Written by Tony

6 Sep 2016

Its Tony and Lucy here again. I posted about us in “Becoming a Hotwife Couple”. This is more as we wanted to keep going. We both enjoy it.

Lucy met Tyson at an exercise class she attends. She told me about him and liked him a lot.

They began texting and getting to know each other. It was great because he actually took the time to get to know her. Then he got sexual. So she was actually turned on by him because she felt a connection with him.

I’ll cut to the exciting part of the story. One week before meeting with him they had decided to dedicate themselves to each other. That meant no orgasms and I wasn’t allowed to touch her. This had always seemed like an exciting thing to do in fantasy. But I found that it played too much on my insecurity. Granted I was ready to let Tyson fuck my wife but her not letting me touch her made me feel undesirable. I know its lame but we had promised 100% honesty with each other. We both decided that we wouldn’t play that game again.

Tyson picked us up from the hotel we had booked and we drove to a bar in his car. Once there I let them wander off and I had a seat at a table. It was a good strategic location to watch the show. They seemed to hit it off. Lucy was having fun and laughing a lot. They got close to kissing a couple times but for some reason they kept stopping. I later learned that they were just being playful. They finally kissed when Tyson told Lucy that he wanted to fuck her. She then told him that he could but he would have to kiss her first. Then they finally kissed! It was great to watch. The desire was obvious. After a little while longer Tyson went to the toilet and I had a chance to speak with Lucy.

She told me that he wanted to go back to the hotel room. I asked her what she wanted and she admitted to wanting to go back as well. I cannot describe the excitement of hearing your wife say that she wants to go fuck another guy! So to the hotel we went! This time I sat in the back seat while Lucy and Tyson sat in the front.

Once in the hotel room, Lucy and Tyson were on their knees on the bed kissing each other. Lucy had removed her shirt and his. She started working on his belt. She got it undone then they got off the bed. I watched as he removed her bra and her jeans. She was topless in front of him and he took full advantage. Lucy has very sensitive nipples and he went to work on them. They got undressed to just the undies. He laid her on the bed and they continued to kiss. He was taking his time, slowly kissing her body. He was teasing her and turning her on. It was great to watch. He kissed his way down her body until he reached her pussy. He kissed her thighs, and then her stomach until she was ready to go. Then he removed her panties and kissed her pussy. It wasn’t long before he had her cumming on his tongue.

She pulled him up and kissed him again. Tasting herself on his lips. Then she began sucking his cock. Lucy loves sucking cock and she is fantastic at it. He was hard and he flipped her over on her knees. Keep in mind that neither one of them had any physical contact in over a week. He slid his cock into her for the first time. She pushed back into him and she was fucking him as much as he was fucking her. Lucy had her second orgasm of the night on Tyson cock and it only took 45 seconds. Lucy cums fairly easy but not usually that fast. He came in after about 3 minutes. He pulled his cock out and came all over her arse. It was fast but it wasn’t his only orgasm of the night. He had more.

Tyson’s cum was all on Lucy’s arse so I grabbed a towel so he could clean her off. It felt weird giving him the towel. She is my wife and he had just fucked her. They then lay on the bed and talked for a while. It is strangely erotic watching my wife nude in front of another man like it is no big deal. To her it may not have been but it was to me.

They talked for a while. Then they touched a little bit. Then they started kissing a little bit. It reminded me of early morning sex. The kind that starts with talking, then touching, then kissing, then sex.

She was then sitting up on the bed with his head by her pussy, forming a T. So the next natural step was for him to start licking her pussy again. And that is what he did. She then lay on her side so they were now in a 69 position on their sides. She took his soft cock in her mouth and started working her magic. It wasn’t long before he was erect again. She rolled him over and climbed on top. She was moaning while he licked her pussy and arse. He was really burrowing in with his tongue in both holes. This went on for a long time. They seemed to be just enjoying each other’s bodies now that the rush was gone. It was very nice to watch. I of course watched the show with my ever erect cock in my hand.

He moved between her legs and slid his cock inside her again. Tyson was on his knees and she was on her back. He was holding her under her arse keeping her pussy in line with him. He rubbed her clit with his thumb while he fucked her again. She thrashed about. She was cumming again! This was her best of the night so far! He fucked her until he released his seed deep inside her. He then rolled on his back and she got on top of him. They kissed for a few minutes then she decided she wanted to take a shower.

So Lucy and Tyson got in the shower. I sat in the main area of the hotel room listening to them kiss and giggle as the hot water ran over them. I couldn’t watch without ruining it but I did enjoy listening. They washed the sex off of each other’s bodies. It was a nice break from the sex and also great foreplay for the next round. They spent a long time in there, I’m sure they were both very clean with very dirty minds by the time they got out. Tyson sat on the bed and leaned against the head board. I decided it was time for me to get involved.

I stood in front of Lucy and she started sucking my cock. It didn’t take long for Tyson to get involved. He began rubbing her pussy from behind while she sucked my cock. We had never really had a good threesome but we were about to and it was about damned time! Before this Lucy had not really been interested in having a threesome. That all changed. I then put her on her back and began licking her pussy. I licked her to an orgasm while Tyson kissed her and sucked on her nipples. She was in the middle of a pleasure sandwich and she had no complaints!

After she had a few cums in the middle of the sandwich I put her on her knees and began fucking her from behind. She then took Tyson into her mouth and began giving him the best blow job of his life. She had more orgasms then she could count until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of his cum! He was a stayer as he had cum 3 times.

I put her on her back and continued fucking her. When I kissed her I could taste him on her lips and I really enjoyed it. I fucked her until I came deep inside of her.

The whole experience was amazing! We finally found a decent guy to fuck my wife. He eventually became her boyfriend about a month later. He fucked her a lot for a while.

Then he became someone else’s boyfriend. He entered into a serious relationship and we wished him the best. Of course, we went looking for the next boyfriend or stunt cock. Whichever comes first?