actually enjoying herself, and even pushing back onto the stiff rod hammering her insides. The two guys would speak in their own tongue sometimes, and laughed now and then. I have no idea what they were saying.

With a groan Ali was given more cum and I swear she shuddered through an orgasm.

Next Ali was led to a glassless opening like a window, and bent over to lean through it, and then fucked from behind with her feet wide apart. Again, the fucking was rough and hard, like his friends, and Ali, braced against the frame, took it like she loved it. If I had not come twice already, I would have there and then.

Suddenly the European grabbed Ali's hair and grunted hard as he obviously came into my wife, and Ali then moaned herself, coming again.

The two guys hurriedly left with just a good buy. We thought we ought to do the same, and soon were in the car, letting the adrenelin fade as we drove home.

Ali really like the roughness of the last two guys, so I determined to try to put that into the next, and so far, final dare.