Written by pantypaul

13 Aug 2010

I was meeting the wife in the pub when my old gent came over and told me how he had enjoyed the other day. I told him I enjoyed it too. "Did you get any tights yet" "tomorrow, come round at ten ish". With that he returned to his mates.

The following morning I went to asda and bought some tights. Five pair in a box, barely black, nice and horny.

When I got home I showered, then found a short mini skirt and put the tights on.As soon as I pulled them on, my cock started to rise and I noticed some precum leaking fron the tip of my now fully erect cock. I slipped the tights down and with my index finger wiped the precum, and put my finger in my mouth and tasted it, god it was good. Pity there was not more of it. It was only 9.30 so I read a few stories on SH rubbing my cock in to the nylon material.

The door bell rang and there stood the old chap with his mouth open, "horny" he said. He sat on the couch and I stood in front of him and he stretched his hand out and touched my clad leg. Stroking it gently till he reached my balls and squeezed them. He lifted my mini up and kissed my balls and cock through the tights, my cock was throbbing and I told him to stop or I would be making a mess in the tights and that was his job. I knelt down and removed his pants, not a bit of movement in his cock, so I stood up and massaged his cock with my clad foot. At last it was rising,so I knelt back down and took it in my mouth making it hard.

"I want to rub in to your tights, lie dowm on the couch" I lay down face down and he got on top and rubbed his cock in to my thighs, he was getting nearer to my bum with every thrust, the only thing keeping it out was the tights. He was rock hard and the thrusts were getting faster till he tensed and I could feel my bum get very warm, he had released all his come. I could feel if seeping in to my bum. He got off me and pulled his pants up. "sorry I have to go " I was a bit dissapointed but there will more times I am sure.

I was still feeling horny, so I put some porn on and rubbed my cock. Then I watched a guy suck another guy off,I still had the tights on so I pulled them off and smelt them. Lovely come smell. I put them in my mouth and sucked the juices out of them. tasting all the juice. It was not long till all my come shot out of my cock. It was good, best sort of relief.