Written by D Woolley

28 Mar 2018

I wrote a little about my ex the other day and it seems that it was rather well received and so I have written a little more about my time with her.

Once we moved in together she soon became willing to experiment and I have to admit that playing around with her huge tits with their hard sensitive nipples was a lot of fun. It was easy to ask her for anything and I don’t remember her ever saying a no.

She was on top of me one morning, after we had been living this way for about a fortnight, bouncing up and down as I played with her tits. “Can I cum in your mouth?” I asked. Remember that she was quite inexperienced and that she had never had a cock in her mouth. “Yes of course, you can. Tell me when you’re coming.” I was coming then, as soon as she had agreed. “Now, I’m coming now.” I panted. She quickly moved herself off my cock and slid down my body and took me into her mouth.

I couldn’t help myself and I placed my hands at the back of her head and pressed her down, so that my prick was right at the back of her throat as I came. Shooting out about as much as I ever had and I almost choked her. She had no qualms about swallowing, not that she had much choice on that first occasion.

A few nights after that we had gone to bed early and gone straight to sleep after only a kiss and a cuddle. I was woken up by her sucking on my now hard cock. Once she knew I was awake, she came up to me rolled me onto my back, sat astride me and rode me until she orgasmed about five minutes later. I rolled her over then onto her side and with her legs around me fucked her until I came.

Every so often this would happen, not that I ever complained; she was such a naturally good cock sucker. There were times when I would lay her on her back and sit astride her as she pushed her wonderful tits together and let me fuck them for all I was worth, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking the cum down as I shot my load.

Whenever we went out with friends or to a party she always did her best to look good and very sexy, short tight skirts or low cut tops, she always got loads of attention from blokes around us and she loved it. It did also make me feel good knowing other men wanted her. We did experiment with threesomes and moresomes on several occasions and I didn’t mind when she fucked a couple of my friends and she didn’t mind when I fucked one of their girlfriends. It was all about consent though and I blew it by sneaking a fuck once.

If this is well received I can tell some more of our time together.